Need help improving my Magplar DD

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    Altmer Templar

    Greetings! I’m a CP308 DD Altmer Magplar. I’m not really a PvP player, I mostly just stick to PvE content such as questing, dungeons, and trials. I’m looking for ways to increase my damage output. Specs:



    Attributes: 64 Magicka, 0 Health, 0 Stamina

    Maximum Magicka: 33777*

    Maximum Health: 14284

    Maximum Stamina: 9550


    Magicka Recovery: 1876*

    Health Recovery: 321

    Stamina Recovery: 514


    *(Witchmother’s Potent Brew, armor enchantments, passives)


    Spell Damage: 1202*

    Spell Critical: 75.7%


    *(with Mother’s Sorrow + Treasure Hunter. Mother’s Sorrow + War Maiden’s grants me an additional 529 magic damage)


    Spell Resistance: 14087

    Physical Resistance: 9269


    Spell Penetration: 4884 (light armor passive) + 312 (CP)




    x5 Mother’s Sorrow + x5 Treasure Hunter’s* + x1 Heavy Cuirass OR x5 Mother’s Sorrow + x5 War Maidens + x1 Heavy Cuirass


    *(gives me an extra slot on each bar, Magelight not needed anymore)


    Bar 1 (single target):

    Dark Flare, Elemental Drain, Toppling Charge, Puncturing Sweep, Radiant Glory. Soul Assault (U)


    Bar 2 (AoE + combat boosts):

    Breath of Life, Blazing Spear, Structured Entropy, Pulsar, Rune Focus. Solar Prison (U)


    CP Distrubition:


    The Tower: Warlord 3

    The Lover: Arcanist 100


    The Apprentice: Elfborn 56, Elemental Expert 43, Spell Erosion 3


    The Lady: Hardy 50, Elemental Defender 50

    The Lord: Expert Defender 3


    Combat passives:



    Aedric Spear:


    Piercing Spear (2/2)

    Spear Wall (2/2)

    Burning Light (2/2)

    Balanced Warrior (2/2)


    Dawn’s Wrath:


    Enduring Rays (2/2)

    Prism (2/2)

    Illuminate (2/2)

    Restoring Spirit (2/2)


    Restoring Light:


    Mending (2/2)

    Sacred Ground (2/2)


    Destruction Staff:


    Tri Focus (2/2)

    Penetrating Magic (2/2)

    Elemental Force (2/2)

    Ancient Knowledge (2/2)

    Destruction Expert (2/2)


    Light Armor:


    Recovery (3/3)

    Evocation (2/2)

    Spell Warding (2/2)

    Prodigy (2/2)

    Concentration (2/2)


    Heavy Armor:


    Resolve (3/3)

    Constitution (2/2)

    Juggernaut (2/2)


    Soul Magic:


    Soul Shatter (2/2)




    Highborn (1/1)

    Spellcharge (3/3)

    Gift of Magnus (3/3)

    Elemental Talent (3/3)


    Any sets you guys can recommend? Should I change my CP distribution? Attributes? Different mundus stone? Focus more on spell penetration?

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    How much damage are you doing (single target)? What content are you struggling with?

    Have you looked at existing build threads in the theorycrafting sub-forum?

    Keep in mind you can just use potion to provide Major Prophecy and Sorcery buff. Lightning staff heavy attack will be much more sustainable in AoE than Pulsar (most large mobs and bosses are immune to the Minor Mangle debuff anyway).

    How do you use your skills, what is your rotation?

    Elemental Blockade is very strong, as is Vampire Bane. Shooting Star is another option for ultimate, if you have Mage’s Guild level 10.

    Your spell damage is very low. Are you using gold c160 weapons?

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