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    A Warden Healer build focussed on end game trial content. Perfectly viable for 4-man content (vDLC, vDSA), advised is to switch out some support for some damage skills. The Warden can utilise a different kind of debuff/utility setup for various situations.
    I will post several suggestions on notable skills and gear to use and whatnot; do keep in mind that a healer build is never the same, identical loadout. A healer should always take note of what kind of support the party needs and adjust to it accordingly.

    The Warden is an unique class to heal with, bringing different support tools to the group than what we are used to. There is a notable learning curve for using a Warden, so I do recommend some experience healing in general to ease into it.
    The class has several skills and passives that supplements the performance of you and the group. The available healing/support arsenal of the Warden has one of the most utility out of all classes, the raw healing power of it’s spells are unsurpassed. However, some skills are only useful in specific situations or have a difficulty targetting the person you want to heal. I do believe the Warden needs some extra love, the longer casting animations (and visual graphics) can be quite clunky and the specific condition of some skills render them to niché for an average healer loadout.

    The distinction between an average and a good healer is that the latter keeps the party alive whilst offering increased sustain to his comrades, debuffing the enemies, buffing his allies and apply some damage of his own (4 man content). This role requires situational awareness, tabs on positioning and incoming damage come to mind. The Warden is more subject to this due to the nature of how his heals work, if you run with an inexperienced group that pays no heed to positioning you’d best put on that Kagrenac’s and start ressing.

    A Warden healer shines in small and big groups with good coordination, they synergise best with a Templar healer in trials.

    I. RACE
    V. GEAR
    X. OUTRO

    I. RACE

    Argonian, Breton or Altmer; all bring solid advantages to a healer in ESO.
    In my opinion an Argonian is best as a pure healer in PvE group content, Breton as a PvP healer and the Altmer as a healer with dps served on the side (vDSA, vDLC dungeons).


    The ‘Resourceful’ has been changed for Argonian, however I could not find an updated spreasheet as of yet. Resource return is now scaling on max level and has been slightly buffed as such.



    I have healed with all three of these races and I like the Argonian most.
    Argonians were solid pre-Morrowind, with the recent adjustments they prosper even more. The hit to raw healing power and sustain is definitely noticable. The racial bonusses work really well to soften this decrease; max magicka, max health to counteract a type of food I love to use, healing done, healing recieved and the recovered resources by ‘Resourceful’ simply is the most effective sustain racial perk you can have as a healer (adding ~205 magicka, stamina and health regen as a flat amount). To top this off, we even might win a beauty or swimming contest with our amphibian Mender!


    Due to our 9% max health passive we can fully dedicate to our magicka attribute, resulting in a bigger pool and stronger heals. The Warden also offers a 10% max health increase (which can have a 100% uptime) due to the Maturation passive for those situations where there is not a warhorn up.

    For personal buff food/drink I prefer the Witchmother’s Potent Brew, this drink will buff the three stats we need the most (Health, Magicka and Magicka regen). Affect by the provisioning drink perk.

    For personal potion chugging I prefer the Spell Power potions. Upon activation it restores a good amount of magicka, increases magicka regeneration and increases your spell damage and spell critical. With relevant alchemy perks this can have a 100% uptime. Due to our Argonian passive it has the added benefit of an additional tri-stat restore effect.
    If using a certain skill loadout (the one I will mention using @ VI. Skills) you will have a 100% uptime on Major Prophecy and Major Sorcery, allowing more flexibility in choosing a potion without sacrificing these two strong buffs. Notable alternatives are Tri-pots, super Magicka pots and Unstoppable pots (w speed and stamina for pvp).

    Another personal buff I make use of is being a vampire. Being a vampire nets you an increased 10% magicka and stamina recovery and a noticeable damage reduction when your health drops below 50% (up to 33%). However, your health will recover 75% more slowly and you will take 25% more damage from fire based attacks. This is a minor price to pay for the pro’s it will bring.


    I prefer to use the Thief, increasing the critical rating. The Thief is such a strong boon for a healer at this moment because of the CP adjustments. Blessed has its cap reduced by a whopping 40%, from 25% to 15% increased healing, whereas Elfborn has been unchanged. Another notable mundus is the Atronach for additional magicka regen which may be more handy if you are new to healing and tend to run out faster of magicka (overusage of certain skills, positioning of team).

    V. GEAR

    Depending on the group and content you will have several gear options to choose from as a Warden Healer. Most notable sets are Spell Power Cure, Mending, Sanctuary, Worm’s Raiment and Master Architect (utilise a low cost ultimate like Healing Ticket or Champions Light). A healer can opt for 2 full set pieces whilst foregoing a monster set. Monster sets for healers are as of now quite lackluster; this is why I opt for 2 full sets with a master restoration staff.

