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[Clockwork City] The "Boom Build" - Rambo style Tank

If you like to play the game "Rambo style" this build is for you. With Clockwork city, this build just got an amazing buff. You can now tank in Light Amour (with all the benefits of spell penetration) and still be at Armour Cap - while maintaining a VERY healthy amount of magicka regen. As an added bonus, the equipment required for this build is dirt cheap and easy to acquire.

Update 2017-10-26: Updated for Clockwork.


  • 5 x Fortified Brass (2x Heavy Body Pieces, 1 x Light Body, Weapon + Shield)
  • 5 x Bahrahas Curse (3x Jewels, 2 x Body pieces Light)
  • 2 x Grothgar (2x Light or heavy - in which case, craft light Fortified Brass)
  • Sword and Shield on both bars
  • Infused on Chest, Helmet and Legs with Prismatic Enchants
  • Nirnhoned on Shields with Prismatic Enchants
  • Sturdy on small pieces with Health enchants
  • Infused on the Swords with Crusher Enchant on front bar and Fire enchant on back bar
  • Healthy on the Jewelry (or adjust stats as needed if you can only find Arcane rings - see below)
  • For jewelry: use Magic Recovery enchants until you  can hit 2000 recovery, then top up the rest with block cost reduction

Get to 2H/5L or 5L/1M/1H - depending on your comfort level for stats (you will be slightly under armour cap in 5L/1L/1H). Craft Fortified Brass as needed

Mundus / Food

  • The Atronach
  • Health + Magicka Recovery Orsinum Food


  • Dunmer preferred, but can work with any. Altmer probably very good too
  • Vampirism is awesome for this build. Feed before you enter City of Ash. When not in City of Ash - stay at Stage 4



  • Thaumaturge: 75 (to unlock passive)
  • Elemental Expert: 56
  • Blessed: 56
  • Elfborn: 23
  • Spell Penetration: 30


  • Elemental Defender: 49
  • Hardy: 49
  • Thick Skinned: 49
  • Ironclad: 61
  • Light Armour Focus: 32


  • Shadow Ward: 95
  • Tumbling: 45
  • Arcanist: 100

Target Stats (with full CP)

  • Get to around 30K health
  • When buffed with Volatile Armour, you should be around armour cap (~33K spell/phys resist)
  • Rest in Magicka, get somewhere just above 20K
  • You need to hit just around 2000 Magicka Recovery. If you feel comfortable with less, switch enchantments on Jewels out with either spell damage or block cost reduction

Bar Setup

Boss Bar

  • Piece Armor - Switch with Inner Rage if you need range taunts
  • Burning Embers - DOT and self heal, spam this when low on health.
  • Engulfing Flames - DOT
  • Inner Light / Igneous Shield
  • Volatile Armour - procs our sets and helps us be tanky
  • Shooting Star (for the regen) or War horn

Trash Bar

  • Burning Talons - DOT. Better than a taunt for trash, just keep them rooted and inside your kill radius (when you play the build, you will know what I mean)
  • Draw Essence - your self heal for trash. Gets more powerful the more monsters are around. Practically free to cast. Spam this and don't wait for the explosion if you are low on health.
  • Unrelenting Group - batch them and burn them!
  • Ash Cloud - DOT and opener for trash pulls
  • Flames of Oblivion - DOT
  • Dragonknight Standard - DOT

How to play This build

This build is based on very strong synergies between dragonknight DOT (which we have a lot of) and the gear. You will be pleased to know that:

  • Burning Talon, Cinder Storm, Engulfing Flames, Flames of Oblivion, Burning Embers and Thunderbug can all trigger Grothdar and Baharas
  • The DOT tick from Bahrahas curse can proc Grothdar (and vice versa)
  • Getting hit while buffed with Volatile Armour can set off the chain reaction too
  • For tricky trash (Big xikvin guys in vWGT, Atronach in vICP) apply the occasional taunt on priority targets

