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    I’ve noticed recently I started getting pop-ups on mobile browsing with the “your phone is infected blah blah blah” or “your service has been cancelled if you don’t download this.” It’s so bad I don’t really like using my mobile on this site now. Which sucks because I like checking this website on breaks when I’m bored. :(

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    This has been around for quite awhile and has nothing to do with foundry so much as the derpderp ads we get displayed randomly.  If you turn off java on your phone (and the only thing that i believe uses that is visual post editor as opposed to text editor… which you can then toggle if you wanted), they will not pop up.

    not a perfect solution but not much we on foundry can do.  Browsing on mobile is not as robust an experience as on a pc where people can use browser addons like adblock plus in Firefox to completely take care of all that stupid.

    another fix (that is temporary until a jacked ad banner plops bad web content/cookies on your ohone again) is to clear all website content and files, etc. which can be done easily enough.  You have to log back in to any websites you were on when you cleared them, but whatever.

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    That’s strange I’ve never got them on my mobile until just recently. Thanks for the tips though.

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