Moon Dancer for Templar.. Sucks

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    Preface: Clickbait title. I’m talking under the assumption of the build with 3 jewelry, 2 swords. Other than that I’ve not used the set any other way. I’m also talking specifically about the magic templar class.

    So like many of us I believed the hype for moon dancer that it was the one true best set for Magic Templar. Now obviously it does not suck it is absolutely one of the best sets available in the game for many a magic class. Although, from a min-max perspective I have to make my case it does not belong next to the words best in slot. I wanted to get some opinions from people who have actually USED moon dancer and see how they really felt about the set in practice; because more than any other set this one in particular is not something to be just read off and then judged. It’s not as simple as a bonus that’s gain 124 spell damage, it’s a more fluid living set.


    Now I’ll list my reasons why I don’t think 5 MD is as good as 5 Infall or possibly other set ups:

    1. Chasing synergies just sucks. In a few rare cases you can stand in spot and grab them as needed, but general rule of thumb in trials you have to move at least a little and this causes missed synergies.

    2. Activating synergies in general is super sketchy. I’ll be right in a healing orb, but not get the synergy until it’s 5 ft away from me.

    3. As pointed out recently to me another reason it feels particularly bad with my build ( 2 MD swords ) is the fact most of my DPS is the channeled ability sweeps making the windows for grabbing synergies awkward at times.

    4. Admittedly, I enjoy the regen proc more than I probably should. That being said having it is a DPS loss compared to other sets available. Plus the RNG factor involved I’ve pulled different synergies to continuously get the regen over and over.

    5. Whenever I run MD my crit seems super low and maybe it’s just psychological, but I swear my jesus beam never crits lol. Even when running 5 MS/ 5 MD ( which is my preferred set up with MD ).


    In conclusion I am interested to hear other people’s experience with MD and see if there are differing opinions. I like the set and truth be told I’ve hit the highest numbers I’ve ever seen using it, but when it comes down to it I prefer 5 infall over 5 MD.

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    I don’t have MD swords, but I know people that do who have pulled some pro really dps.  MD is really great for magplar, because regardless of which proc you get, it’s a dps gain, as regen translates into harder hitting RO.  And while it may be a pain to take the synergy at times, that’s more on your healers than anything, you shouldn’t just be getting a magicka orb here and there, instead, healers should be spamming them 3 and 4 at a time for you so that you have no problems grabbing one of them.  Lastly, to address point #5, MD does have lower crit than IA (2 pc bonus gives max mag instead of spell crit) but this is very much outweighed by the set’s overall dps gain.

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    Khajiit Templar

    A guildie runs it in our runs and gets good results with it:) just a learning experience.

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    Dunmer Dragonknight

    I run 5bsw 5moon 2grothadar on my magdk and it pulls solid DPS. I can only track my DPS from bs tests since I’m on PS4 but he pulled a 1:19 on the test. So imo it’s also good for other classes like a magdk


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    After seeing Streak One’s videos I’ve been running it more in trials, I still feel my above points and wonder how much difference it is compared to Aether. I’ll keep playing with it and see how much I like it.

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    Sounds more like learn to play issues to me…




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    Altmer Templar

    ReXwithaT said on January 11, 2017 :

    After seeing Streak One’s videos I’ve been running it more in trials, I still feel my above points and wonder how much difference it is compared to Aether. I’ll keep playing with it and see how much I like it.

    Jace has ran both. Moondancer is far better (it also gives you a stronger crit modifier). And, you just have to adapt to the playstyle, and time your synergies and weave them in. Works well when you pick up the playstyle.

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    @nifty2g could you explain how it’s better with the crit modifier?

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