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As a big fan of Skyrim, Oblivion really surprised me.

I've played a lot of hours of Skyrim, across multiple different consoles. I put about 120 on my old HP all in one PC, that ran the game at about 15-20 FPS. PS4 doesn't count hours, but I did get to level 40 on the PS4 Special Edition. And Switch says I've put 35 hours there. new projects in dadar

I then built my PC, and proceeded to re buy Skyrim again, and put about 100 hours into it. But while I was doing that, I was reminded of the fact that I had Oblivion in my Steam library. Apparently prior to playing it again I put 15 hours into it, which sounded extremely inaccurate because I didn't remember doing much. So, I installed the game again, and created an Argonian stealth archer, or an Assassin, as the game calls it. I then played about 60 hours of it, and I was very impressed by this game commercial property for sale in pune 

First of all, the main quest I enjoyed a lot. Maybe it's because I've killed Alduin hundreds of times, but I personally enjoyed Oblivions main quest more then Skyrim's. A big part of it was the characters, and that I actually felt attached to them. I was sad when a certain character died, and was glad to see Martin's character arc.

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