    I run Divines trait on the small pieces, Infused on the big. Magicka enchant on small and Tri-stat on the big pieces. The Tri-Stat compensates HP-wise for the usage of Witchmothers Potent Brew, still adds some magicka and some extra stamina useful for some situations where you require regular blocking or break-free.

    I run three Magicka Cost Reductions glyphs on the jewelry. They can double the Magicka Regen glyphs in their efficiency, as long as you are casting spells all the while. If you find yourself not casting a spell every 2 seconds, opt for Magicka Regen. Reduce Cost is arguably even stronger for the warden, because due to its class passives it can reduce/’refund’ a flat 250 magicka cost back to the caster.

    Spell Power Cure

    Spell Power Cure is the set you will put on and never take out; it offers an incredible damage buff up to 6 group members. Triggers on overhealing, more healing ticks when players are at full health means a higher uptime. Aim for an uptime of 80% or higher.
    Farmed in the DLC dungeon White Gold Tower.


    Mending is a set that will debuff all the enemies by lowering their damage output; increasing the survivability of your group by a noticable amount. Some bosses have such an high weapon damage stat that this set will not make a difference, or use attacks that does not scale with their stats (for example: vMOL Rakkhat). The debuff has a 10 meter radius, which is something you should account for in your positioning.
    Farmed in Aetherian Archives.


    Sanctuary is a set that will increase all the healing recieved for your entire group by a whopping 12%. This is immense, considering you are not only buffing your own heals but rather the entirety of heals for your group. This set compensates for the big healing output reduction in Morrowind (Blessed CP, Major Mending removal) rejuvenating group members just as much rapidly as before and allowing the healers to spend more time providing sustain/buffs/debuffs. The buff has a 10 meter radius, which is something you should account for in your positioning.
    Farmed in Banished Cells I & II.


    Worm’s Raiment is a set that will reduce the cost of all magicka spells cast by 4% for your entire group. Despite a 20% nerf to Worm’s group buff it still is a good set to wear, progressively increasing its value the more Magicka members your party has. However there is an increase in stamina DD in the current meta, further reducing the group utility of this set. Typical Magicka DPS setups in general maintain a rotation where they (nearly) self sustain by including a heavy attack in their rotation, available synergies top them up just fine. Spam builds not incorporating a heavy attack in their rotation may have to drop a heavy attack every ~40 seconds or use a synergy more often because of this. In other words, check the group composition and gauge what they need. Worm’s is definitely not a mandatory equip for every group and argueably is a lot less effective than in the Homestead patch.
    Farmed in Vaults of Madness.

    Master Architect

    Master Architect is a set you can utilise to boost the group dps a bit further. It is arguably better on low cost ultimates to proc the set bonus. Has more place in smaller groups which lessen the pro’s of aforementioned sets (plus, in 4man or small pvp skirmish you will utilise more damage yourself as a healer), if you are not running a damage spec MA 5 set piece bonus is already being reduced 33.3% in its effective to my opinion. However it still can be a great boon to a trained trial group when other sets prove to be lackluster. Be mindful of your positioning, give the buff to 2 nearby DD’s.

    Enchanted Forest vs Warhorn
    I prefer using Enchanted Forest, it offers a various degree of benefits related to class passives and it is a very low cost ultimate to cast (will elaborate in @VII. Notable Flex Skills). Assuming your co-healer is a Templar, they opt for Warhorn anyways. I prefer not using the Restoration ultimate because of its unreliability.

    Special setup:  ‘Battery’

    Lich set

    This particular setup dubbed ‘Battery‘ makes use of the Shroud of the Lich set. Utilise 3 jewelry spots, 1 armor piece and a (lightning) destruction staff for this specific setup. This way we will be able to proc the 5th piece bonus on our backbar whilst still benefitting from the Master Restoration staff on the frontbar. We also can utilise a 1p monster piece for the set bonus. For this I recommend to fill up your last slot with either Chokethorn/Shadowrend (magicka recovery) or Molag Kena (spell damage). Utilise this build in resource heavy situations where you’d rather want to put out sustain/purges without pause, or in situations where commonly used sets might not so be beneficial (vMOL HM, mending and to a certain extent sanctuary for example).

    Other notable sets that have it’s niche purposes is Twilight Remedy (in situations where your group can and will use synergies you provide) and Eyes of Mara (in situations where you can use the Restoration ultimate in an unique way, still testing if this is actually viable). I deem these sets too weak or niché to be a part of my daily arsenal.

