Returning player stuck in a DK quagmire…what suits my play style?

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    Hey folks,

    Hoping you could help me revive my DK primarily for pvp, but with ability to run dailys etc.

    Or, does another class suit my play style better?


    I’ve played a DK since launch and in general enjoy the class. I played mDK initially, followed by stamDk. I then took over 18 months away from the game, but started playing again several months ago.

    I’ve tanked and been dps, generally prefer the latter.

    Since returning I’ve played about two months stam, before trying mDK for the last two months.

    Preferred playstyle/class:

    I’m not wedded to sticking to DK, for instance I have a stamblade too, however I presume it best suits my playstyle.

    The playstyle I like is akin to a ‘warrior’ class. I enjoy pitched battles spread out across countryside, rather than tight rolling group zergs, I like charging in and executing a player but holding my 1v1 to one or 1v2/3.

    I don’t care for using staffs. And I don’t like being too squishy – I really struggle with my NB and don’t like being so squishy.


    I’m well out of touch on what works/doesn’t, despite doing quite a bit of build research. I haven’t yet figured out whether sDK or mDK suits my playstyle best, or another class for that matter, and then what setup/build to go for.

    Current setups:


    Vampire, all magica, mundus spell dmg

    Grothdar: monster set 1m, 1l
    Armour 5 piece: seducer all heavy
    Weapon/jewels: silk of the sun (all spell dmg)

    (For pve I change to julianos and spinner 5p destro and 1h/s)


    DW: burning talons, stone giant, claw, whip, entropy, leap

    1h/s: magelight, coagulating blood, volatile armour, igneous shield, reflective skale, leap

    Stam Dk:

    WW, all stam, mundus thief

    Can’t remember 100% but think

    Hundings rage
    Night mother or twice born star

    Had both 5 piece heavy or medium options

    2hw: crit rush, executioner, ven claw, wrecking blow, rally. Leap

    Bow: poison inj, lethal arrow,ref scale, volatile armour, igneous. Leap

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    I have 292 CPs so play Azura star. Also I have no maelstrom weapons.

    Advice sought:

    Based on my preferred play style:

    is DK still best for me? I’ve never tried Templar or sorc.

    Is mDK or stamDK better suited?

    How could I improve my builds?

    If you have time can you suggest some swap out sets for running pve pledges

    Many thanks in advance


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