Where did the Yokudan men and mer come from?

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    Where did the redgaurds populating Yokuda originate? Are redgaurds descended from Atmora or are they comepletely unrelated? Also where did the Akiviri men originate? Are the redgaurd and akaviri men even related to the descendants of the Atmoans? Are they both entirely different subsets of men? Same for the lefthanded elfs of Yokuda.

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    The Redguards are mostly the descendants of the Forebears, who are themselves the Ra Gada who stayed in Tamriel after their invasion. Ra Gada themselves are the military wing of the Yokudans, who came from Yokuda (located west of Tamriel), which sank in the late first era, thus its non-appearance in most maps.

    Redguards are unrelated to Atmoran and much of their descendants (mostly Nedic and Nords).

    Akavirs originate from Akaviri, which is east of Tamriel. By location, I would assume that they are unrelated to the Yokudans, and are thus different subsets of men.

    Lefthanded Elves as the name suggests, are mer from Yokuda, and by that should be completely different from men. But to my limited understanding, they died out when Yokudan sank. Which suggests that they have no relation to modern Redguard or even the Ra Gada for that matter.

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    Before the world “crystalized” on what it is today, the sea level was a lot lower, and the Elhonfey wandered freely on this unnamed land. Some ended up to the West of Tamriel and when the sea rose, they got isolated in that island that they later named Yokuda. Just like Atmora, Pyaondea, Aldmeris, Akavir, etc.

    Mer must have followed a different path since they all stayed for a while in Aldmeris, but just as many left for the far reaches of Tamriel, some must’ve landed on Yokuda.

    Picture it like the ancestors of the American red skins getting through the Alaska bridge before the sea rose, and later on evolving their skin color, their racial traits and bla bla bla.

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    I would expect that they’re unrelated to the Bermudans, and are as a consequence extraordinary subsets of men.

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    I have found this video to be really helpful and talks about the Elnofey like Thuring says. I hope this helps as it helped me get my head round it.



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