    In a trials a efficient setup for both healers might be SPC+Mending-SPC+Worms /SPC+Mending-SPC+Sanctuary /SPC+Worms-SPC+Sanctuary. Incorporate the ‘Battery’ where you deem it efficient.


    Restoration staff

    I prefer to run a Master Restoration staff on my frontbar, allowing for strong heals due to Restoration staff passives as well as utilising the skill tree. The Master Restoration staff grants stamina restore when using springs, helpful for the group in situations where mechanics require you to block or dodge regularly (and one of the few tools to restore stamina to tanks that are holding down block). I switch out traits depending on the group; Precise for raw power healing, Decisive for comfortable content allowing to pump out more ultimate (mandatory equip if wearing Master Architect), Defending if you are lower CP to compensate for the max stat loss/loss in defensive CP’s. The remaining traits have no significant value over these according to my own testing.

    The enchantment does not get stripped if you use a poison with this, so I can highly recommend this. I prefer to run a Magicka Drain poison, giving you a strong source of extra magicka recovery. Other relevant poisons: Minor Breach, Minor Fracture.

    Destruction staff

    I prefer to run a infused lightning destruction staff with the crusher glyph. Together with a tank running this, you will be able to keep crusher up 100% of the time allowing for the dps roles to spec less into penetration. It will proc of your backbar light weaves and Wall of Elements, take heed of this. Depending on how the fight is set up, the other healer can also opt for this (multi boss fights in trials).

    Another option is to run a infused lightning destruction staff with the spell damage glyph. Out of my testing this allows for the most efficient way to gain extra spell damage to make your heals stronger and raise your damage output. It outperforms an infused Maelstrom / Master Lightning (in terms of average spell damage) if you have a decent uptime of the spell damage glyph. You will likely see an uptime of 60% to 75% depending on your weaves/offdps rotation.

    You are also able to help the group by keeping up the concussion uptime by running an infused/charged lightning staff with a shock enchant. In a well balanced trial group, you will have no need for this. Typically, you will have several sorcerers in the group that are just the greatest at applying concussion to the target. Out of my own testing, infused and charged are on par in terms of applying concussion íf you are good with your backbar weaves/wall uptime. The latter is less punishing for healers that dont handle this concept very well, whereas the former allows for almost double the damage output this enchant does on itself.

    If you decide to run a Maelstrom/Master staff opt for Decisive. The decisive trait allows for more ultimate generation and, coupled with the innate enchantment, is a well balanced choice (although I find the former options more appealing).


    This is a generic loadout I typically run for most content. However I do switch out skills a lot depending on content, who my co-healer is, et cetera (I dare to say that out of all classes, Warden needs to switch the most amount of skills as a healer/support role). Get all passives associated with the skill trees.

    Frontbar: Restoration Staff

    Energy Orb
    Hands down the strongest (potential) healing spell in the game. It heals a target twice a second, has a cap of 6 and can be synergised for a 7K heal and 4k max resource stam or mag restore. Great healing, great way to maintain a high SPC uptime and offers great sustain to the group. The synergy can be a bit tricky to catch, I however do not experience a lot of issue with this (I noticed that pressing the synergy key before the screen notification actually shows up helps a lot).
    Take a few steps back as a healer before casting these at your party to provide a higher synergy rate.

    Healing Springs
    A low cost AoE Heal over Time. It stacks with itself, so it can be spammed. Due to the nature of the cost regain this is a really cheap way to convert your magicka into heal for the group. It has a target cap of 6. Illustrious healing is also a very potent morph, however the sheer effectiveness of springs makes it a more unique addition to our healing arsenal. Restores an amount of stamina on the first heal tick when utilising a Master Restoration staff.

    Combat Prayer
    A cone burst heal that buffs/heals a maximum of 6 party members in one cast. Try to maintain a healthy 80%-90% uptime on these buffs, try to estimate when you really need to panick heal with BOL or springs or rather just can solve it with a Combat prayer burstcast. 100% uptime buffs are nice to see on a combat analysis, but the reality is that if you are overcasting Combat Prayer you or your group is gonna suffer for it in different ways.

    Enchanted Growth
    Powerful cone heal that buffs/heals a maximum of 6 party members in once cast. This is your close range panick button which you will learn to love! It heals for roughly 35% more than Combat Prayer, casts fast and triggers a lot of Warden passives to boot. The targetting on this skill takes some adjustment. The morph allows you to buff the targets with an increased 10% magicka regeneration and 10% stamina regeneration. Try to maintain a healthy 80%-90% uptime on these buffs. 100% uptime buffs are nice to see on a combat analysis, but the reality is that if you are overcasting Enchanted Growth you or your group is gonna suffer for it in different ways. Benefits greatly from the Green Balance passives for increased healing and sustain.

