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Blitzerkers (Solo)

All right, first i have to start with a Disclaimer, so nobody gets the wrong idea about what this is:

This is not a Trials build.  It's not a 1vX Alliance War noob stomper, it's not a Tank, it's not a Healer, and it's not a DPS.  It's a Solo Exploration Build, for running around the maps, collecting all the Skyshards, Wayshrines, and clearing all the World Bosses.  Including in Cyrodiil, so expect someone to see you, and expect to take advantage of you.  (I believe the term is "Gank," but I called it "Pilejumping" back in the Wilderness of RunEscape.  You know what I mean.)

Also, this isn't your typical Build in that I don't craft a suit, equip 2 sets of weapons, slot 10 Actives, and 2 ultimates, then call it Done.  I stop (Hopefully somewhere safe) put away the Daggers of Hunding's Rage, and get out the Sharpened Maul of Night Mother's Gaze.  This is a Stamina build, but it's not Light, it's not Heavy, it's Medium, but I also have some pieces to swap in and out for different fights.  (For instance a Heavy Breastplate, and Light Sash if I want to sacrifice some Speed/Endurance for the Undaunted Tri-Stat Passive.)

I don't fight a Wamasu and a Healer the same way that I fight a Dragon.  I don't fight 2 Dragons the same way, so keep in mind that your pack will be full of Weapons, and Sets to compliment them.  Lastly, the primary thing this build if for is "Gofasta."  She's an Orc, and she wears the Shrouded Armor costum.  Because it's Red, and that makes it "Gofasta."  That's her name, "Gofasta Blitzerker" right out of the WAAAAGH!  Orks supplement to Warhammer 40,000.

Racing Leathers

7xMedium Armor, all Well Fitted for the Swift Warrior+Athletics Passives, to max out Sprinting Speed (And Duration.)  All Stamina glyphs.  I know, Infused, tristats, potions, bla bla bla, I have all that, in my pack.  This is just to Get There, faster, and in 1 piece.  When I get there, I can switch out to something with more penetration (NMG) Weapon Damage (Hunding's Rage) or Critical (Kvatch Gladiator with more Execute damage on top of Slaughter.)  It's that kind of build, if I could, she'd have a squire named "Caddy."  (Night's Silence, because if I have to, i can Sneak, at full speed.)

Dual Wield:  Hurricane, Quick Cloak, Whirling Death, Streak, and Silver Leash.  "Spin 2 Win" so if I do get attacked, everything around me is in mortal peril, but on top of that, you have Major and Minor Expedition, +10% Sprint Speed (Oh, and the Steed Stone.)  I don't mind sticking around to fight, but if it gets too hairy, I can GtFooD with a quickness!  

Don't get me wrong, this isn't to Avoid fights, it's to get from fight to fight, faster.  The main problem with Elder Scrolls games, and MMOs in general is a lot of it is a cross country marathon simulator.  This one doesn't have Boots of Blinding Speed, so the Racing Leathers (And Streak) means less time running between fights, and more time fighting stuff.  This helps with collecting Skyshards, farming Hides to craft Armor, Gold, Champion Points, Alliance points, teleporting from crafting station to crafting station, and collecting Mushrooms for Abnur Tharn.  Silver Leash is just a "Hey, get back here!" for when someone runs out of the AoD (Area of Damage/Death, and Destruction) to throw a Hidden Blade or something at me.  The party's over here, come back!

"Pinball Wizard"

Bow of the Air/Senche's Bite Leathers

This is for Hasty Retreat, but also borrowed (Okay Copied) from the Bosmer variant, which has basically the same Passive as Swift Warrior, only it's triggered by Roll Dodge instead of Sprint.  However, in addition to making it 40% every time you Roll, you also get Weapon, and Spell Damage, which is double-stacked on with leathers of Senche's Bite/Way of Air.  What makes this more efficient is you don't have to Sprint to activate it, you're not as fast as "Gofasta," but you can do it indefinitely, because by the time the bonus wears off, your Spamina has recovered to full for another Dodge Roll.  

This is my PvP "Pinball Wizard" for Cyrodiil, not only because you roll around, bouncing off Players like Bumpers, but they can "See me, hear me," but they can hardly Touch Me.  In addition to that and Hurricane (You don't have to cast Quick Cloak for Major Expedition) I also have Knockback, which even if they're immune to CC, I'm not.  I nock back out of their reach, to roll off in another direction, Streak away, then come around with moar power (Weapon Damage) to let them think they're in a fight.

They aren't.  She's not a tank, she's not a Fighter, she's a Kite.  Taunts don't work on Players, but you know what?  You sure can tick them off!  This is actually effective in AvA (Alliance Battles) because your Army can focus on the Gate, Resource, or Bridge they're there to besiege, or Defend.  Meanwhile, the enemy is Distracted, and disrupted by this little ball of lightning bouncing around in their camp.  She's a living Nerf, -100% of enemy's Attention, so they can't concentrate on dealing with the Aldmeri Dominion army chasing me around, and trying to target me.

