[Work in Progress] PvE Magicka Templar for HotR

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    decay said on December 24, 2017 :

    This will be in the next update. The PTS will go up early next year, they said.


    Hopefully they’ll have both fixes done by then. Gives me some time to save crystals to deal with whatever needs to change as well!

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    The fix for Puncturing Sweep and Radiant Oppression to be multiplicative with damage done modifiers should be up on the latest PTS, along with a host of other changes including that of off-balance and heavy attacks.

    I don’t think groups need as many lightning blockade for off-balance in 3.3, which means that we could use fire blockade again for more damage on burning targets.

    The Zaan monster set seems to produce better results than Grothdarr or Ilambris for me. The 10 m range isn’t a problem since we are already in range with Puncturing Sweep.

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