[PvE] Magicka NB by @IWM [Updated for Morrowind][2.0]

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    Mashinate said on July 15, 2017 :

    Azhrarn666 said on July 14, 2017 :

    Are you only coming on this thread to bitch IWM all the time?

    You’re in the same guild for Christ’s sake! Can you try to be more constructive so that EVERYONE who mains a MagBlade can learn and grow from each other?

    Or, you could perhaps start your own thread and enlighten us all of your omnipotence!

    Have a great day!

    Lol, it’s just banter man, it’s all good He’s a noob anyway, and a traitor.

    Nosferatuzod said on July 14, 2017 :

    Im so lost….your negatrix DPS is 26k, your Positrix dps is 39k but your overall dps is 54k?

    Yeah, I don’t understand cmetrics on this fight. Overall boss dps was 41k or something like that, works nicely on the other fights though xD

    Shiro said on July 15, 2017 :

    Welcome back, have you heard anythingregarding Scathing on PTS?

    Although I guess it’s better to wait until they bring out the full change to path before making a conclusion (please don’t screw this up ZoS)

    What is your rotation with that bar setup? 2 or 3 Will procs?

    I heard it was fixed, but as of next patch I’ll probably be going to another set so I really don’t care about it. It’s a shame they fix it now after two years, finally when magicka nb was viable, but what can you expect from wrobel the clown.

    3 will procs PERFECTLY weaved.

    Might I ask what set(s)? LoJ making a comeback?

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    Altmer Sorcerer

    Lately i’ve been running julianos and wrath of the imperium with two random staffs. Recovery on neck, spell damage on rings. It’s not scathing mage but it’s alright.

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    I am seeing best results with spinner (3 infused) + aether + precise weapons. Shadow or apprentice works really well (shadow seems best but diff is really low). Im not sure wich monster set i will be using yet…

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