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    Hi everyone.  My wife and I have been searching for a game to play and I remembered ESO.  I played AD for a few months around release, but haven’t been back since.  I showed her some trailers, and she seems to be more interested than any other game I suggested.  She’s Chinese however, and really wants to model her character and everything in a more Asian style.  Which of the three factions has more Asian style architecture etc.?  Thanks!

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    akaviri armor and weaponry is based off samurai armor. as for architecture  you can make an argument that the dunmer have a similarity. grats on the wife interest in eso will def make life easier

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    “Asian” or “Oriental” are kind of broad and subjective to interpretation and stereotyping, intentional or not.

    Akaviri as mentioned by @Oregonviking has a strong lore background to suggest a connection.

    Some of the Soul Shriven motif are also quite exotic – especially the swords and shields. Resembling some of the artefacts from the shogunate period (late Middle Ages to ~1853 or Restoration in late 1860s).

    Dunmer is frequently associated with East Asian (i.e. historical countries on either side of the Yellow Sea and East China Sea) culture and society, concerning their beliefs/religions, architecture and preferences for magic, mysticism and spirituality. The divide is also evident in the lore characterisation of the two major Imperial races, the Colovian and the Nibenese. The latter shared much of their preferences with the Akaviri.

    Redguard architecture and style are also relevant. There is resemblance with west Asian (the layperson’s Middle East) and North African (i.e. historical countries along the Mediterranean Sea) society and culture.


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    There isn’t really a whole faction that would seemingly represent an Asian Culture. Orcs from Daggerfall wear seemingly Chinese-inspired armor and have some similarities to Central Asian cultures. Khajit architecture is clearly Asian. And Dumner architecture can appear that way as well (and their connection to ancestors is reminiscent of traditional Chinese religion, at least given my very limited understanding of it).

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