I don't have a Bar/Backbar for you, because it changes.  I can't have those 2 sets, and NMG/Hunding's Rage/Night's Silence, so Critical Surge/Charge just isn't as effective.  (It would be more effective on a Critty Kitty, but not as Fast!)  More often than not, it's Hammer, and Shield (1 more Well Fitted, and Stamina Glyph for Endurance.  Also 2 more Item Slots to fill out my Jewelry set, so I don't have to barswap between 2x5 set bonuses, they happen to be Night's Silence.)

She can Temp-Tank, she definitely has the Endurance, but that's not what she's set up for, and I seriously doubt the usefulness of tanking in PvP, because the obvious counter is just not Attacking me.  Besides, I don't get any benefit from Dodge Rolls, standing there, and blocking, So, it ruins the focus of the build, but I have Absorb Magic!  When I get wherever I'm going, and it's time to reslot for the fight at hand, I can always put on Bound Aegis.

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    Again, this is something I can swap in as needed for specific targets, when I get there.  The 2 sets are Night's Silence, and Night Mother's gaze for 2 different things, and I do set up 2 different bars to swap between them, but without Jewelry Crafting you can't have both on at the same time, And you need either Dual Wield (Above) or 1H&S on the back Bar.  It's Mix, and Match, one of the advantage to a pure Stamina build is you have 4 completely different Weapon sets to chose from, so in this case assume a Shield backbar.  

    Night Mother's Gaze:  Critical Charge, Critical Surge, Brawler, Executioner, and Dark Deal.  Fairly self explanatory, Critical Charge is a Mobilizer, and since the latest patch, also all so Spammable.  So, I have Major Fracture on tap, which is why it's a Sharpened Maul.  (Shock Enchantments all around, because Sorcerer.  I could put on "War Pigs" for you, but you get the idea.)  Brawler makes her somewhat tanky in mobs of mobs, so you don't Have to swap back to the Shield, and Block.  The more you hit with it, the stronger the bubble is.  Dark Deal for recovery, again fairly self explanatory, and Dawnbreaker for that extra passive (Not to mention being basically a Cleave on steroids.)  Executioner kicks in at Half Health, so while it doesn't do as much damage as some other Executes, it comes out more damage efficient, because it starts kicking in twice as early.

    Night's Silence is built around Wrecking Blow, but not as a Spammable, as a Backstab.  Most mobs are 1 shot with it (Assuming level proportionate Weapon Damage, Stamina, and so forth) but whatever isn't knows they're all of a sudden in a fight.  Quite often Players are dangerously close to Half Health once I weave in the Empowered attack, barswap, and Critical Charge combo, (If I'm running Greatsword/Maul, which I basically only do for gank/countergank around Imperial sh!tty) and then there goes their armor.  Night's Silence is so that I can sneak at normal speed, which feels incredibly sluggish compared to Sprinting, running with Major/Minor Expedition on, much less Both, but it's still a heck of a lot fatser than regular Sneak is.  For the most part, i run this Greatsword/set for open dungeons with a lot of Sentries, because it's more fun to 1 shot them where they stand than Pull them all into the center, and mass murder them with Dual Wield/Bow.  It's pretty much a Role Play, she's not an Assassin, but she still likes to Assassinate sentries occasionally, and some areas are actually set up so that's the best way to approach them.

    Whatever your build, even Magicka focus, if you have Jewelry Crafting, or guildmates to buy them from.  I highly recommend 2 rings, an neckalce, shield, and weapon of Night's Silence for the 3 piece bonus.  The other 3 perks are pretty good, and stack on a lot of popular sets for Stamina/Weapon Damage/Critical sets, but being able to Sneak at full speed is invaluable in a lot of situations.  Even if you're a Nightblade, you can save up your Magicka from spamming Invisibility, scout out the situation, where all the mobs are, and plan accordingly.  Whatever Enchantments/Traits you like (I just went with Sheildplay, Stamina, and Well Fitted on mine, for my sets) it's worth the 5 slots in your backpack to have this capability, and it's a 2 trait set!  Honestly, it's the first set I craft on most of my characters, because it makes leveling them up, and collecting Wayshrines/Skyshards/Quest Points that much faster.  You can powerlevel Fighter's Guild just running around Coldharbor with Uppercut, and backslapping Daedra all day, without taking any damage.  It's also a lot of fun, but right off the boat, it's a fantastic Training set, too.  That's why i generally level 2H first, with Night's Silence/training.  it's available as soon as you get to the Bank at Port Hunding, kill a mudcrab, grab a skyshard, kill a Wolf, get the Wayshrine, then grab the next Skyshard.  (Kenarthi's Roost is s Skyshard Skill Points, but you have to run straight across the Island to get to the Bank.  Port Hunding is Right there, but unlock the Fighter's Guild before you get to Betnikh.)


