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    The Altmeri Supremacy Society



    What are we? – The Altmeri Supremacy Society is a NA-AD Altmer only guild focused on all content that Elder Scrolls Online has to offer. This includes pve, pvp, roleplaying, guild trading, etc. Some of us play Elder Scrolls Legends as well.

    Why Altmer only? – Post 11/11/11 Altmer overnight became a hated race due to the Thalmor portrayal in Skyrim. Since then a negative stereotype has emerged surrounding how Altmer are viewed. Given this negative perspective we felt it was time a guild was made to service players who enjoy playing Altmer and simultaneously be away from those who mistakenly stereotype all Altmer and Altmer players.

    Who can join? – Essentially everyone is welcome to join the society given two requirements as follows:

    *Players play Altmer to all guild events

    *Players respect fellow guild members and other players

    What kind of roleplay do you engage in? – We have two groups one can join to engage in some roleplay:

    The Lorethar Kinship- An Altmer Kinship for those looking for a more political, family, intrigue, and event focused roleplay experience.

    The Society of the Malachite Eagle- A society formed to ensure Altmer remain as the forefront leaders in technology, magical innovation, military dominance and culture. Players can expect less politics and intrigue and more adventuring, quest giving, and storyline development.

    What if I’m not interested in roleplaying? – For those who are looking for more of the content that Eso provides we also plan trial runs, daily dungeons, and guild wide pvp events. As well we are seeking to expand our guild trade and looking for players wanting to make some coin.

    Ranks? – Being that we have our fingers in a few different pots its important to keep ranks separated in a way that reflects that. Ranks are listed as follows:
    Kinlord- Guild leader rank
    Consigliere- Officer rank
    Loretherian- Roleplayer rank
    Malachite Eagle- Roleplayer rank
    Rp Prospect- Roleplayer hopeful rank
    Merchant Mer- Merchant rank
    Loyalist- Pvp member rank
    Adventure Mer- Pve Member rank
    Altmer Recruit- Recruit rank

    Players can of course participate in all guild facets, but one rank will be assigned and is changeable.

    Interested in joining? Check out our site:
    If you have any questions please contact @shadock in game. Join us today!

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