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BT-1 "Christie" (Blitzkreig Sorcerer)

Okay, first of all, she's named after J. Walter Christie, the Tank Designer.  IDK if any of you have played War Thunder, or WoT, but this build seeks to balance the 3 factors of Real World Tank Design:  Mobility, Firepower, and Armor, in that order.  So, when i say "Tank," I'm not talking about Azeroth, I'm talking about the BT-1 Soviet Knockov of the prototype Light Cavalry Tank (In Medium Armor, but I'll get to that.)

This is a different Trinity.  No Healer, no DPS.  This isn't a Glass Cannon, she's a Leather one.  Also, this is in Character Development, because it is the fastest leveling character in the game.  I'm not going to tell you how to play, many of these options like what you use on your Backbar especially are completely optional, but if you're in a hurry, this one will Speedrun all content, and be an Effective gun when they get there.   First.


Bosmer, Sorcerer, Bow, and Medium Armor, for Passives:  Hunter's Eye gives you your first Speed Boost at level 5.  I just collected all the Sky Shards from the Tutorial islands (Bal Foyen, and the one outside the gate to Stonefalls) then started my first Quest at Daggerfall.  Just Exploration XP get me up to level 4, but she's a Hunter, first.  So, she didn't miss a chance to stop, and shoot anything she can get Hides from.  

{Roleplay Notes:  Strictly speaking the Bow, Sentinel's Lash is made out of some Daedric equivalent of Wood.  Not cut from Valenwood, but she doesn't do Potions, Harvest Linen, nor Wood.  At some point, she has to stray from the Green Pact, because Woodworking, so she's a bit of a Heretic.  That's her reason for joining the Daggerfall Covenant, and she wears the Covenant Scout costume to show it.  She's a traitor to her race, and Alliance, so she kinda falls off the Meat Wagon when it comes to Woodworking.}

Hurricane:  This is just Minor Expedition, but that particular buff isn't easy to get.  Compared with Major Expedition, they stack, but this is Progressive Acceleration.  About level 5, you get a little faster, then a little faster...  Untill eventually you're the fastest there is, (My "Gafasta" sOrk is As fast, but this is more Efficient, and therefore sustainable.  Also, Hunter's Eye is the First Passive you unlock.  Swift Warrior is one of the Last)

Crafting:  I start out with Night's Silence, for the 5 set bonus.  (And a trip to the bank, but she gets to Hag Fen Wayshrine/Mesanthano's Tower via an Enchanted Boat.)  Also, farm the Werewolf hide Set, hunting Werewolves for the Lionguard around Cambray Hills Dolmon.  (Okay, farm Cambray Hills Dolmon, and also Delves for Skyshards/Pieces.  You know how to farm an overland set, out of character.)  Eventually, she's going to end up with Hunding's Rage, and Night Mother's gaze, but she's not there, Yet.

Back Bar

I start leveling the "Underground/Indoor" bar about level 10.  Up to you, right now I'm using Volley to get Endless Hail, and what I really wait for is Scatter Shot so I can leave it on the bar up to level 15.  (And Morph it to Magnum Shot.)  She's an Archer, a Scout, and a Leather cannon.  However, rolling around with a Bow isn't all that practical in a manor house, fighting the leader of the Bloodthorns.  Here's where My build differs from the Meta DPS Role:

Dual Wield

You don't get Hasty Retreat for a while, and you can get Quick Cloak a lot faster, if you start working on Dual Wield early.  (I just like 1H&Shield.)  That's how I played it the first time I ran through the whole game (Including all the wayshrines, and skyshards, including the ones in Cyrodiil) with an Ork.  Quick Cloak doesn't just stack Major Expedition on Minor Expedition from Hurricane, it also stacks AoDoT all around you, and gives you AoE Resistance on top of Major Ward, and Major Resolve.  Mobility, Firepower, and Protection, in that order.

This also gives you an Execute, Whirling Death, all the way around you.  My problem is this "Spin to Win" DPS isn't really like Fighting to me.  That's the main reason why I'm going Sword&Board, it's fun, because I like it.  However, most of you are probably looking for a Spamina Burster, and sustainable DPS.  In which case, make that Precise Daggers of Night Mother's Gaze.  I'm going for Sword, and Buckler of Order of Diagna, because i already farmed the Jewelry to go with it, and I know how to maximize Dark Deal with a Destruction Mage.  It's basically the same build, only faster, with Stamina instead of Magicka.  (I'm pretty sure the Altmer spec also outperforms in DPS.)

