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Are Magicka Builds underpowered ?

I Want to hear everyone.


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    In keeping with the ambience of this thread...




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    my magika templar feels underpowered

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    no , Stam are better actually , magicka was better before .

    Meta is like that actually . meta change all the time .


    But u can do tons of damage too as Magicka .



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    my mag DK doesn't feel as underpowered as he does sort of weak, he does a great amount of damage, mostly from aoe skills mixed with a fewbother basic class skills but it seems like no matter what hits me even if it is just a little hit from trash or over world random Ai it takes a ton of health, if I don't keep harness/dampenmagika,mthe light armor shield, or my class shield then I can die in some vet content I do actually die to fast. I'm not sure if maybe my resistances are too low or its something else but it don't matter if I have 22k or 17k health hits that shouldn't are doing an insane amount of damage.



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