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BTBoZeus - Stamplar PvE DPS for Dragon Bones.


Hello and welcome back to anyone who kept up with the guide I wrote in May last year regarding Stamina Templar DPS Changes when Morrowind first hit, a lot has changed since I first wrote that guide, mostly being that the stamina meta as predicted hit extremely hard and a lot of the way raid teams compose themselves have also changed. The stamina templar is by no means just a buff slave and just because they offer a very tasty boost to group penetration via power of the light, doesn't mean that they can't pull really nice numbers themselves if used correctly. I think the main reason to play Stamplar now in 2018 is just because they are fun, you can pull really high numbers with a brain dead rotation on a stamina DK, but be bored, or play Stamina NB for higher damage however be sweating from the complexity of their class. The stamplar is a beauty to play and feels a lot more enjoyable then casting hail, caltrops and then throwing some heavies / daggers. If this guide teaches you only one new thing about the class, be it for veterans or for new players, then I have achieved my goal. Hope you enjoy.

(please bare with me, I am going to post it in it's raw form and then edit it to look pretty at the end)

(Also writing this in one go I'm going to forget a lot so I'm going to come back and add things as I remember them daily)

The Basics

So to start off we need to cover a lot of the basics, this being mostly mundus, food choice and race choice. I will try to talk a little bit more about the advantages and disadvantages of each as there is no real best in slot, it's all about your play style and what you think you'd perform better with.

Blue Food (Max HP + Stamina)  Vs Purple Food (Max HP + Stamina + Stam recovery)

So the trade off for the two is 1884 health, 1774 Stamina in exchange for 319 stamina recovery. To me, the trade off is not worth it purely because the lower hp will not stay as lost hp, you will need to enchant your armour or put more points into health attributes. This means in total you will lose 3588 Stamina in exchange for extra recovery which is simply not needed this patch due to off balance giving double resources as well as general trial DPS improving hugely, this is shortening the length of each trial encounter dramatically and thus improving your sustain. The days of 20 minute Assembly General clears are over and now every fight is roughly 6 minutes or less if done correctly with a lot of craglorn encounters struggling to stay over 3 minutes.


Short answer: Redguard.

When it comes to race you can play anything you want, that's how gaming works and no one should ever poke fun at another player for choosing to play how they want. That being said if you want to play competitively there is a right and wrong answer, the right choice is either Redguard or Imperial. The reason being the only passive that affects damage on a redguard is it's 10% max stamina bonus, thus making it the same damage if you will, as an Imperial who also has the 10% max stam pool. However the choice will vary based on your playstyle. 

The Redguard has monster sustain compared to an Imperial due to it's Adrenaline rush passive giving back 792 stamina every 5 seconds and boasting a boost to stamina recovery. The Imperial in exchange offers 12% max HP which makes you extremely tanky as a DD and much less likely to die. It is honestly up to you, either is fine for competitive raiding. 

Do not be a khajiit, their stamina pool and max HP is ridiculous to say the least and the 8% crit is overshadowed by redguard and imperial due to a flurried onslaught of nerfs to critical strike damage. It is especially wrong to play Khajiit on a stamplar because the second hit of power of the light cannot crit and neither can your monster set meaning roughly 12% of your damage is not subject to critical strike chance making the khajiit, well.. 12% more useless.

Mundus Stones

So since Horns of the Reach completely melted the Thief and Shadow into the lands of Zenimax's "Why God?" Nerfs, then there has only really been two options. The lover if you are not at penetration cap, and the Warrior if you are. Many consider the Lover to be cheese however it's just a mundus stone and you do what you must to reach penetration cap.Fun fact: You get a higher critical damage tick using the Warrior than you do the Shadow, go Zenimax!For the simple reason the lover is only for select scenarios where you're not at pen cap and you'll have to switch to the warrior in raids, I just run with Warrior all the time, just because I can't be arsed going back and forth changing every time. The difference is minimal anyway.


I dont want to write a lot for gear because it's really the same on every guide you'll see written on the internet, you will choose a mixture of different sets depending on what your team runs as well, therefore I'll try to include what should be run by your whole group rather than what you should run yourself. So in raids you need to reach penetration cap to achieve maximum damage. This currently stands at 18,200- Major Fracture, 5280

- Crusher / Infused / Infused + Torug's Pact, 1622, 1946, 2740.

- Minor Fracture, 1320

- Alkosh, 3010

- Night Mother's Gaze, 2580

- Sunderflame, 3240

- Sharpened Weapons, 1370 or 2740 for 2H / DW.