    Betty Netch
    A free to cast skill that restores your magicka alongside with some passive buffs (roughly translates to 365 magicka regen extra while active). This newfound companion pet also bestows Major Sorcery upon you. On cast it will cleanse the caster of a debuff, a free self heal (1.5K-2.5K) and will generate 4 ultimate (with a cooldown of 8secs). It passively grants you an increased 2% damage/healing done, to top it off it also bestows an extra 12% magicka and stamina regeneration.

    Northern Storm
    Wow, simply wow. This ultimate is more than just cool, it’s sheer utility just sends a shiver down my spine. As a support class you will likely use this for damage mitigation, reducing incoming damage by 30% AND can inflict AoE minor maim further reducing the damage output to by 15%. It passively buffs your max magicka pool by a impressive 8% and minorly buffs resistances. Do take note that allies need to be in the effect to have benefit of this powerful ultimate.
    Barrier from the Support skill line is a notable placeholder providing 10% magicka regeneration. Healing Ticket can also be slotted extra healing done and as a low cost healing ulti it has its uses.

    Backbar: Destruction Staff

    Efficient Purge
    This serves as a group cleanse, adds 10% magicka regeneration (Support passives). Costly and of limited use in most content, but essential in certain debuff heavy situations (vMOL, vHOF, PvP).

    Budding Seeds
    Hmm.. Flowers! A cheap, delayed AoE burst heal that is even stronger than Enchanted Growth in terms of raw healing power. It offers a strong Heal over Time synergy that can be easily activated. Using this skill again while it is activate will instantly proc the mighty burst heal, healing 6 targets back to full at no additional magicka cost. It can be used as a panick heal if the AoE is already activate, otherwise don’t bother and use Enchanted Growth. Make sure your tank(s) are in the area of effect and maintain a high uptime on this. This green balance skill passively boosts our healing done and sustain. Combined with the Undaunted passive it restores an additional 4% of the three resources on synergy activation. Benefits greatly from the Green Balance passives for increased healing and sustain.

    Elemental Blockade
    An AoE skill that triggers concussed targets to go off balance. This will majorly increase the dps of your group if specced right. It also is a skill that reliable procs minor magicka steal for our own self sustain. Try to maintain a 100% uptime on this.

    Lotus Blossom
    Even as a healer you should weave in light attacks and a heavy attack here and there for sustain. This skill compliments that greatly, pushing out decent heals on light attacks and a hefty heal on a heavy attack. Usually you can anticipate when someone is about to take heavy damage, preemptively drop a heavy attack for resources and heal them to full for free. Passively gives Major Prophecy and benefits greatly from the Green Balance passives for increased healing and sustain. Sidenote: Be careful not to medium weave/not finish your heavy attack. Sadly, the channeling ticks from resto/lightning do not count as light attacks and thus you will see no healing done by this skill (needs a rework imo).

    Ice Fortress
    This skill buffs yourself and up to 5 additional allies in a radius of 8 meters with Major Ward and Resolve for a decent time. This reduces incoming damage by a great deal (especially considering you are most likely buffing the rather squishy, light armor wearing group members),
    maybe even granting some builds an additional flex spot. I prefer this morph over the other, the increased radius is not needed and the reduced magicka cost does not really add up for a long duration buff that isn’t expensive to start with. In comparison, the rare Minor Protection buff is available to you with a 100% uptime for a bargain.

    Ultimate: War Horn
    Very effective ultimate that supports the group. A 30 second max resource (hp, mag, stam) buff of 10% and Major Force for 9.5 seconds. As a group, try to maintain a 100% uptime. If specced correctly, ultigen tanks and decisive staff wearing healing can pop War Horns on cooldown- allowing a much higher uptime on Major Force.


    As said before, I switch skills depending on content. I do not have a designated flex skill because it depends on several factors. I take out Purifying light if I feel the group cannot properly utilise the extra dps by a warhorn off cooldown. I take out Elemental drain if the other healer wants to run it. Etc.