Low Level (10-15)

Hurricane, Volley<Endless Hail, Endless Fury, Unstable Clanfear, (Off Skill) Negate Magic

This is a Leveling Bar.  Not an optimized DPS, so there's at least 1 of each priority skill tree.  The Off Skill depends on what;s unlocked, but not yet Morphed.  Start with Flurry, then Twin Slashes, then Whirlwind until you get to level 15, so you can set up a practical Dual Wield Bar.  (Whatever Morphs you prefer.)


This is how I do it:  Hurricane, Shielded Assault, Ransack(Major, and Minor Resolve with Hurricane) Endless Fury, and Absorb Magic.

Let me point out something that isn't there:  Clanfear.  He's there on the Front Bar, because I'm rolling around, and straffing with the Bow.  Placing the Endless hail over the crowd, crowded around the Clanfear, and popping them back with Magnum Shot.  Kite Shield (Another term i use for this fighting style) but when you swap back to the Shield, you get Magicka back from the Clanfear going away, which you don't need, because you're Tankier now.  Put away the Cannon, Button Up, and run them over.  Eventually, it's going to be Dark Conversion, (Instead of Absorb Magic, which is a slottable Passive you can cast for effect.  just like Clanfear) but that doesn't work, unless you have Magicka.

This is where you're weak in the Execute Department.  Turtling up like that robs you of your DPS, and that includes the Weapon Damage you get from Hunter's Eye/Night Mother's Gaze.  (In terms of Critical, and Penetration from Criticals eating up their Armor.)  Instead, I get more Health (Order of Diagna gives you 2 Stacks of Maximum Health, plus a Health Glyph on the Shield) More Healing Received (The 4, and 5 piece set bonuses) and Magicka back, to Heal, and recover Stamina.

Right after rolling around, kiting, CCing (Shattering Prison) Poisoning (Injection instead of Mage;'s Fury) and all around using up my spamina.  If you go Dual Wield instead, I'm going to have to warn you that you will be worn out transitioning from Ranged to Melee, unless you'd rather stand RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE BOSS, rotating to keep Endless Hail, and Caltrops up with barswap weaves, and spamming Bloodthirst until it's time to Execute.  In which case, role a Nightblade from the beginning, and probably a Khajiit at that.

This isn't a Raid DPS, but the same basic chassis can be specced for it, faster than any Race/Class combination.  I actually sacrifice some Leveling Speed by going with a Shield instead of Dual Daggers, but this is my build, and I have to play it.  I like to give you options for a more meta build, just in case anyone is actually reading it, this far...

Crafted Sets

First of all, the reason why I use Crafted Sets is because I can get the Traits that I want, on all the pieces.  It's also easier to set up the Barswap mechanic, that changes the 4 Piece Set Bonus for the 3 Piece, without Jewelry Crafting.  So first, the Maths:

You have 7-8 Apparel slots.  The 8th is a Shield (Or you can get another Dagger) so you can have 1x4 Piece set with a matching Bow, another 3 Piece with a matching Sword, and Shield.  Since this build switches Role with the Weapons, she only uses 1 set bonus that applies to the Bow (Whatever does the most Damage) and another when she gets out the Shield (Or daggers)

Night's Silence

2 Traits, and one of the first crafting stations you encounter on the mainland.  So, as soon as you Research 2 Traits, on 4 pieces of Armor, and the Bow (Training from the Sentinel's Lash) you can get this set, which is really handy for an Archer.  Especially one that can move faster with a Roll Dodge.  

Not assuming that you have 160 Champion Points, and a level 50 character that can craft any set, in any trait, including Nirnhoned.  That's what you'll find in most of the Builds in the Theorycrafting section. The Theory is that you have an endless supply of Nirncrux, and you can farm the Maw of Lorkaj for all the pieces of Alkosh you need, for every character.  

One of the problems with speedrunning from the start is that Research takes Time.  I can do this in 10 hours (With Quick Cloak) which isn't enough time to Research 2 traits in the Bow, and Jack.  You can join a Crafting Guild, and have these made for you, in whatever Trait you want, and that probably means Jewelry too, but you'll have to farm Gold for that.


Training gives you extra XP from Kills.  Not Exploration, nor Quests, but you'll get some of that too, and that's great for fast Leveling.  You'll want to Explore for Skyshards, and Wayshrines anyway, because honestly the best Grinding spots are later in the game.  I like to have 2-3 Skill Points saved up for Morphs, and Passives when the Skill levels up, so I don't have to wait for the next Character level to unlock them.  That's why I sweep the 6 Skill Points from the Tutoral Islands (And Bal Foyen) before I reach level 5.  Then you can join Guilds, start grinding Undead/Daedra, and finding Lorebooks to work on those skill lines.

