Useful or Useless? Nerf or Buff? A discussion on 5-piece Gear Sets

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    There is a problem within ESO of a select few gear sets that are dominating majority of other sets; rendering them completely useless and wasted content in the game. This applies to both dropped and crafted sets found anywhere. I would like to see these rarely to never used sets come to light for more build diversity. It has gotten to the point where infamous YouTubers are posting the same meta builds, or using the same popular sets over and over, for both PvE and PvP.

    What 5-piece set do you think currently needs reworking to bring more balance and diversity into the game, and why? Share your thoughts. Be constructive. Maybe Zenimax will take notice. Maybe not.

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    I was looking at Galerions Revenge and Destructive Mage yesterday. Both of them are pretty awful, unfortunately. They are good ideas that are just too weak comparatively to other sets.

    Destructive Mage places a bomb on a target you use a fully charged heavy on, that explodes when another player uses a fully charged heavy on the same target. The problem is it does about the same damage as a 2 piece monster set yet requires 2 full heavies from different people and has a 10 second cool down.

    Same thing with GR, the proc damage is simply not high enough to warrant its use. In pvp knight slayer will hit just as hard (or harder on high health tanks) and doesn’t require 6 hits to trigger. In pve, even on a heavy attack build, adding damage to your channels will far out perform the proc damage of this set. Pity!

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