With this in mind, here is how you fight trash mobs

  • Buff up with Volatile Armour and Flames of Oblivion
  • Place Cinder Storm on mobs and charge into the AoE area
  • Weaken them with Engulfing Flames as you get close enough
  • Generously apply and reapply Burning Talons and Chains to bunch up range attackers and keep everything nicely bunched up
  • Use Draw Essence as needed to heal (you do NOT need a healer for dungeon trash anymore)
  • Watch the fireworks as you proc flames, lightning and deadric runes non stop
  • Kill off any stragglers with Burning Embers

For questing, just run straight towards your quest marker, ignoring all monsters that might chase you - turn around when you have 10-20 mobs and apply the above.

For bosses:

  • Maintain Volatile Armor and Flames of Oblivion at all times
  • Use Burning Embers for self heals
  • Make sure Bahrahas is up at all times for that constant 1K heal - note that you can proc Bahrahas with a shield bash
  • When the window of opportunity is there, switch to trash bar and apply all DOT (do not weave, as you need to get back to your boss bar fast)
  • If needed, replace Inner Light with Igneous shield on front bar for Stamina Sustain when blocking (you have enough Magicka regen to spam it)

A big part of playing this build is knowing when to block and when an igneous shield is enough. You are a armour cap or close - so most of the time, you should be able to face tank most blows. Only block CC / knockback effects - for the rest, pop a shield or just heal through it.

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120 Replies
  1. tkviking2

    Member214 Posts
    Jkronc wrote on May 30, 2017

    Is this all attributes in magika, stamina, or a mixture of all 3?

    Depends on what chants you run and what pieces of armour you have. I like to pump up health until 30K - then dump rest in Magicka.

  2. Koxinga

    Member31 Posts

    I'm trying to adapt your build for myself after a few months away.  I however am working only with 300 CP, is there a reasonable guideline for how you would prioritize points and what benchmarks for health and magicka to shoot for under those conditions?

  3. tkviking2

    Member214 Posts
    Koxinga wrote on June 7, 2017

    I’m trying to adapt your build for myself after a few months away. I however am working only with 300 CP, is there a reasonable guideline for how you would prioritize points and what benchmarks for health and magicka to shoot for under those conditions?

    Good question. I would still aim for around 30K health - that really is a minimum to tank effectively (though experienced tanks can probably get away with around 25K for veteran dungeons).

    • In the blue tree, your priority should be to reach Elemental Expert first (because it boosts everything) - then Thaumaturge - then Blessed. Max out Elfborn last
    • In the read tree - get Elemental and Hardy first. After that, it's a wash and you can just put points into the rest as you get them.
    • Get to 100 in Arcanist in the green tree because you need all the regen you can get. After that, put everything into Shadow Ward until you reach the right level.

    Hope that helps a bit. If you are struggling with sustain, consider replacing Thunderbug with Black Rose.


  4. Dogfaceg

    Member3 Posts

    Is the 30k health with food ?

  5. Ordinator3

    Member15 Posts

    why not just use alkosh its a stronger dot + more group viable

  6. tkviking2

    Member214 Posts
    Ordinator3 wrote on June 27, 2017

    why not just use alkosh its a stronger dot + more group viable

    I do that on my trial tank. But few things:

    1) In a Veteran Dungeons (particularly in the random group finder) - good luck finding someone to synergize you enough to make it viable.

    2) Alkosh has crappy tanking stats and since you are not going to be blocking much, you really need some defence

    3) Alkosh does not benefit from the Elemental tree (it is physical damage - Thunderbug is lightning)


  7. tkviking2

    Member214 Posts
    Dogfaceg wrote on June 25, 2017

    Is the 30k health with food ?

