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HatchetHaro's "Rising Storm" Stamina Sorcerer PvE DPS (DrB)

Yes I stole that name off of Warframe.Stamina sorcerers are actually quite powerful in raid settings, and is a great class for stamina damage-dealing. Here is my take on an effective stamina sorcerer build and rotation.Please keep in mind that these are all simply what I personally use and are my own recommendations on my preferred stamsorc build. There are ... [ Continue Reading ]

The Great Foundry Migration

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Behold, the new Foundry man!Esteemed Foundry community, as you have hopefully noticed as you read this Tamriel Foundry has arrived at our glorious new long-term home on the common Foundry platform which will power both Tamriel Foundry and our recently launched Ashes of Creation sister site, , for years to come! We are therefore extremely pleased to announce the creation ... [ Continue Reading ]

"The SnakePlar" Healsthefeels End-Game PvE Healing Guide

My name is Healsthefeels, also known as The Snake, I'm the core healer in Blind Luck raiding guild, I'm also raiding with the Late Night Dungeoneers (LND) and the Danish Guild. This is my end-game PvE Healing guide,Welcome to Healsthefeels "The SnakePlar" end-game PvE raiding healer guide. I have been getting a lot of questions from newer players to the ... [ Continue Reading ]

[PvE] MagDK REBORN - Summerset Update - Raid Build

Hey everyone Boone here. Summerset is finally here and MagDK is a very strong contender for the best damage dealer. That's the catch, we don't really bring anything buff-wise to the group, but we have top tier damage now so we are a perfect "leech" class. Lets get started.Right. There are two main setups and they both deal pretty much ...

Introduction to PvE damage calculation (Horns of the Reach)

A special thank you to all addon developers that have both significantly improved the quality of my gaming life as well as allowing me the opportunity to reverse engineer game mechanics. In particular, Combat Log Statistics by and Combat Metrics by have been instrumental for the majority of my testing. I would also like to extend my deepest gratitude to ...

The Sanctified Fire - Magsorc PvE Nonpet Build (DrB)

Welcome to my Sanctified Fire build for magicka sorcerer ! This build is a nonpet build, based on a light attack rotation. The advantages are :Huge Single Target damage : this build is more bursty than my pet build. The reason is that, without the pet, we will have a much better time sustaining a light attack rotation.No pet ! ...

Dark Priestess - End Game Sorcerer Healer (Dragon Bones)

A Walk among God's or demons, Falling neither between light or dark, A gradual decline for the darker arts, A connection that should not be made. Not meant to be, yet it's come to be, A touch of darkness a bit of light, to make things all right. : Adaptive and fast game play while maximizing the potential of this ...

Healing race comparison - PVE

Hello ! I've been focusing on healing during the past few months, and I have always wondered what are the pros and cons of the different main healing races, that is, breton, high elf, argonian. I often read "high elf is the best for sustain, breton has also good sustain but a bit less, argonian is best for raw healing", ...

BTBoZeus - Stamplar PvE DPS for Dragon Bones.

Introduction:Hello and welcome back to anyone who kept up with the guide I wrote in May last year regarding Stamina Templar DPS Changes when Morrowind first hit, a lot has changed since I first wrote that guide, mostly being that the stamina meta as predicted hit extremely hard and a lot of the way raid teams compose themselves have also ...

The Moondancer - Pet Magsorc PVE Build - DB semi-updated

I've added the changes I've adopted with the Dragon Bones update and highlighted them like this. The first change that comes with Dragon Bones is that Off Balance is now capped at 25%, which means that you lose some dps on heavy attacks but also that ranged dds are no longer Off Balance slaves. The second change is that the ...