Well Fitted

For THIS build, you basically have to Roll Dodge to get your extra damage, and movement speed.  So, lowering the cost of Roll Dodge is more important than Sprinting (Especially since at some point you don't Have to sprint, and you can save your Stamina.)  Also, Stamina glyphs all around, even the Shield when I get that out, because that determines your Endurance.  How long you can Sustain this, without Cheat Modes like Dark Deal.


This increases the Enchantment on, whatever.  If it's Max Stamina, it increeses your Max Stamina.  I prefer Well Fitted, because of how much I actually Roll with this build.


Okay, for the Tower (Max Magicka) Warrior (Max Weapon Damage) and Thief (Weapon Critical) Mundus Stones, this trait is actually better in Combat.  By the time I get to this point in the game, I already have a dedicated set of Racing Leathers, Well Fitted, with Stamina all the way around.  For Combat Armor, you have to stop, and change, and you can't change your Mundus Stone.  (The Steed used to scale with Divines, but now it's Movement Speed, and Health Recovery.  The latter is what scales with 8 piece Divines, but Health Recovery doesn't suck in combat for a Kiteshield fighting style, either.)  Use the Mundus Stone for the Sets you're wearing, the Warrior with Swords of Hunding's Rage will maximize your Weapon Damage with Dual Wield.  The Thief with Precise Daggers of Night Mother's Gaze, and the Lord with Sharpened Maces...  You get the idea, this is how the same Build can focus on a specific aspect of Combat:  Weapon Damage, Maximum Stamina, Weapon Critical and/or Physical penetration.  I start off with Night's Silence, and the Lady (Physical, and Spell Resistance) because that's what you start with.  Both are in the starting map for your alliance, and no further than halfway up the coast of it. 


This is great for a tank.  I get my Damage mitigation from Blocking, so Sturdy is actually a better Trait on the Shield.  However, that being said, I'm more likely to go Well Fitted, or Divines (The easiest thing you can change about your whole build is Mundus Stone) because I don't block that much.  The Shield is mostly a Stat Stick, to give me more Health, or Stamina when it's out, and if you carry glyps, you can enchant it on the spot, without changing the shield you have equipped.  This makes your build more versatile, In you desired Role.  If you're going to take on Dwemer Automata, you might want better Penetration/Night Mother's gaze (Or Puncture!)  If you're taking on a coven of Pyromancets, you might want more Spell Resistance.  


This is probably my favorite trait for tri-stat Tanks.  Just FYI, if you're a full Health Tankety-Tank TANK, you don't have a whole lot in the way of Stamina, and Magicka pools, to keep your Buffs up, and Block.  That isn't really a problem for this build, but Health, Magicka, and Stamina Recovery, on 8 pieces, with tristat glyphs, food, and potions really make up for the sacrifices you make going for 64 points of Health.

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    This is what I have instead of a Rotation, so I can react to the situation at hand, without interrupting my Rotation.  If you have a Tank, and a Healer that's up to snuff, you can basically do that for as long as they do their jobs.  The Dual Wield Variant will work perfectly fine, with decent sets, and may even get you to the Endgame Sets you have to farm trials for.  (Like Monster Helms, but I can't stand playing the lottery on those, so I build around them)


    So, for example I just took out the Ancient Clanfear from Stealth.  (Daughter of Giants quest.)  This is the first of 3 Clanfears I have to fight for Skill Points.  (The other 2 being for the Mage's, and Fighter's Guilds, respectively)

    So, the first thing you need to practice is Rollcasting.  That's because you're at the maximum Weapon Damage right after you Roll, but you can do it from Stealth.  (With Night's Silence, you can also pop off Sneak Shots while running, with a speed boost from Hunter's Eye, and eventually Hasty Retreat.)  You can practice this rollcasting Hurricane, just running around to talk to the grocier, the florist, and the tailor.  

    Volley/Endless Hail

    From Stealth, if you're far enough back, this takes a while to land.  So, you can still pop-off a Stealth Shot to hit 1 target, before the whole area is filled with falling arrows.  Immediately cancel that attack with a cast of Encase/Shattering Prison.  This Roots them to the spot, while your Clanfear runs in to fight them.  Their Clanfears are much tougher than My clanfear, and one thing that the Summoned one doesn't do is a Leap Attack.  So, for the Ancient Clanfear, I cast it at the ground, centered on me, and Rolled out before the arrow landed.  (Skip the Encase, that one is immune to Roots, and other Crowd Control Status Effects.)

    The point is that the Root, and the Arrows hit pretty much all at onece, with the Stealth Shot, once you figure out hot to cast it.  Start with Volley, aim it for the best spot, and Hold Down the Attack Bar.  Then hit Encase, and release the Attack Bar.  Voila, you just learned a 3 hit combo.  (There's lots of attacks, spells and effects you can weave together like this, in my arsenal.  The trick to playing this is which 3 you want to hit at once.  Usually, you want a full Power Attack, so you get some Stamina back in the process.)


