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    Breton Templar

    Will the name be changed at all to accommodate the new campaigns?

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    No, we’ll all keep Bloothorn in our memory and play out fights in our heads.


    On a more boring note, I don’t know what’s planned. Maybe one of our American team members can answer your question.

    Relax, I’m only being serious.

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    Dunmer Nightblade

    I suggest a sub forum for each the 7 14 and 30 day campaigns for all the pvp dramas.




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    Dunmer Dragonknight

    As someone who hasn’t played in three months so has no good cause to have an opinion, I totally agree with @typeRkrim.


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    @Atropos What is the new campaign of Tamriel Foundry?

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    We need to make a decision on that, I had wanted to see which one most people seemed to be choosing before committing to something. I had expected the Veteran Only campaign to be more competitive, but it seems like almost everyone has avoided it. I would really like to just pick one and try to encourage everyone to join that one, but it might be best to split this into multiple subforums, I don’t know.

    I’m open to the opinions of TF members on what they would like to see.

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    @Atropos I think Chillrend is a good campaign.

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    Khajiit Nightblade

    Never forget Dawnbreaker! dramadramadrama

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