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NoX Tank ("Gofasta" sOrk)

This is more of an update than anything, but in before the Scalebreaker patch, here's what still works, for a limited time:


The name of the game, mostly in PvP (Since completing the map)  I sacrificed Weapon Power, Critical Rating, Penetration, and survivability, because my speed is my offense, and defense.  (Also, to run around Cyrodiil, and visit all 6 starting points, for all 3 alliances, rather than run clear across the Continent in record time.)

So, this isn't a "Viable" build, unless you know how to use that mobility In Combat.  I'm going to have to write an entire guide on that, but it takes patience to wear them down, when they have over-shield over shields.  You can't depend on stat superiority, and prcos from your sets to win the fight for you.  Skilled>Build, you win the fight, or you lose it.  

The build gets you To the fight faster.  So, I spend less time playing the marathon simulator, more time actually fighting other players.  I don't run from fights until I know they're unwinnable, and since I don't have an army that can keep up with me, this means 1vX.  I am a Skirmisher, and with that mindset, I basically have a different Win Condition than K:D Ratio.  Hopefully that's enough explenation to clarify the Endgame of this build.  

It is an endgame build.


Ork for Swift Warrior, Sorcerer for what defines that class, in this game:  Resource management, but instead of Spell Absorption, this time it's about using 1 resource to turn it into another one, or more.  Dark Deal heals, and generates Stamina from Magicka.  However, Energy Overload also turns Ultimate into Damage AND Magicka, which you can turn into Stamina and Health, with Dark Deal.  

Gear Sets

5 piece Fiord's Legacy (Well Fitted)  2 piece, Sword, and Shield (Well Fitted) of Draugr Hulk.  Prisoner's Bow, and Jewelry (Light Set.)  This is a toggle set, so you only get 2 stacks of Stamina from Draugr Hulk (All 8 pieces of Apparel are also enchanted with Stamina Glyphs)  However, the Bow basically channels Stamina into Magicka while Sprinting, and The Steed Stone, obviously.  

Skill Bars 

Bow (Hasty Retreat.) Streak, Acid Spray, Magnum Shot, Lethal Injection, Critical Surge, Ballista (Sprint to generate Magicka)

Streak, and Overload both scale off of your maximum Stat, but Streak is my Magicka Spammable.  Magum Shot is mt Stammable.  Weave in Light Attacks for those 2, with rollcasts to keep Hasty Retreat up.  Barswap cancel Hurricane as needed (Rarely do you need Major, and Minor Expedition, in combat.  However, that barswap cast is part of the Cross Country rotation.)

This is the "Pinball Wizard" spec, until they nerf Magnum Shot, so it's not quite as easy to adjust the distance-to-target.  They're taking away the nockback, so I'm probably going to switch this to 2H&Shield after the Scalebreaker Patch, for Stamped.


It's a joke.  "NoX Tank" refers to the pressurised bottles of Nitrus Oxide that make you "Gofasta" when you hold down the Shift button.  

Hurricane, Shielded Assault, Power Slam, Dark Deal, Bound Armaments, Energy Overload.

This bar is a Pose, and a Counter to the "Melee" builds, so I appear to be tougher than I am.  The main spammable, Power Slam lights up when I block an attack, from let's say a Dragon Knight.  I'll even go so far as to say a Burning Embers/Engulfing Flames/Molten Whip Dragon Knight.  He's going to see the bow, and want to rush in to "Melee me."  I'm a kite, good luck with that, however I can hit them HARD.

Also, Power Slam is up for a big buff, when it already hits like a log trap.  Basically, Sorcerers lack a good DoT (Bow) and a good instant Spammable (Like Power Slam.)  Don't look at the sword, that's not the weapon, the Shield is.


Petrify.  I don't believe in an unbeatable build, and this is my Kryptonite.  Can't be blocked or dodged, and it kills me the same way I win most fights;  Attrition, I can break free, and even streak away to survive, but not without taking a lot of damage, and depleting my resources before i can recover.  Fortunately, it's not particularly Meta, and I have the same defense against Mezzes as everything else:

They can hit me, but they can't hit me Consecutively.  Unless the first hit is a hard Mez, but "You got me."  I lose, GG, WP.  Okay, I'll be back in the battle in record time, but you have to land that Mez on me, and I'm a moving target.  Not just sprinting, and Roll Dodging, but also Charging in (With a Stun, and a small overshield) and nocking back, depending on the bar I happen to have up.  I could have CC/Snare resistance, cleanses, the whole shebang, but I give them a fighting chance.  Hit me, if you can, catch me if you can, but don't try to run, because you can't escape me!  That's the tradeoff.

