Strider's Berserk Stamina Nightblade PvP build

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    Nord Nightblade

    This build does not use cloak, it does not use shuffle, it uses 5/6 pieces of medium armor (depending on the version of the build you went with). It’s tanky, great on resources, and hits as hard as ZOS’s nerf hammer (against non-sorcs).


    This is an aggressive in-your-face PvP build. If this sounds like your kind of play style then here’s my build video.


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    in tamriel foundry u have to submit a written guide (thats why i like this site)

    look at the rules plz

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    Khajiit Nightblade

    Why not use Hunding’s on front bar only and Truth on back bar only? You only have to roll dodge something every 10 seconds, I’m fairly certain that you’ll still be able to keep 100% uptime on the buff. That would open up your monster set. As far as that goes, the obvious choice would be Bloodspawn, but then again, you’ve got lots of options for that.

    Also, I’d recommend a slight change of traits. I’d say that double Infused is BIS. Why? Because you can front bar the Disease glyph (which will have an almost 5k tooltip) and back bar the weapon damage glyph (which will also be up 100% of the time, since the cooldown is reduced to 5 seconds with Infused). Now of course, you’d lose quite a lot of weapon damage, but you could get some of that back through using 1 Velidreth along with your 1 piece Pirate Skeleton.

    Otherwise great build and some great ideas in there :)

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