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Brands of the Imperium

Has anyone used Brands of the Imperium for DK tanking? It’s an easy to get set (WGT) that has a group shielding effect. I want to break into vet trials and I know most groups want a tank that does more than survive. I don’t have Ebon Armory or anything like that yet. Was gonna stack Brands of the Imperium with either Hist Bark or Armor Master.




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    Not really, tanky stuff goes to improving group dps and some supporting mostly, but might be a space to use it in vas sometime I’m not sure and haven’t tested tho. Many of all these selfish sets and supporting the way like imperium, lunar bastion not worth.

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    I used it when it first came out in 2.1. It was more of a gimmick or dungeon pledge set than anything else.

    The proc effect is cool, I can concede that. But the cooldown of the effect is too long for it to be of use on a consistent basis. Alkosh, Dragon, Powerful Assault, War Machine or even Worm are viable alternative support sets.

    It should be easier to farm for Ebon than Brands of Imperium.

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    Okay, thank you. It looked like a nice set to provide some survivability to the group but the short effect and long CD leave a 9 second gap. I have a bunch of telvar stones. Maybe powerful assault can be a fast to get starter set.


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