No bow-merchant in Cyrodiil? (Daggerfall Covenant)

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    Heya, guys. First timer here, so please go easy on me if this is the wrong place to post this at.
    But ..
    I have played the “open” beta, aka the closed weekend-betas the last four times, every time I have written a suggestion to the devs that they really should add a “Bow Merchant” in Cyrodiil for Daggerfall Covenant, how it is for the other alliances with this I don’t know :P But it sure isn’t a vendor here for us guys. Like I said: I have mentioned this in a bug-report every time. And I know for a fact that the beta that was just this weekend, was patched ..atleast some (was it 700MB or so?) so we could test out PvE-collision and Imperials, but still no Bow Merchant :P

    My question is: have you guys found a bow merchant in there? If not at DC-side, atleast on the other factions? Hell, I’ll switch my allegience right away if they favor another alliance that much that they actually get a bow merchant in Cyrodiil :P It would probably be named something like “Unidentified Bow Pack”, I have seen in Daggerfall that they do sell these packs (in the lumbermill from the woodworking-vendor). I know there are merchants for 1-handed, 2-handed (I am rank Tyro now, and all the points I have ever earned have I spent on 2-handed pack in my hope for getting a bow, because I THOUGHT bows were 2-handed weapons, but I can most definately confirm now that the 2-handed pack does NOT provide bows), there’s one for Staff(Staves?), Accessories, Sieges, Light Armor, Medium Armor, Heavy Armor ..I think there’s one for food as well. But no merchant for bows. What the crap? ZOS _knows_ how many archers there will be in this game? This “bug” simply cannot be intended? :P

    Please excuse my crap-English, weird punctuation and such, blame my Norwegian genes for that.

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