- Kr'agh Monster Set, 1435

- Twice Fanged Snake - 4300

Total = 26,645. So really you have to do the maths yourself on what buffs are being provided and what aren't. In my teams we make sure to have one person wearing Night Mother's Gaze, Sunderflame and Morag Tong. This is your staple bread and butter for team composition. If you are the only stamina or you run in training groups and people wearing the support sets die a lot then it is best to run Twice Fanged Snake and Kragh and attempt to reach penetration cap yourself.That being said my favourite setup is to run War Machine and Automaton, purely because there is so many stamina nowadays that you can get them to run the other support sets and argue that WM is your support set when in reality it's mostly there to make you hit like a monster. These two are your strongest 2 sets to run and will be for the foreseeable future, I'll try to keep updated with any future patch notes and edit this guide.

The Myth of Mechanical Acuity.

So since Dragon Bones has been released people have started spamming everywhere on their guides, almost as if they've been sponsored to do so by someone, I don't even know, that Mechanical Acuity is an undisputed Best in Slot. It is true for certain classes that it is a very strong set, but to slap it on every class both magicka and stamina without really thinking about it, just makes very little sense. The set has a very shocking 18 second cool down and is very difficult to control often leading to people getting lucky with the procs occurring during ultimates and thus giving them an inflated parse. 

The problem with using it on stamina for example compared to a magicka nightblade, is that NBs do not use a monster set, rather 5x Acuity, 5x Master Architect and 1x Kena. The monster sets used on other classes account for roughly 5-6% of total DPS and are unable to crit making acuity a little less valuable. What makes matters even worse for Templars is that the second hit of Power of The light, which accounts for roughly 7% of DPS, cannot crit either. 

These problems are just exemplified further by Stamina having naturally higher crit chance than magicka anyway due to the twin blade and blunt passives from dual wield, and therefore less to gain from a set that makes you crit more. The decision to run a sword over a dagger to counter act this also makes no sense due to the horrendous down time and the overall damage difference between and sword and dagger during the down time.

I will not be running Acuity on my build any time now or in the future as I have always gotten better results with War Machine and Automaton, and WM gives 40-50% Major Slayer to 2 other allies, it is the best for overall group DPS.

Bar Setups and Skills

Bar 1 - Dual Wield

Re Arming Trap, Cloak, Jabs, Rending Slashes, Power of the LightULT: Crescent Sweep

Bar 2 - Bow bar

Vigor, Endless Hail, Poison Injection, Razor Caltrops, RepentanceULT: Crescent Sweep


War Machine Sustained Rotation 48-50% Uptime: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dg0y3UL79Xw&t=483s

War Machine Max DMG Rotation 40-42% Uptime: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFvl08DbJpk&t=99s

Replace TFS in the guides with Automaton to update for this patch.

War Machine Sustained

Trap / Swap / Hail / LA / Caltrops / LA / Injection / Swap / LA / Sweep / LA / RSlashes / HA / PoTL / HA / Trap / HA / Cloak / HA / Jabs / LA / PoTL / Swap / Hail / LA / Caltrops / LA / Injection / Swap / LA / Rslashes / HA / PoTL / HA / Trap / HA / Cloak / LA / Sweep / HA / PoTL. Repeat.

War Machine Full damage

Trap / Swap / Hail / LA / Caltrops / LA / Injection / Swap / LA / Trap / LA / PoTL / HA / Rslashes / HA / Cloak / HA / Jabs / LA / PoTL / Repeat. 

When Sweep is ready use it after trap is armed for minor force and then Light attack the next heavy that was supposed to be in your rotation.

Champion Points


64 - Mighty

61 - Thaumaturge

37 - Precise Strikes

40 - Master At Arms

38 - Piercing

in raids take out of piercing and into Precise Strikes every 1% (Be careful of jump points)


49 Hardy

49 Ele Defender

81 Ironclad

52 - Thick Skinned

9 - Medium Armour Focus


100 Tenacity

100 Mooncalf

40 Shadow Ward (This tree does not suffer from jump points)Epilogue

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    Great build post, Connor - very informative. I was wondering if you could suggest any starter gear in lieu of War Machine. I recently came back to the game and haven't had a chance to farm HoF much; I only have a blue necklace currently, and some badly traited body pieces. I do have older sets like VO, Alkosh etc, and was wondering if those would work in place of War Machine for the time being.

    Any advice on a noob setup would be great, and thanks in advance!

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    If you don't have War Machine you can just run a standard damage set such as Hunding's Rage, Night Mother's gaze, Automaton or Vicious Ophidian, Thanks for reading:)

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    Nice build @ConnorWoods, thanks for sharing!

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