Soft Counter

Night Blade, or more specifically "See ya!" Invisibility.  This is more of a soft counter, because it's like Sprinting.  You can't permacloak, AND attack, or use other offensive abilities, just like you can't while Sprinting.  So, they can Escape me with "Where'd he go?" but I still have the built-in evasion of moving too fast, and erratically to target, Consecutively.

That's the problem, their lethality is built around Burst, for Stealth.  Hitting consecutively, and proccing enough Crits (Et-al) to kill me before i recover, if they can land them, consecutively.  So, they cancel each other out, they can hide, and run, I can run, and they can't reliably burst me down before I escape.  

Strategy (PvP)

This optimizes the "Selfish Sorcerer" but also counters organized coop play, on the largest map (Which I can cross, in record time.)  I ground up my Alliance Points running Scout mission, among other things.  For the Locked Campaign (Daggerfall Covenant, BTW) the ultimate winners aren't the ones that wrack up the most kills in Open World.  They're the ones that beseige the right forts, at the same time, to win the Map, the most times in a month.  

The organized players, in AvA.  In tactical skirmishes, I win by Attrition (Or I lose) but all the time they're wasting, chasing me, even if they kill me without losing one, They Can Only Kill Me Once.  I just took let's say 2, a Necromancer, and a Templar out of the fight, for how long?  I target the Siege Engines.  I get the first few hits in, Pull players off of them, 3 or 3 at a time, and waste as much time as I can, that they would be better used running those 3 Trebauchets.  Or whatever, Ballistas, Door Knockers, standing on that there Resource, whatever they're there to do?  I can make a lot more difficult, to coordinate, with any Strategy.

At least for the time-being...

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    This is what I have instead of a Rotation, so I can react to the situation at hand, without interrupting my Rotation.  If you have a Tank, and a Healer that's up to snuff, you can basically do that for as long as they do their jobs.  The Dual Wield Variant will work perfectly fine, with decent sets, and may even get you to the Endgame Sets you have to farm trials for.  (Like Monster Helms, but I can't stand playing the lottery on those, so I build around them)


    So, for example I just took out the Ancient Clanfear from Stealth.  (Daughter of Giants quest.)  This is the first of 3 Clanfears I have to fight for Skill Points.  (The other 2 being for the Mage's, and Fighter's Guilds, respectively)

    So, the first thing you need to practice is Rollcasting.  That's because you're at the maximum Weapon Damage right after you Roll, but you can do it from Stealth.  (With Night's Silence, you can also pop off Sneak Shots while running, with a speed boost from Hunter's Eye, and eventually Hasty Retreat.)  You can practice this rollcasting Hurricane, just running around to talk to the grocier, the florist, and the tailor.  

    Volley/Endless Hail

    From Stealth, if you're far enough back, this takes a while to land.  So, you can still pop-off a Stealth Shot to hit 1 target, before the whole area is filled with falling arrows.  Immediately cancel that attack with a cast of Encase/Shattering Prison.  This Roots them to the spot, while your Clanfear runs in to fight them.  Their Clanfears are much tougher than My clanfear, and one thing that the Summoned one doesn't do is a Leap Attack.  So, for the Ancient Clanfear, I cast it at the ground, centered on me, and Rolled out before the arrow landed.  (Skip the Encase, that one is immune to Roots, and other Crowd Control Status Effects.)

    The point is that the Root, and the Arrows hit pretty much all at onece, with the Stealth Shot, once you figure out hot to cast it.  Start with Volley, aim it for the best spot, and Hold Down the Attack Bar.  Then hit Encase, and release the Attack Bar.  Voila, you just learned a 3 hit combo.  (There's lots of attacks, spells and effects you can weave together like this, in my arsenal.  The trick to playing this is which 3 you want to hit at once.  Usually, you want a full Power Attack, so you get some Stamina back in the process.)


