Stamplar DW/SB build advice.

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    Thinking of 5 cleaver and 5 viper for the build monster set undecided right now.  I run this on my magic Templar and like the tanky feel on SB and damage felt on dual weld.  I guess as far as skills would be mostly what I would run on my magic Templar but the stamina morph tho.  Vigor or BL?  What’s your guys thoughts?

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    Imperial Nightblade

    Until recently, when I do play it was almost exclusively in Cyrodiil. The current meta in cyro is mind numbingly boring so I’ve ventured into more dungeon runs. Vigor is great skill, if you’re going stamplar there really isn’t a reason not to have it. That said BOL is fantastic and there are times when I solo on my stamplar I slotted both so I could burst heal on a gank. Both provide additional heals for your group, I mean its really dependent on your magi pool. In dungeon runs from time to time I have to help the healer out and self heal so I just slotted vigor and never needed more.

    Alchemist and viper are a good combo. I’ve been using tremor scale for my monster set and it’s great with ransack… I mean it’s a 50% proc chance, great for a S&B stamplar build.

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    Thanks man, I have 12 toons and he was a blazing shield build but thought maybe I’ll change him around because I got bored lol.  I did run my Mag Dk against a stamplar running trap beast which was nasty for sure.

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