PvE StamWarden, lack of damage.

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    Heya, I leveled a Warden DD Stamina and tried some sets, like Spriggan/Hunding, Twice-Fanged/Hunding, Vicious O./NightMother, adjusted my CPs by myself, I tried to follow a build too, but at the end it’s still the same, I can’t go higher than 18k DPS.

    So, I decided to ask for some help and advices, maybe about the way I’m playin it or about the gear, the rotation, CP’s… Thanks in advance!


    I’ll start by the “C” menu, general stats etc. :



    ImageBam image upload


    Buffed + Damage potion active


    ImageBam image upload


    Here are the Champion Points:


    imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com


    The gear:

    5 Vicious Ophidian • Divine, Max Stamina. (Jewelry: Weapon Damage)

    5 Nightmother’s Gaze • Divine, Max Stamina.

    2 Velidreth • Divine, Max Stamina.

    1 Dagger (Nightmother) • Infused, Physical and Spell Damage. (left hand)

    1 Axe (Nightmother) • Sharpened, Poison enchantment. (right hand)

    1 Bow (Nightmother) • Sharpened, Poison enchantment.




    I think that’s pretty much it! I tried some other skills for the rotation, like, Rearmament, Flurry, Shrouded Dagger, Bird of Prey… And in the video it’s the most effective I found and it’s still low on dps, In vet dungeon I can’t pass 17k dps on bosses, and sometimes it’s lower than that. Thanks for any help that will come! :)

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    A couple of things i see on first glance:

    Swarm (fetcher infection) is a magicka skill. It will only scale in damage with your maximum magicka and spell damage, so on this stamina based character, it will hit like a wet noodle. Use rearming trap instead.

    Swap your main hand enchants. The poison damage enchant is the best one to have on your main hand!

    Your stamina recovery is very high and your weapon damage is very low in a buffed scenario. So try to get more weapond damage and use mroe heavy atatcks in your rotation.

    Here’s what i get by myself on a 3m dummy with the following setup:

    2 kra’gh

    5 Red Mountain

    5 Night Mother’s Gaze

    On a 6m fummy, the dps drops to about 36k, as you need more heavy attacks to sustain.

    The rotation obviously is key.

    drop the cliffracer, subterranean assault all the way. cast subterranean assault 2 times per rotation.

    Sustainable rotation is:

    Before fight cast Netch, Green Lotus (if you use crappy potions), subterranean, trap, swap to back bar.

    Hail, Caltrops, Injection, netch if needed, bar swap.


    Then Heavy Attack weave assault, rending slashes, trap, blade cloak, assault again, bar swap, risne and repeat.

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    Yep you’re right for the Stam recovery, I wrote that I had the weapon damage glyphs on jewelry but I’m still in stam recovery.

    What about the trap in a boss fight? It’s useless no? Or it’s still considered as active even if the boss is not trapped in?

    So the rotation would be:

    Buffs (Netch, Lotus, Blade Cloak) – Subterranean Aslt. – Trap – Hail – Caltrops – Poison Injection __swap__ Heavy Attack – Rending Slashes – Cliffracer – Heavy Attack & repeat?

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    The trap will still do damage even if it’s not trapping someone, but the main reason for using trap is it gives you minor force which increases your crit damage.

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