    This is for Single target Damage.  A lot of it, but it's more of a Burst than Sustained DPS.  You can also do it from Stealth, and it can be pretty much any Ranged instant.  Spell, or Bow Feat, you just sneak up, roll, and charge up a full Power Attack.  This hits first, and if it's something weak, I know that I can just Burst them down with Mage's Fury.  Without Spell Damage buffs, nor any Magicka invested in, this spell is really weak.  However, it's a "Fire, and Forget" that also takes a moment to land.  So, you can tap off another shot right after you cast it, the second arrow hits while you charge up a third.  

    What Endless Fury is good for is it's basically free, and it adds Burst.  I want to pick that one off, first.  Let's say a Necromancer.  A Bloodthorn Necromancer can Summon, and Heal a Zombie, so accompanied by an Archer, and a Thundermaul, I basically want her out of the picture first.  She can add another body to the fight, and heal it, making it harder to kill.  Thwiip/ZOT!  Thwip, BOOM!  Then the Thundermaul, and the Archer realize theyr'e in a fight, right after their Necormancer friend collapsed in a neat pile of ash.  The Calnfear charges in, and then the Volley of arrows starts landing...

    I start out With Soul Trap.  It's a Dot, it's a pretty good DoT and before you really start investing in your Stamina focus, it's as powerful as anything else.  When it lands with a fully charged Power Attack, followed quickly by a tapattack (To cancel the Mage's Fury animation, and cycle the next cast faster) it just fills up a soul gem, because it never gets a chance to Tick.  Later on, you'll run into more powerful enemies, that you can't just wipe out before they realize they're being shot at, but by then, you've got Lethal Injection for an Execute, and a powerful dot, and it lands bracketed with arrows, and the next cast is faster because weaving like this cuts out half of the animation.

    I have to throw in a Roll Dodge to keep my Weapon Damage up.  Roll canceling is another way you can do this.  I charge up a full Power Attack, so it lands with maximum impact, before they adjust to my new position, and get Stamina back.  So, I can do this indefinitely, but while you're doing that, you have the time to decide which of your many Trick Arrows you want to use next, while you're picking the next target...


    I rollcast Magnum Shot, which not only hits hard enough to use as a Spammable, but it Knocks them back (If they're not immune to CC) and nocks You back as well.  This is great for kiting, especially when Shattering Prison breaks, and someone comes after me.  Also, you can roll in, toward them, then Nockback with a rollcast.  This is something I use more in PvP, because the tradeoff for Medium Armor is I'm ironically not a Tank.  (I'm a Pinball Wizard.)  However, they can't target me long enough to hit me Consecutively.  That's the problem, I'm not going to say I never get hit, I never lose, and I never die.  Anyone who says that is either lying, or they've never been in a real fight.  I will say that I don't get hit enough, to kill me, faster than I can get behind temporary cover.  (Line of Sight.  You don't have to stop, and duck down behind a wall.  Just sidestraffe a moment for Dark Conversion to freshen you up.  Without getting hit, and interrupted.)


    I actually used this on my Thundermaul Blitzerker.  (Who's an Orc, incidentally.)  So, substitute a Sharpened Maul of the Night Mother's Gaze for Shielded Charge, but you Roll-cast Streak on the way in.  From out of range, way out of range, "See that dot?"  Rollcast Streak-Charge!  (It also landed with an automatic Critical, instead of a Stun, and a bubble-shield.  Back in the Impen Meta.  Now it's Resistances again.)  I can run fast, real real fast, so fast I don't even have to Sprint, but this Flashtep makes people thing you hacked a Nightblade.  You don't get the Stealth bonus from it, but dang if it doesn't come as a surprise!  Before I barswap, and Nickback to kite them away from whatever they're trying to do, for their Alliance..

    {Pro-Tip:  Don't use Pets in Cyrodiil.  It's a dead giveaway.  I don't "Gank," I played Thundermaul in AvA, but Clanfear, and Twilights don't Sneak.  So, if you're planning on Sneaking, then leave them behind, and slot Bound Armaments instead.  The Max Magicka helps, and Blitzerkers like the Covenant Thundermaul are the opposite of Stealth.  You glow in the dark, but it's always nice to scout out the enemy first, before they see you.  From Stealth, the Streak means they'll see you coming, but not fast enough to react!   Also, that's a different build, with dual hammers on the backbar, but you get the idea.  The same combos work with several similar casts, in different skill lines.)

    Everything above is likely Opinion, and/or subject to change. 


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