Need Help for Stam Sorc Build

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    Orc Sorcerer

    I’ve always wanted to run vMA, and it would be nice to farm the weapons. I have a stamina Sorcerer build on PS4, which I heard was “easy mode” in vMA (assuming the user has the ability to complete it). I would love any advice anyone may have on my build to do this. As a disclaimer, I have no intentions of running trials to get gear such as VO. The build I have in mind is as follows:

    Class: Stam sorc

    Race: Orc

    Gear: 5 NMG, 4 Hunding (DW, Bow), 3 Robust Agility jewelry (Stamina enchants and divines on gear, weapon damage on Jewelry, Sharpened daggers)

    Front Bar: DW

    Bloodthirst, Bound Armaments, Evil hunter, Rearming Trap, Steel Tornado U: Rend

    Back bar: Bow

    Endless Hail, Bound Armaments, Hurricane, Dark Deal, Crit Surge U: Flawless Dawnbreaker

    Food: Max Health and Stam

    What would you suggest about this build? I understand this gear is easily obtainable and what some would consider “beginner.” I have heard of classes that run Automaton, Spriggan, etc. and I am up for anything really. Even Briarheart would be cool, or maybe some sets such as Velidreth or Skoria. Any help is appreciated.

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