"Sniper" Bow/Bow PvP Build [CWC]

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    Imperial Nightblade


    This is a build that I’ve been playing on for a couple of weeks now & I thought I’d share it here as well (and try to keep it updated).


    Build Video



    • A ranged stamina build with a very unique playstyle.
    • Suitable for: 1v1, 1vX, Group vs Group, Ganking.
    • Extremely high damage, but relatively squishy.



    • 5 Morag Tong
    • 5 Marksman
    • Main Bar: (Perfected) Asylum Bow
    • Off Bar: The Master’s Bow


    Most of our damage is Poison Damage, meaning Morag Tong increases most of our already buffed damage by 10%, as it applies a debuff on the target that makes them take +10% Poison Damage.

    Marksman increases our base damage by 8% and gives us a lot of sustain.

    Asylum Bow is the center piece of this build and drastically increases the burst damage of our Lethal Arrow.

    Master’s Bow is on Off Bar to provide us even more damage against the target hit, and also because running double bow makes it easier to maintain a high Hawk Eye (bow passive) uptime.


    Traits & Enchants:

    Armor pieces should be Impenetrable with Max Stamina enchants & jewelry should have Weapon Damage enchants.

    Asylum Bow should be Nirnhoned (enchants doesn’t matter, we use poisons) and the off bar Master’s Bow Infused with Weapon Damage enchant.


    Potions: [Essence of Weapon Power] (Major Brutality, Major Savagery, Restore Stamina). You can also use [Essence of Speed], but since the build runs Bow/Bow you already have Major Expedition up most of the time.

    Poisons: [Drain Health Poison IX] (Drain Health, Drain Magicka, Drain Stamina) or [Damage Health Poison IX] (Damage Health, Protection, Vitality).

    Food: Orzorga’s Bear Haunch.

    Mundus: Warrior.




    Main Bar

    1. Relentless Focus. Used to increase our base damage by 8%. The procs can also be used freely to pressure targets, or as part of the combo. Also increases our stamina recovery by a little with Minor Endurance. Also activates Hemorrhage Nightblade passive (+10% Crit Damage) on this bar.
    2. Rearming Trap. Used mainly to immobilize opponents, but also puts a nice DoT on the target and further increases our Crit Damage. Being a Fighters Guild skill, it also passively increases our weapon damage on this bar.
    3. Dark Cloak. We use this to avoid damage, reposition as well as to conceal our actions (e.g. a Lethal Arrow cast) from the opponent. Very useful for both offense and defense. This morph also gives us a little bit more survivability by granting us Minor Protection (8% less Damage Taken). Some might be wondering why I don’t use Shadowy Disguise (the “guaranteed crit morph”), and the reason for that is: Shadowy Disguise is currently (as of November) bugged and the “guaranteed crit” is consumed by the very first DoT tick.
    4. Acid Spray. While the skill deals some decent damage & puts a small DoT on the target, it’s mainly here to buff Lethal Arrow. It can also be used to reveal invisible players and to deal damage to people with a Reflect ability (S&B ultimate, DK Scales, Warden Shield) up.
    5. Lethal Arrow. Our main damage dealing ability with this build, used to burst people down before they know what hit them. Also puts a healing debuff on the target, which can be useful against permablocking tanks. It also has a very long range, meaning you can use it to poke/kill targets that are far away.
    6. [Ultimate] Flawless Dawnbreaker. Mostly here to passively boost our damage even further, though it can also be used to finish off low health opponents (especially when they try to dodge roll your damage).

    Off Bar

    1. Piercing Mark. Used to debuff target with Major Fracture, making them take on average 8% more damage. It is also used to see invisible targets, which is often very helpful (particularly against Nightblades).
    2. Resolving Vigor. Our main heal. This is not a tank build, so be aware that it won’t outheal most of the incoming damage. This means we need to avoid as much damage as possible with Dark Cloak and by dodge rolling & kiting our opponents.
    3. [Flexible Slot] Shadow Image/Shuffle/Leeching Strikes/(Magnum Shot). On this slot you can use whatever utility/sustain skill you feel most comfortable with and change it up depending on the content you’re doing (1v1, 1vX, Group vs Group, Cyrodiil, BGs etc).
    4. Manifestation of Terror. Our main CC with this build. This ability is simply phenomenal, and helps us combo things off as you get to CC an opponent without getting a GCD (Global Cooldown) from casting the CC, meaning you get one extra second of bursting a CC’d opponent down. Now, of course you need to first lure people into them, but as the traps are invisible to your opponent it isn’t that difficult at all. You also cast two of those traps per cast, which makes the ability very magicka efficient for a stamina build. They also fear up to 6 targets, which is very good if you’re getting zerged. Often your opponents will be scared of using a gap closer on you because of these traps, which immensely helps in keeping a distance to the target.
    5. Poison Injection. A DoT that ticks very hard on this build especially (thanks to Morag Tong) that also buffs our damage significantly thanks to Master’s Bow on this bar. It also provides some more undodgeable damage and very often finishes off a target that your burst combo didn’t quite kill.
    6. [Ultimate] Ballista. Dodgeable, but can be used against targets that have already spent their stamina dodging your Lethal Arrow combos. It can also be used to drain opponent’s stamina, or when they’re about to step into your trap(s) and won’t be able to dodge roll immediately. This ultimate is also good against damage shields, as it lets you overwhelm the damage shield using opponent and make sure that your Lethal Arrow combo gets through the shields and kills the target.








