Questions Regarding Master Architect, War Maiden etc..

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    I am hoping for someone to help me obtain answers to the following questions–more than just an opinion if you could demonstrate your reasoning it would help ‘sell me’ because I have genuinely struggled to come down on a definitive answer for these questions.

    1) It is my understanding that Executes aren’t receiving full benefits from things like minor slayer, which brought up a debate back in the day about ‘will power vs trial 3 pc’ so is that still an issue and is it enough of a problem for a Magplar to reconsider how good master architect is FOR THEMSELVES?

    • Has this been confirmed?
    • Does this make moondancer better for PERSONAL dps?
    • Is there a general equivalency between trial damage boosts from the slayer bonuses and spell damage? ie 1.3% bonus damage = ~ 100 spell damage (this result was my best attempt to figure it out)


    2) If we do go forward with a master architect build, and our ~20% of dps that comes from Fiery rage (fire) now turns into damage from Empowering Sweeps (magic) does this make War Maiden better than Julianos?

    • If so, at what percentage of a parse would you need to see come from ‘magic’ damage in order to make that switch?
    • Is it as simple as multiplying the bonus of war maiden by the percentage of total damage that comes from magic to obtain a kind of equivalency between Julianos and War maiden? For example: 75% of my parses are magicka so I take 399 x .75 =299.25 such that in this example its ~the same effectiveness?


    Sorry for the questions, but something feels off when I look at how major slayer effects DPS–same with War Maiden. I felt like the analysis should be very straight forward but am not getting straight forward results. Thanks!


    PS I understand that regardless, the incredible uptimes of this buff of ~50% makes it a huge asset if used correctly but I just want to understand how it impacts both my DPS and the trials overall DPS.

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    I tried war maiden, arch, BSW, juli after the patch, and juli on a test dummy was the only one that hit the hardest. Havent switched since still pull pretty decent numbers, like 5 MD 5 Juli groth is nice.

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