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    Altmer Templar

    Theorycraft for Magplar DD for Veteran Maelstrom Arena and possibly PvE Group Content.

    Race Choices – Altmer, Dunmer, Breton

    Altmers have the highest output based on passive skills and great amounts of magical to play with, Dunmer is a more combined choice for those who prefer higher flame damage and slightly less sustain and for those without the Adventure pack (any race any alliance) and the Breton is the king/queen of sustain. The recovery shouldn’t be an issue with this build on any of the classes.

    Attribute distribution – 64/0/0 (Magicka/Health/Stamina)

    As with most magical builds, the emphasis on maximising your magical pool is also a critical point for this build as a standard the higher your magical the more damage your spells do and the more of them you can cast.

    Skill options –

    Key Factors – Passive skills, for a staple the overall build is a 5 light 1 medium 1 heavy set up for the Undaunted Mettle passive and the 5 light pieces provide great overall stat bonuses to magical users.

    You want all the light armour passive skills as well as all class passives, staff passives (destro and resto), mages guild, racial, twin blade and blunt (dual wield), juggernaut (heavy armour), fighters guild passives and so on, you’ll want your standard crafting passives which food and potion consumption will improve on.

    Ideas – keys factors for this which aren’t exactly necessary but are very helpful and would 100% recommend you get them are the Passives for potions and food buff times. The default times for buffs provided by potions is a measly 30 seconds, but if you have the medicinal use passive skill that times is extended to 40 seconds and potion cool down is 45 seconds, a good trade for 3 skill points.

    Armor –

    Now I’ll be going through some different ideas and am working on (as of 6/3/2017) a definitive list of scenarios with gear to match.

    Now for solo play I’ve been looking at some gear options and the sets to watch consist of Burning Spellweave, this set is practically best in slot for those dealing magic damage, seeing ass all magical dd builds will make use of Elemental Blockade, Crushing (or force) shock and elemental rage. Found in the City of Ash group dungeon, remember if your wanting to use jewellery to go for veteran level. Another staple part of this build for Magplar specifically is Grothdarr. This monster set is farmed from Undaunted Chest (Glirion) for the shoulder and the head comes from Vaults of Madness group dungeon. Now you want these items as 1 heavy 1 medium, both divines for your Undaunted mettle passive.

    My preferred set for my solo build, is Withered Hand. You can obtain this set from Alikr Desert, Public Dungeon, Delves and world bosses. Different types of boss drop different types of armour, (will insert details regarding the items soon).

    For Group PvE, Moondancer from Maw of Lorkhaj trial, the use of synergies for extra magicka regeneration or extra spell damage is a really nice bonus to over all DPS, it’s a favourable choice for magicka DD players who are often found in Group content. If you don’t have any Moondancer pieces a 3 piece Infallible Aether is a good secondary choice, 4 pieces grants additional spell damage but with burning spellweave profs and spell damage pots or structured entropy your overall DPS should be a good amount higher.

    If you don’t have Grothdarr, you can use Skoria or llambris.



    Dual wield bar : 1- Puncturing Sweeps, 2- Structured Entopy, 3- Harness Magicka, 4- Inner Light, 5- Radiant Destruction, U- Shooting Star

    Restoration Bar: 1- Reflective Light, 2- Blazing Spear, 3- Healing Ward, 4- Channeled Focus, 5- Ritual of Retribution, U- Solar Prison


    Dual Wield Bar: 1- Puncturing Sweeps, 2- Reflective Light, 3- Inner Light, 4- Harness Magicka, 5- Radiant Destruction, U- Shooting Star

    Destruction Bar: 1- Blockade of Fire, 2- Blazing Spear, 3- Re-arming Trap, 4- Radiant Aura/ Channeled Focus, 5- Ritual of Retribution, U- Fiery Rage


    You can change some skills and set ups for different kinds of fights, for example final boss of round 7 of vMA, I recommend using Valkyn Skoria over Grothdarr due to the proc killing the shied mob which is bad news. If your healer in Group content is using Radiant Aura then you can use Channeled Focus or even Elemental Drain.

    It is recommended to also try some skills yourself out and if pos provide me some feedback and let’s make the Magplar Easy Mode

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    for dw do you use daggers or swords? also for grothdarr and lambris i think it’s called, are those soloable or do i need a group for that content? sorry for noob question

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    Imperial Templar

    For the upcoming Morrowing patch, would you consider possible change in sets for something with more sustain? i.e. Seducer ?

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