[VIDEO][GUIDE] Ultimate Guide on getting Emperor

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    A very detailed Guide on getting emperor on a busy campaign [EU PC TF]
    Get a beverage and enjoy the video!

    Guide Timeline:
    Intro – 0:10
    Preparation – 3:26
    Group Setup – 6:57
    Cyrodiil Politics – 12:13
    Movement – 16:33
    TBags & Hatewhispers – 24:03
    Last Words – 25:19


    Written Guide:


    Lately I haven’t seen any good or detail Emperor Guide. Thus, this is the main reason why I made this video+written Guide :)

    Bear in mind I won’t mention the obvious stuff and will try to keep this Guide as compact as possible. But do watch the video from start to end because it does provide examples that words can’t explain!




    Make sure you have enough Pots, Poisons, Sieges, Camps, oils etc etc before pushing for leaderboard after a campaign reset.

    TIP: you could do all the ap quest beforehand so that you will obtain a small boost of AP




    There are 3 ways of playing in Cyrodiil

    1. SOLO – Hardest playstyle. Most classes are able to solo besides MAGDK and MAG Templar. These 2 classes are just plain bad in that department.

    2. Small Scale – 2 ~ 6 Players

    There are many different group composition for small scaling. The basic one that works really well would consist of 2 destro ulti + 1 healer + a few hard hitters. However, if your group has great mobility you could skip on having a templar.

    3. Raid – 6 ~ or more players

    Easiest playstyle because there is more room for error since there are more teammates to provide cover.

    RAID should consist of – destro ultis (as many as possible), 2healers, negates, fear(from NB), Sorc for encase, tank debuffer(fasalla, durok), rapid + caltrops spammer & a good raid leader.




    Knowing who is going for emp is really important! Do take notice on the enemy/ally Guilds on the campaign because they will be one of the deciding factor whether you will get emp or not.




    Good movement provides faster gain of AP. Movement on map do come with experiences but there are some basics that everyone should know to succeed on the leaderboard

    1. Move between Keeps/Outpost that are UA in order to kill off reinforcement/ponny riding players

    2. Alessia Bridge farm (Only really good if you are DC)

    3. Def tick on resource/Keeps. Make sure to stay for def ticks if a long fight has occur near a keep or resource (Temple def tick will usually be huge!)

    4. Fight between 2 different factions (Provided your group is good enough)

    5. AP BUFF. Remember to take it every hour! (20% AP gain boost)




    Ignore them.




    Goodluck with the emp push! Do remember that the more you try the easier it gets because learning how cyrodiil works is a big part of getting emp :)


    Build video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VMsvtT6I6A
    Updates on Build: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ife7_sdjLyg

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    This video is a huge work ! I am not interested in ranking or emperor race, but you describe well the ap farm :)

    You forgot to notice that emperor needs time, a lot of time in cyrodiil.

    N.B : you use all broken sets, don’t you ? :p

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    yup! time is required but it really depends on your efficiency on gaining ap. ´For me at least it is at 50k per hour while solo-ing intensively. In group perhaps higher up to 80k per hour. So it really come down to that tbh.

    yea I use all the things that suit my build the best. :)

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