    Again, this isn't a Tankety Tank-TANK, meaning I wouldn't dream of running this set-up with a group, in the Tank Role.  It's the bar I swap to when the best bet is to just Survive the fight with Ticks to run them down.  So, first off, DoTs, barswap cancel to Block, Bash, weave in biffs, rinse repeat Tank rotation with trickle DPS so the fight doesn't last forever.  Even if I could sustain Tanking forever, that doesn't kill the Boss.  The win condition is kill the Boss, he's 1 guy, and if you don't block that 1 hit, you're probably not going to recover.  

    Shield of Lamae (Shieldplay/Spamina enchants, Well Fitted, because I also carry it with my Racing Leathers to extend my Endurance Sprinting cross country.)  Hurricane, Invasion, Heroic Slash, Pierce Armor, Power Bash, Dark Deal.  (Keep in mind, Hurricane is a bit of a Flex Slot, which can be replaced with Clanfear, Absorb Magic, or Bound Aegis as needed.  Depending on what DoTs you have on the back bar for swap cancellations.)  

    Energy Overload:  This is what's downright OP, but expensive, so I save it up for tough bosses that can 1-shot me.  I can't sustain that, indefinitely, so I have to barswap Streak (Mapped to the Shield Charge button) away, and Dark Deal, but I can also Kite, with tap attacks that deal Shock damage, and give me Magicka back without Channeling.  (Like a Power Attack with a Shock Staff, only you don't have to charge it up.)  

    So, I honestly usually have a Bow to Magnum shot back, and weave in tap-attacks so I can Channel Dark Deal, cast my DoTs (Bow.  All the DoTs you have on Bow) then swap back to the Shield to Tank for a while so the Damage can tick...  Ope, Health/Stamina is low, and he doesn't look as sick any more.  nockback/rollcast Streak way, Dark Deal, Dot.  Dot.  Dot...  Tank some more on full Health and Spamina while my Magicka Recovers.

    With Energy Overload, I can just tapattack, and Channel.  Some Overland bosses are slow enough, and out in the open enough that I basically just have to be careful not to Ringout, and Kite them around in circles, where they can't hurt me.  Again, she's not a tank, but she Can Tank (While the DoTs tick...)  Or, she can kite, and just not take any damage.

    The point is, there's no build that works best for every fight.  If you have the tools, and you know which ones to pull out for THIS fight, then that's better than any 1 build.  (This one's just minmaxed to speed-run, from fight to fight, across the whole map.)

    Everything above is likely Opinion, and/or subject to change. 

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    So, now DoTBow:

    For Kitefighting with a Tankette Backbar, I like Streak, Acid Spray, Magnum Shot, Endless Fury, and Dark Deal, just for running around.  Acid Spray is the Flex Slot, whatever DoT you want there, but Endless Fury is on the same button as Executioner (2H) and Whirling Death (Dual Wield) because [4] is my execute button.  Just like Streak is on the same button as Critical Charge, or Hurricane, Invasion, it's basically my Nitrous button.  "Gofasta!"  Seriously considering painting it Red, 

    I use Acid Spray by Default, because it's just kinda handy.  Kinda weak, but it also stacks on Shattering Prison (Encase Morph) the "Shattering" animation doesn't do much damage on a Spamina build, but it does warn me that the enemies broke Free, so it's time to barswap cast it.  Endless Hail/Caltrops, I know you know this combo, and it's Damage potential, but this is an AoE.  they can leave the Area of Effect.  Once you've shot them with Acid Spray, they're Poisoned, they can leave poisoned, the DoTs keep ticking...  

    This is better for my Mobile solo playstyle, whereas Endless Hail/Poison Caltrops/Rearming Trap (I have the Lightweight Morph, for Kiting)Liquid Lightning/Spear Shards and so forth are great for Group DPS with a Tank, to hold everyone in the AoE.  If I pickup a Group, with a Tank, then i have Endless Hail to slot in, and play DPS, with that group.  (Then, I switch to the "Spin2Win" backbar) Which is great when I run into a group running around, and pulling in Zombies to grind around Camlorn.

    I don't have to explain AoE Zombie Farming around Camlorn.  There's countless videos of that, but it's something I can switch to, from what my Build is designed for:  Getting around the maps ASAP.  So, If I'm Ghost Farming around Glenumbra Moors, and I hear the Dolmen fire up, I can drop what I'm doing, and run to the Dolmen before the campers get done clearing it.  I almost always do before they finish the first wave (Unless the population is so high everything dies before you can See it spawn)  Then, run back to Glenumbra Moors to go beat up Faolchu, or whatever.

    So, for Dolmen/Zombie/Battlefield farming, I'm generally running Dual Wield, and Bow.  It's not great for Single target, but I'm not going to run into a Boss, so I don't have to worry about that (And if i do, I can nock back/Streak away, and retool to kill the Boss)  

    Everything above is likely Opinion, and/or subject to change. 


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