Protector [Homestead] PvE Build: Stamina Tank Dragonknight by FeaR Turbo

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    Whats going on guys! FeaR are you okay?? Tanking?? Woah dude.

    As mainly a stamina player in a magicka meta, the one thing we don’t have is shields vs the overlapping damage and if it takes everything I have to survive in HM content I could only imagine the players starting trials as stamina or just new in general. What this build does is gives them time to actually see the fights and get use to the phases etc. Along with keeping veterans alive during tough times.


    This is my Protector build for the Homestead patch. Stamina DragonKnight that focuses on Shielding allies through overlapping damage.


    SnB bar: Main Bar

    • Pierce Armor
    • Unrelenting Grip
    • Absorb Magic
    • Igneous Shield
    • Echoing Vigor
    • Magma Shell

    SnB Bar: Large Buffs and Control

    • Inner Fire
    • Heroic Slash
    • Chocking Talons
    • Volatile Armor
    • Turn Undead
    • Aggressive Warhorn


    • 5 Imperium – 5 Armor:Big Items Infused, Small Sturdy
    • 2 Lord Warden – Helm Infused, Shoulder Sturdy
    • 5 Lunar Bastion – 3 Jewelry (Block Cost Reduction enchants) 2 Swords (Defending or Infused) 2 Shields (Reinforced)


    For additional info check out


    Get out there and protect your brothers and sisters in combat!!

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