non-CP PVP Stam Bow build

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    I usually run some unconventional builds in PVP (I play non-CP). This is one build I’ve used recently and had some fun with, as I was getting bored with the s/b & 2h heavy meta.

    Body gear is 5 piece Marksmen, all impen since its medium

    1 heavy/1 light Skoria monster set (I run impen here too)

    Jewelry is 3 Seventh Legion

    Sword/Shield are Seventh Legion

    Then a Maelstrom Bow (mine is powered, I would run something else if I had another but I dont)

    The key is to use Marksmen for the stamina regen and cost reduction plus addition bow damage (main attack weapon), while Seventh Legion on S/B is for defense. Skoria is chosen because it works well with DK passives and procs off of DOTs for which there are many.

    Front Bar (defense)

    Reverb Bash, Ign Shield, Vigor, Heroic Slash, Absorb Magic, Ferocious Leap ULTI

    Backbar (assault)

    Arrow Barrage, Poison Injection, Volatile Armor, Acid Spray, Ign Wep, Flawless Dawnbreaker ULTI (interchangeable with Bow ULTI)


    The key is to keep up your buffs, when getting heat remember to throw up Absorb Magic and block until Seventh Legion procs then switch to bow with Seventh Legion damage buff and use your bow dots hopefully proccing Skoria in the process. I usually run solo but this also works well in groups.


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    i would go 2h on backbar because of rally but looks fun anyways

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    Thanks, although I would shy away from the 2-hander because the marksmen set gives bow damage an 8% bonus and skoria procs off the bow abilities (whereas 2h does not have dots except for maybe cleave’s bleed)

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    Looks like an interesting build, i haven’t played bow since homestead!

    without wanting to move the discussion from your new build, but you mentioned “s/b & 2h heavy meta” – what is the current meta?  I have no idea and have been struggling trying different builds (currently using heavy health regen & a proc set build).



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