Question about dragonknight leveling – stamina/magicka and few questions

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    Hello guys,

    Im really really enjoying playing eso so far (got to this game two days ago and having a blast). The thing is Im overwhelmed with a few stuff and not sure what class/spec play right now as I started diggin into the game on how to play it etc. And Ive also watched quite a lot of videos of gameplay. It seems kind of complicated this game sometimes... Im sure I want to play dragonknight but I like the animations and playstyle of stamina dk`s with two hand sword in pvp. The thing is I want to finish this game lore etc in pve and then start playing pvp. For pve I hear that leveling up as stamina dk is not very effective so my question is if I level up as magicka dk with dual weild and then decide to play purely stamina dk with two hand sword, can I just easily switch? What about the skills since I will be concentrating on morphing and putting skillpoints into magicka ones?

    Also my dk right now is level 9 or so with dark elf but if I`m not sure what to play in the end game is it better to reroll to imperial as it is more versatile?


    Or more importantly – can i level up as a stamina dk right away?

    Thank you for insight.

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    Breton Sorcerer

    Hi. You can level up just fine with any halfway sensible build.

    You might want to review our stickied threads about general leveling. They’re old, but many of the generalities still apply.

    The simplest way I find to level stamina characters is:

    • Open fights with a bow.
    • Engage enemies who run up to me in melee.
    • If healers or ranged casters are the biggest issue, run through the melee enemies to get to the healers/casters/archers.
    • In any case, dodge roll out of ranged AoE attack (rolling forward out of circles often makes sense).

    Many other people like to use actual gap-closer skills, like Critical Charge, but I don’t bother.

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