    This is for Single target Damage.  A lot of it, but it's more of a Burst than Sustained DPS.  You can also do it from Stealth, and it can be pretty much any Ranged instant.  Spell, or Bow Feat, you just sneak up, roll, and charge up a full Power Attack.  This hits first, and if it's something weak, I know that I can just Burst them down with Mage's Fury.  Without Spell Damage buffs, nor any Magicka invested in, this spell is really weak.  However, it's a "Fire, and Forget" that also takes a moment to land.  So, you can tap off another shot right after you cast it, the second arrow hits while you charge up a third.  

    What Endless Fury is good for is it's basically free, and it adds Burst.  I want to pick that one off, first.  Let's say a Necromancer.  A Bloodthorn Necromancer can Summon, and Heal a Zombie, so accompanied by an Archer, and a Thundermaul, I basically want her out of the picture first.  She can add another body to the fight, and heal it, making it harder to kill.  Thwiip/ZOT!  Thwip, BOOM!  Then the Thundermaul, and the Archer realize theyr'e in a fight, right after their Necormancer friend collapsed in a neat pile of ash.  The Calnfear charges in, and then the Volley of arrows starts landing...

    I start out With Soul Trap.  It's a Dot, it's a pretty good DoT and before you really start investing in your Stamina focus, it's as powerful as anything else.  When it lands with a fully charged Power Attack, followed quickly by a tapattack (To cancel the Mage's Fury animation, and cycle the next cast faster) it just fills up a soul gem, because it never gets a chance to Tick.  Later on, you'll run into more powerful enemies, that you can't just wipe out before they realize they're being shot at, but by then, you've got Lethal Injection for an Execute, and a powerful dot, and it lands bracketed with arrows, and the next cast is faster because weaving like this cuts out half of the animation.

    I have to throw in a Roll Dodge to keep my Weapon Damage up.  Roll canceling is another way you can do this.  I charge up a full Power Attack, so it lands with maximum impact, before they adjust to my new position, and get Stamina back.  So, I can do this indefinitely, but while you're doing that, you have the time to decide which of your many Trick Arrows you want to use next, while you're picking the next target...


    I rollcast Magnum Shot, which not only hits hard enough to use as a Spammable, but it Knocks them back (If they're not immune to CC) and nocks You back as well.  This is great for kiting, especially when Shattering Prison breaks, and someone comes after me.  Also, you can roll in, toward them, then Nockback with a rollcast.  This is something I use more in PvP, because the tradeoff for Medium Armor is I'm ironically not a Tank.  (I'm a Pinball Wizard.)  However, they can't target me long enough to hit me Consecutively.  That's the problem, I'm not going to say I never get hit, I never lose, and I never die.  Anyone who says that is either lying, or they've never been in a real fight.  I will say that I don't get hit enough, to kill me, faster than I can get behind temporary cover.  (Line of Sight.  You don't have to stop, and duck down behind a wall.  Just sidestraffe a moment for Dark Conversion to freshen you up.  Without getting hit, and interrupted.)


    I actually used this on my Thundermaul Blitzerker.  (Who's an Orc, incidentally.)  So, substitute a Sharpened Maul of the Night Mother's Gaze for Shielded Charge, but you Roll-cast Streak on the way in.  From out of range, way out of range, "See that dot?"  Rollcast Streak-Charge!  (It also landed with an automatic Critical, instead of a Stun, and a bubble-shield.  Back in the Impen Meta.  Now it's Resistances again.)  I can run fast, real real fast, so fast I don't even have to Sprint, but this Flashtep makes people thing you hacked a Nightblade.  You don't get the Stealth bonus from it, but dang if it doesn't come as a surprise!  Before I barswap, and Nickback to kite them away from whatever they're trying to do, for their Alliance..

    {Pro-Tip:  Don't use Pets in Cyrodiil.  It's a dead giveaway.  I don't "Gank," I played Thundermaul in AvA, but Clanfear, and Twilights don't Sneak.  So, if you're planning on Sneaking, then leave them behind, and slot Bound Armaments instead.  The Max Magicka helps, and Blitzerkers like the Covenant Thundermaul are the opposite of Stealth.  You glow in the dark, but it's always nice to scout out the enemy first, before they see you.  From Stealth, the Streak means they'll see you coming, but not fast enough to react!   Also, that's a different build, with dual hammers on the backbar, but you get the idea.  The same combos work with several similar casts, in different skill lines.)

    Everything above is likely Opinion, and/or subject to change. 


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