Tamriel Foundry Code of Conduct

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    Tamriel Foundry Code of Conduct

    Last Updated – September 25, 2013

    These are the rules for participating in the Tamriel Foundry community. By electing to post on this site, you implicitly agree to abide by these rules. Ignorance is not a valid excuse. Depending on the severity and frequency with which you are in violation of this code of conduct your account is subject to suspension or closure at the sole discretion of our moderators. These guidelines are not intended to be oppressive, nor are we interested in censorship. The following rules are chosen to ensure that this wonderful community continues to grow and feature a quality of discourse of which we can all be proud. Thank you for participating in the Tamriel Foundry community.


    1. Conditions of Membership

    Very generally, the expectation for participation in the Tamriel Foundry is that you act as a mature, constructive, and respectful member of the community. The recommended age for participation on Tamriel Foundry is 17 or older. We expect our users to maintain one account, duplicate user accounts may be deleted without warning. Refrain from imitating or masquerading as someone else. Do not make an account name designed to resemble another poster. If an account is registered that could be confused (unintentionally) for a moderator, admin, or ZeniMax Online developer we reserve the right to offer the member the ability to change the name to something else.  We reserve the right to close the account if that offer isn’t accepted. In general you are encouraged to use your main in-game character name as a username on the Forums.


    2. Accept Moderator Decisions

    We (Tamriel Foundry administrators and moderators) reserve the right to ban or suspend any member without warning. We reserve the right to edit, move, or delete any post made on Tamriel Foundry without warning or explanation. We reserve the right to edit any portion of a member profile without warning. You will accept all this gladly and with open arms because we do it with love. Don’t even consider bringing up “freedom of speech”, Tamriel Foundry is a private entity and the content that we allow on the site is not subject to constitutional law.

    This is a private forum, and you are our invited guests. If a thread or post is locked or deleted, that was the necessary step to take in the judgment of the moderator. Please don’t bandy irrelevant constitutional law and hope to plead the case for less “censorship.” Don’t start a vote, don’t throw food, and don’t throw a hissy fit. Don’t light up torches and mob our central office; we don’t even have a central office. We do not censor, we exercise judgment and quality control on something in which we invest a lot of time and effort. If you are banned for any reason, don’t bother re-registering. Take it like a reasonable person, and accept your fate. We ban the person not the account, registering under a new account will result in that account also being banned. If you wish, you may appeal the account closure by contacting [email protected].

    If you feel that any post violates this code of conduct and wish to report it to a moderator, we encourage the use of the “report post” button next to the timestamp on every post. Please refrain from @mentioning moderators to attract their attention or publicly condemning the violations of others. Falsely, needlessly, or repeatedly using this reporting feature is considered spamming. Waste our moderators’ time, and they will waste you.


    3. Posting Expectations

    Tamriel Foundry has lofty expectations of its members. We are a forum for intellectual discussion, we strongly encourage members to share the reasoning behind the opinions they espouse, rather than simply hurling about hollow one liners. Posts which are devoid of meaningful content may be removed without warning.

    Flaming, trolling, baiting are prohibited. Even if you strongly hate the content of a post, and detest the individual to whom you’re responding, please exercise restraint and post without personal attacks. You are fully permitted to make rude facial expressions and socially unacceptable hand gestures as you press “submit”. Your behavior is judged not only on this site, but throughout the Elder Scrolls community. If you slander or libel Tamriel Foundry or our site staff on another website, forum, or by other public means, your membership at Tamriel Foundry forum may be terminated without notice.

    Choose the correct subforum for your topic. If it’s a general post, use the general forums. If it’s specific to a faction or class… well, you get the idea. Double and cross-posting are prohibited. If you think of something you want to add to your previous post, use the Edit feature. Do not post consecutively except as formatting tool to break up exceptionally lengthy blocks of text.

    Do not embark on a personal mission to correct the spelling and/or grammar of others. Even if your corrections are valid, such posts will be deleted. Correcting typos or errors is the individual responsibility of the original poster and the moderators of this forum.

    It warms our hearts that you care about your post count and forum title here at Tamriel Foundry. But if we see you posting meaningless crap to boost your count or using the forum for chitchat better suited to private messaging or a chat client, we’ll ask you to stop. Keep it up, and we’ll reset your post count to negative 500. Yeah, we’re evil like that.