    Yes, this is buffed with food

  8. mandroid

    Member1 Posts


    I have tested this build and it´s really fun. Have tried it in all vet dungeons except cradle of shadows with success. I almost have a full leeching plate set and gonna try it out soon and replace thunderbug. I have a question. Does chokethorn proc from the healing caused by the two sets when they proc? Or maybe other healing sets that proc. Does Sentinel of Rkugamz proc by the sets?  Sometimes I feel i need a little more healing especially when farming dungeons solo. I want to try some new combos for automatic self heal because i need all magica for the aoe skills not green dragon blood and skills like that. Sometimes I skip unrelenting grip and put in proximity detonation thats fun to.

  9. tkviking2

    Member214 Posts

    Proxy detonation! Interesting idea :-)

    Not sure about the other proc sets. If you struggle with resources, I would use Black Rose instead of Thunderbug and keep Grothdar. Black Rose should fix any sustain issues you have and you can pop green dragon to your heart's content.

  10. Niidhoggr

    Member1 Posts

    I'm enjoying this build a LOT, it's what got me into being the main tank into my group of friends for dungeoning. I just completed it, i just need to complete the cp distribuition. I was wondering, does this build work in pvp or it needs tweeking?

  11. tkviking2

    Member214 Posts

    I am testing the build a little more to figure out best CP distribution (and Mundus stone) for HoTR.

    Currently, I am looking at whether it is possible to switch to 5L/2H and still get enough armour by dumping some CP into Light Armour specialisation. If possible, this build will rock even more (more penetration, more recovery). Will keep you guys posted.

  12. tkviking2

    Member214 Posts
    Niidhoggr wrote on August 28, 2017

    I’m enjoying this build a LOT, it’s what got me into being the main tank into my group of friends for dungeoning. I just completed it, i just need to complete the cp distribuition. I was wondering, does this build work in pvp or it needs tweeking?

    I have not taken this build into PvP. But I suspect it might be fun when you meet a zerg :)

  13. hexor

    Member1 Posts

    hi just found this build. I am enjoying it lots was wondering how you get close to 33000 resistances i am about 30k spell and  28k pysical. with 5/1/1. also your champion points add to 240 per page.

  14. McSlipp

    Member2 Posts

    Long-time reader, first time poster here. Does going to light armor with the Clockwork patch increase the dps enough to make up for dropping Thunderbug?

  15. shadesofkin

    Member256 Posts

    You don't need Thunderbug with the cloth Fortified Brass, I'm using this on an Imperial and it's still not the worst off dps I've ever seen. (to McSlipp)

    Characters: Elim Garak (Dunmer Magicka DK DPS) Antonius Cassius (Imperial Stamina DK Tank) Cal Terrace (Breton Magicka DK Healer)DK VMSA current high score: 410K 


  16. qcx2987

    Member52 Posts

    do you plan to update this build for bones.  tks in advance

  17. PhyloBeddoe

    Member5 Posts


    thanks for this build.. I see that it is pretty old, but just recently rebuilt my Mag DK, Dunmer from DPS to Tank using this guideline.  This thing is a BEAST!  I can still dish out the dps and my sustain is insain!  I barely go below 70% health even in boss fights, he is just so tuff.  Then I pop deep breath when I get into trouble, along with the burning embers, and ulti heals, he really stays above 90% most of the time.  I'm only level 350 now, so I don't even have all the champion points I would like, and I don't have any prismatic enchants, all my armor is purple still (except my grothdar monster set). And I have yet to die in vet dungeons! 

    I'm having a blast with this build, even during dragon bones, and I think it will be great through summerset as well!  

  18. PhyloBeddoe

    Member5 Posts

    What do you mean by 7/7?  Obviously if you’re using Baharas you have 3 jewelry and 2 heavy pieces?  Then you could run 3 heavy fortified brass and 2 heavy monster set.  Does baharas drop in heavy?  I thought it was only light?

  19. McSlipp

    Member2 Posts

    Loving this build. Any intentions/need to update it for Summerset/Wolfhunter?

  20. Dark-Wizard

    Member15 Posts

    Any ideas how to adapt this to Murkmire PvP Battlegrouds?


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