    Self buffs only.



    Champion Points


    The Ritual: 56 Mighty | 48 Precise Strikes | 50 Piercing | 20 Thaumaturge

    The Atronach: 56 Master-at-Arms


    The Shadow: 56 Tumbling | 40 Befoul

    The Lover: 56 Mooncalf | 56 Arcanist | 11 Tenacity

    The Tower: 4 Siphoner | 7 Warlord


    The Lady: 49 Hardy | 49 Elemental Defender | 23 Thick Skinned

    The Steed: 56 Ironclad | 53 Resistant


    Which race?

    1. Wood Elf is the top choice for this build, thanks to the +21% Stamina Recovery. The extra 10% damage from stealth is also very helpful (it applies to attacks from Cloak as well), and the Poison/Disease Resistance passive is special, as it makes us immune to Poison/Disease status effects as well.
    2. As second choice, I’d go with either Argonian (good all around sustain with potions and also gets Poison/Disease Resistance) or Khajiit (basicly a more offensive version of Wood Elf with their higher Crit Chance).
    3. As third choice, I’d go with Orc. While they do have a passive which loses some of its value (+4% damage to melee attacks), the other portion of that passive is very useful for a bow build: 10% increased sprint speed & 12% reduced sprint cost. This helps in kiting and with sustain. Still, I wouldn’t rate them higher than the abovementioned races.
    4. Nord is an acceptable choice, reduced damage taken can be very beneficial and the Cold Resistance also makes you immune to Chilled status effect (meaning there’s one less snare to worry about and no Minor Maim debuff from taking frost damage).
    5. Avoid Imperial & Redguard: they have passives (Red Diamond & Adrenaline Rush respectively) which require you to deal melee damage to your target – these are a complete waste on this build.
    6. And of course, “magicka races” are bad for this build: Breton, Altmer, Dunmer.

    +I’d recommend being atleast stage 2 Vampire for increased Stamina & Magicka Recovery. You can go up to Stage 4 for awesome mobility while sneaking (and faster restealthing) like I’ve done, but it’s risky (Fire Damage & Dawnbreakers really hurt).


    Lethal Arrow Combo

    1. Be between 10-20m from the target (doesn’t work otherwise).
    2. Cast Lethal Arrow.
    3. As soon as Lethal Arrow cast finishes, hit target with Acid Spray.
    4. Acid Spray lands first (thanks to faster travel time) if you were at the right distance and buffs the Lethal Arrow by 50% before it lands.
    5. Big numbers, salty whispers.


    So that covers pretty much everything (for now). I’ll update this thread if changes are made, but so far I’ve been happy with this build. Be advised that its performance is currently somewhat affected by Miat’s Combat Alerts addon, which shows opponents whenever you’re casting Lethal Arrow. This is going to be addressed by Zenimax in a future patch however (https://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/en/discussion/comment/4581943#Comment_4581943).


    I hope some of you find this build enjoyable/useful – let me know in the comments section below what you think :)

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    A very informative thread, formatting is very neat. The build looks pretty cool, thanks for sharing it.

    e pluribus unum

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    Imperial Nightblade

    Minor error with the CPs, updated.



    Precise Strikes 51->48

    Piercing 47->50

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    i saw this build on the offi forum and came to the written guide now :)

    besides i love ur build and i definately would try it if miats is gone, i think bow/2h would be more beneficial.

    2h gives u mayor brutality and a nice heal

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    Will I loose much damage with an imperfect asylum bow?

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    Imperial Nightblade

    Trash-s1 said on November 29, 2017 :

    i saw this build on the offi forum and came to the written guide now

    besides i love ur build and i definately would try it if miats is gone, i think bow/2h would be more beneficial.

    2h gives u mayor brutality and a nice heal


    2H is definitely worth experimenting with and would mean you don’t need to use potions.

    It does come at a fairly noticeable cost however (430 buffed weapon damage from Master’s Bow, which is worth around 5% dmg), and you’d probably want to swap Rearming Trap to make room for Poison Injection, which costs you another 100 weapon damage as the weapon dmg passive is now on the off bar.


    Flips said on November 30, 2017 :

    Will I loose much damage with an imperfect asylum bow?

    5%, or around 1-1,5k burst damage on average.

    It’s noticeable, but not the end of the world if you don’t have Perfected Asylum Bow as it very often is just overkill anyway.

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    Hi and thanks for the build ! I love it. ^^
    Just one question, would it be useful to use 5 Sheer Venom instead of 5 Marksman or the loss of 8% of damage and 5% of cost reduction is just too big ?
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    Imperial Nightblade

    No, I don’t think Sheer Venom is worth it for this build – your damage would go down by around 4% and the hit on sustain would be very noticeable.


    I use that set on my other melee (DW/Bow) build though, it’s quite nice as you can apply Poison Injection from off bar with only 3x Sheer Venom & then swap to main DW bar with 5x and it’ll proc on the first PI DoT tick.

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