    • Subterranean Assault
      Stamina AoE burst damage and inflicts Major Fracture/Major Breach with a target cap of 6. We slot this mostly for the helpful debuff clearing trash noticably quicker, has a 3 second delay. The other morph scales with magicka, inflicts no debuffs but has higher damage with a stun
    • Growing Swarm
      Single target DoT, spreads to 6 new targets upon expiration. Cast this on the weakest/lowest health mob. Grants ultimate and heals you for 1.5K-2.5K upon expiration due to Animal Companion passives. I prefer this over the other morph (which has a small single target increase) because this allows for a big aoe dps increase for as little APM and magicka possible, allowing you to focus on other support priorities.
    • Living Vines
      This skill has amazing potential, but a serious targetting problem.. needs a rework and a duration buff. I still use this in 4 man content. When recieving damage, heals you for quite an amount. I like the Leeching Vines morph because minor Lifesteal is a very effective tool in a healers repertoire
    • Nature’s Grasp
      Offers one of (if not) the strongest Heal over Time but is really niché considering its restricted targetting, rather slow usage and considering it most probably will bring you into harmful situations. I opt for the Embrace morph, healing yourself as well to offset (slightly) the dangers this skill might bring. Could use a rework.. Make this morph not drag you to the target or summon vines in a small (1-2m) radius that bestow this HoT.
    • Enchanted Forest / Healing Ticket
      Both morphs are a solid choice, Healing Ticket is clearly more efficient for raw healing but the ultimate return on Enchanted Forest is nothing to laugh about either. Opt for the Ultimate return morph when using MA.
    • Shimmering Shield
      Absorbs projectiles, refunds magicka and generates a lot of ultimate to boot. Minor and major heroism is not stacking, which is a bug
    • Frozen Gate
      Alternative to DK chains, skill needs a rework to speed up this skill (has a cast time and a delayed activation). One morph inflicts Major Maim for 4 seconds and the other allows allies to teleport to you on synergy. The damage mitigation morph is not be underrated, before introduction of this skill it was the prerogative of the Templar ultimate Nova. It stacks with Minor Maim and can be inflicted on anything that is teleportable. Still worth a slot in some occassions, helping positioning of adds (notably vDSA)
    • Force Shock
      One morph does more damage, the other brings utility. I prefer to use the utility variant (Crushing Shock) in some dungeon or specific trial content (vHRC, Yokeda Kai) because it can be a nifty ranged interrupt that also sets the targets offbalance.
    • Steadfast Ward
      One morph gives a small heal on cast and after the shield expires, the other shields the caster aswell. I opt for the latter, Ward Ally, because in some content I can replace harness magicka with it and provide more group survivability this way. Can function as a panick button in unorganised or spread out positioning
    • Inner Light
      Mages guild, boosts max magicka by 7%, magicka regen by 2% and gives Major Prophecy.
    • Harness Magicka
      A strong shield utilised to protect you from harm. Gives back magicka when hit with spells, almost negating its cost. Essential in some harder content.
    • Elemental Drain
      A zero magicka cost skill to cast that buffs and debuffs in one button. Applies major breach and minor magickasteal. Essential to have 100% uptime on this. It does not aggro adds, inflict debuff on all trash that is not being taunted by the tank before the fight starts.


    Pure healing setup

    Arcanist 75
    Tenacity 75
    Warlord 31
    Tumbling 23
    Shadow Ward 6

    Blessed 100
    Elfborn 100
    Spell Erosion 1
    Staff Expert 9

    Elemental Defender 43
    Hardy 43
    Thick Skinned 51
    Ironclad 51
    Spell Shield 22

    For off dps (can significantly increase your dps output at a marginal cost of reduced healing)

    Arcanist 75
    Tenacity 75
    Warlord 31
    Tumbling 23
    Shadow Ward 6

    Blessed 56
    Elfborn 72
    Spell Erosion 4
    Elemental Expert 37

    Master at Arms 18
    Thaumaturge 23

    Elemental Defender 43
    Hardy 43
    Thick Skinned 51
    Ironclad 51
    Spell Shield 22


    Should be around 17K buffed only with food and gear enchants

    Should be around 38K buffed only with food, skill passives and gear enchants

    Should be be around 11K buffed only with gear enchants

    X. Outro

    Thank you for reading. Special thanks to @SamwiseGanja420 (made sure I got as addicted to raiding as he is), @Mrclyde (for late night roleplay and theorycraft conversations) and @mAxYz (for using his house as a testing grounds from time to time, which he may or may not have realised because he is too busy trying for #1 vDSA).

    [PVE] Templar Healer ‘Dawnbringer’

    [PVE] Warden (Off)Tank ‘Guardian’

    If you have any questions or remarks, comment down below. I don’t bite, those pesky Khajiits do though!

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    Another fantastic guide!!! :)


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    Love the warden animations are so cute,nice post as well.

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    Now added an additional CP setup

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    Altmer Dragonknight

    Nice guide. Learned a few things while reading and noticed a lot of things and synergies that I thought about as well.

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    Now added an additional setup dubbed the ‘Battery‘ setup

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