(XBOX One/NA) Zero Vitality – Trials Guild Looking For Experienced Raiders

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    At the end of last patch Zero Vitality was amongnst the top 5 raiding guilds on the Xbox 1 NA server. This patch almost the entire team took a break. A few of us are still here and are looking to recruit hardmode ready raiders to join the guild for the anticipated release of Morrowind. Raid experience is a must. Zero’ scores last patch. 140k Hel Ra – 132k AA – 83k VMoL and this patch our Sanctum score has gotten as high as 148k. Yeah we got sick of sanctum real quick. Anyways we are looking people to join so post your GT and what roles you can play and would be willing to play. We will go from there. – xRaHx Player

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    Argonian Dragonknight

    Daggerfall Covenant

    Main Tank.

    Ebon Alkosh.

    have done all craglorn trials HM

    Abd vMoL

    with some hardmode progression


    gt: o Lady Velius

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    Gt: Graveward

    A little experience on vet trials

    600cp dps preferred but I have a healer with worm cult and spc aswell

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    Tank-ebon alkosh as well as off tank gear


    Dps-magsorc-bsw and full moondancer

    Dps-magdk-alcast bis


    Gamertag: Moon Kills Sun (play eso daily)


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    BiS magsorc and magdk, and a templar healer with SPC, worm and IA. Have completed all craglorn trials with hardmode completions and progression on vMoL.

    GT: deadrubble

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