    4. Prohibited Behaviors

    We only accept posts written in English. “Text-speak”, l33t sp34k, excessive use of slang and/or abbreviation, or unnecessary reliance on acronyms (regardless of their popularity or lack thereof) is not permitted. Tamriel Foundry does not support bbCode. Post authors too lazy to adapt the formatting of their threads for our forum risk those threads being removed. Posts which contain racist, sexist, political, or religious messages, sexually explicit content or images, or otherwise “stir the pot” regarding inflammatory social issues are not allowed and will be removed without notification.

    We do not intend to serve as a linking service or a search engine for other sites. Links that are disallowed anywhere on Tamriel Foundry (including user profiles and signatures) include links to sites that feature:

    • Pornographic, racist, or illegal materials, including game cheats, hacks, or torrents of copyrighted works.
    • Explicitly “for profit” sites. Specifically, websites that earn the poster a profit/commission or sites that give points for incoming links.
    • Sites containing excessive advertising packages, popups, trojans, keyloggers, malware of any form, or any other malicious content.
    • Advertisement for item and/or gold farming, powerleveling, account auctions, or links to sites which engage in these activities.

    The discussion of hacks, cheats, and exploits is prohibited. You may not ask for help in creating a hack/cheat, provide instructions regarding how to exploit the game, or provide links to where such tools can be downloaded. Discussions pertaining to the impact or morality of using such programs is occasionally discussed and we allow such topics of conversation (within reason), unless they violate any other rule.

    Do not engage in unnatural bumping. The Tamriel Foundry forums automatically promote active threads within their parent forum and on the Recent Topics page. If your topic is good, it will be responded to and promoted. Unnatural bumping is where someone posts, “I’m adding this to put this thread back at the top.” Do it, we slap your hand. Do it often, you pull back a bloody stump. If you engage in necromancy, you damn well better have a good reason. Let dead threads rest in peace.

    Do not abuse the post report feature. It does not exist to serve as a rhetorical tool or as a means to help you end a debate that is not going in your favor. Frivolous post reporting may end up with you receiving the discipline you had wished on someone else.

    Certain subforums have additional rules which may extend or supercede this Code of Conduct. Any posting behavior in such forums is expected to also comply with the rules outlined at the top of that forum.


    5. Social Systems

    The unsolicited and arbitrary spamming of friendship requests, private messages, or guild invitations is considered an offense most reviled. Only extend the arm of friendship to those individuals with whom you genuinely identify on Tamriel Foundry, otherwise you’ll quickly get the boot. Oh, and you won’t be missed regardless of how many “friends” your profile claims you have.

    Activity within the social systems of Tamriel Foundry are subject to the full set of rules which govern forum posting. Private messages are not an appropriate venue for discussions which violate any of the rules outlined in this Code of Conduct. We do not read your mail, but if you are reported to moderators for harassment via private messages, we will read all your dirty secrets and take action if necessary. Behave yourselves.


    6. Legal Small Print

    If you post or submit something to our site or forums — be it an article, a news item, a strategy guide, or a suggestion — it becomes the property of Tamriel Foundry. That means if we leave it in the forum, it is still your work, but we have rights to it as well. If we allow it to be present on the site or use it in any form, you agree that you have no financial claim against this site. We do not demand that posted material be exclusively ours, but once something is submitted to us for publication or posted in our forums, its removal is entirely at our discretion.

    Tamriel Foundry assumes no responsibility for the content of posts made by members or off site websites linked to on these forums.  We are not liable for any damage or distress post content may cause to an individual or their property.  We assume all members have read these forums rules and automatically agree to their terms and conditions. Users follow any offsite links at their own risk.

    We reserve the right to amend these rules at our discretion and without notification. The onus is on the member to periodically check these rules for changes. Updates to the Code of Conduct will be denoted in subsequent posts.The date of the most recent addition is listed at the top of this page.

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    Tamriel Foundry Infraction System

    Any violations of the above Code of Conduct may be responded to by Tamriel Foundry moderators. Depending on the severity of the offense, a certain number of “infraction points” will be issued to your user account. Please be aware of Tamriel Foundry’s infraction and warning policy.

    • 1 point – Warning
    • 2 points – Warning
    • 3 points – Warning
    • 4 points – Temporary Suspension
    • 5 points – Permanent Ban

    Points will not automatically be amortized over time, and will only be removed under special circumstances at the discretion of site moderators. If you wish to appeal a warning that you have received, you may contact one of the site moderators with your request. Be aware that frivolous appeals can be met with further disciplinary action. Please be kind and respectful to the staff of Tamriel Foundry who work diligently to enhance and protect this community.

    You may monitor your own infraction history on your user profile. Simply visit the “Infractions” tab on the right hand menu to view the record of disciplinary action which is tied to your user account.

    Founder, creator, and developer of Tamriel Foundry.


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