Please help me with my Magicka Templar!!

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    Okay so I’m still pretty new to the game. I play a level 27 dps Magicka Templar I usually tend to solo and just do PVE stuff. I’ve watched pretty much every video on YouTube that has anything to do with leveling builds as well as end game builds for dps magicka templar and I read a lot but I just can’t seem to get anything right. I was doing pretty good on my own at first but as I progress I find it’s getting a little more difficult to stay alive and sustain. I’m running dual wield front bar and destro back bar. I have all of my attributes in Magicka right now and I have a mixture of light and heavy armor. Anyone have any advice for me on what I should be leveling up or what skills I should be running for this build to lead up to end game builds anything anyone can offer is greatly appropriated.

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    Breton Templar

    Puncturing sweep can level you from 1-50 in solo pve content. I’d do 5 light or 5 heavy, and then one each of the other types so you level them all over time. Stat everything in mag, and make sure you have a good rotation with plenty of buffs, like leading with structured entropy, then vamp bane/reflective light, then jabs. Those two skills alone will grant you a nice amount of crit and 20% spell power. Enchant your jewelery with spell power to really take advantage of this. Mag templars at the moment are all about spell power, dots, and buffing for jabs. Radiant destruction is prime for the execute, really amazing skill, and yet another dot.

    Because you can solo the game with basically those three skills up to level 50, you have seven skills and two ults you can constantly swap around to train everything up so you have the maximum flexibility in the future.

    End game the most important things are that you have everything leveled up and enough of a grasp of the game and enough skill to be able to take any decently thought out build and make it work.

    But if you’re serious about just going straight for FOTM optimal stuff, vamp bane/reflective light, puncturing sweep, blazing spear, purifying light, ritual of retribution, radiant destruction, wall of elements, aedric ult, and destro ult should all be priorities. And structured entropy and mages ult.

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    Breton Sorcerer

    Reflective Light is a great trash-mob soloing skill, with good damage numbers and a slow. Blazing Spear/Luminous Shards keeps getting nerfed, but you should still check whether they work for you. The various “stand in a circle I just cast” skills are being nerfed too, but Ritual of Retribution may still be attractive to use.

    Elemental Blockade is great in any magicka DPS build, even in single-target fights.

    Breath of Life is of course a great emergency skill. The other morph is in theory even better when soloing, but BoL is the more important to level up.


    Using dual wield has multiple drawbacks. It interferes with weaving. It interferes with learning to weave. It gives up the destro staff passive damage bonus. It reduces build flexibility. You can’t have both lightning heavy attack AoE and inferno heavy attack single-target damage. You can’t have the fire version of Elemental Blockade buffed by the lightning staff’s AoE bonus. Etc.

    That said, I tend to level templars with a lightning staff plus a resto staff, so lightning plus dw would work too.

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