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Armour for Warden

I have a magic Warden which I love playing as a healer/DPS so much I have 4 of them each with a different monster set to add a bit of variety.

When Summerset DLC comes out we will be able to wear two five piece armour sets as well as the monster set I was wondering has anyone tested any dual sets out yet.

I wear Julianos and will power with my monster set at the moment.

I would appreciate any views.

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    I assume this is mostly for pledges. Since you function as a healer, you can't really deviate from Spell Power Cure or Vestment of Olorime as one of your 5p sets. 

    Regarding your role as a part DPS, if you already have Julianos, then you can use it as the second 5p set. It has all the essential stats and is crafted (so you can use 5/1/1 for the 4% more stats through Undaunted Mettle).

    On monster set, you could use Lord Warden, which works really well if the group stacks for combat. There are a few other options that can be nice, or you could just use 2 separate pieces that each grant magicka recovery as their 1p bonus. But I would forego monster sets altogether and opt for a Master Restoration staff and a Maelstrom Lightning staff. You will still be able to use two 5p sets, but the stamina return from Master resto is another utility that could benefit your group, and the increased light and heavy attack damage from weaving adds up. An alternative to Maelstrom Lightning is a (Perfected) Asylum Lightning, which could be useful if you are using Force Pulse as your main dps skill.

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