Septim and the Pretenders

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    So the events of the Elder Scrolls Online is set roughly 300 or so years from the events of the Septim Empire. The overall question may be pointless, but I’d rather discuss it in full anyways with you guys. So the continent of Tamriel was divided in its entirety, with the Empire being only based in Cyrodiil by the time of Tiber Septim (correct me if I’m wrong here, I haven’t fully checked my facts there but its heavily implied). Now for any Imperial players in ESO, the Daggerfall Covenant and the Ebonheart Pact are the two clear choices, and in that order of popularity. The Daggerfall Covenant is the more clear choice, as they focus ON the Empire. But the Ebonheart Pact shares not only the aesthetics (banner, color, etc), but also the idea of what Tamriel and the Empire was like right before Tiber Septim became Emperor. Where the Daggerfall Covenant seeks unity, the Ebonheart Pact seeks independence. And through that independence lays the foundation of what Tamriel was like when Tiber Septim became Emperor, to pave a path for his Empire which we all loved and cherished.

    Now obviously, nobody can see into the future. The logical choice for any Imperial at the time is to side with the Daggerfall Covenant. But would it be more contributing to Septim to have paved the way for his success in joining the Ebonheart Pact and placing the independence? I’ve always viewed the Septim Empire in a way that was both Pact and Covenant. It focused on unity and one Emperor, but it also let the provinces be independent and do what they wanted with minimal interference.

    NOTE: Would have posted this in roleplay, but it kept asking me to log in even though I already was. I guess the Lore forum is a better choice for the overall question.

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    Now, my lore is a little rusty, but I don’t THINK that the Imperials tried to conquer and unify everyone until Tiber Septim came along. So yes you are correct on that.

    I guess where I disagree though is where you argue that DC seeks unity. What Emeric seeks is stability, and a man, not an elf, on the throne. The suffering in the current Breton under the Direnni made them really not a fan of elves for the most part. So, I think that DC is probably the best choice for an Imperial. EP and it’s whole independence thing is great and all, but they aren’t really holding up any values of the first empire.

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    You’re right, unity was a poor choice of words. I used ‘unity’ as unification of the provinces under a single banner. Your wordplay is much better in explaining what I meant though :P It seems the two follow the others desired course of events, which is rather neat. I’ve always felt closer to wanting to join the EP due to the aesthetic similar touch, the fact that Jorunn the Skald-King is a badarse, and having it be some prophecy type stuff where you’re helping the future goal of what you desire, as Uriel has done for many heroes in his time.

    The biggy that’s sort of pushing me towards DC, is the environment layout. I hear DC has much better cities that feel like actual cities and what not, whereas EP is the most bland at just having forts. Dominion looks the prettiest, but I don’t want to join a faction I don’t agree with over some nice environment touches ;p

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