No Warden subsection under "Game Info > Classes"

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    ^ What the title says.

    The Warden has been out for quite a while already, I think it deserves its own section there.

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    Thank you for your feedback @HatchetHaro .

    The original purpose of those pages was to introduce the classes to users in the pre-launch era, concerning their skills, utilities and the relevant theme/style. I believe that they have been under-utilised in the period since, as many users are more inclined towards reading the forums and browsing video resources to garner better understanding of the way the classes are played.

    I agree with you, that the Warden class has been released for quite a while, and it probably deserved a better treatment and coverage. However, in light of @Atropos ‘ recent revelation on the direction and development of the site, any update or changes on that front will have to be deferred until a later point in time.

    In the meantime, please feel free to make any suggestion on things you would like to see or contribute to, concerning the Class Overview or other sections of the site, for the contemporary audience.

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    As Latin mentions, we’ll work this out when we do the site migration!

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