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    Hi there :-). This is my first post on this great site, so if I am in the wrong topic I apologize!

    I am a returning player who left about a year ago. I currently have about 400CP.

    When I returned i chose to level up a new character, so I started as a magicka DK. Currently I am trying to farm a five piece divine spellweave set in coa, and I wanted to ask which set would combine best with that until I am able to get Grothdarr, Moondancer and the Maelstrom staff.

    My spellweave 5piece is currently Chest, gloves, boots, legs and belt.

    My goal with the gear is to be able to compete in vMA and the trials where I can get the BiS gear.

    I have already a crafting character with most traits researched.

    Thanks in advance :-)

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    Dunmer Dragonknight

    Welcome back! The BEST alternative to Moondancer would be Infallible Aether from the celestial trials, which is unfortunately also locked behind a vet trial but if you join an experienced guild and have a build good enough to complete the content, you’ll likely get the 3 necessary jewelry pieces in 1 run since everyone you’d run with likely has them already. The only other thing that gives almost as much benefit in your jewelry slots would be willpower, which can now be obtained rather cheaply, so I’d go with that.

    Unfortunately you can’t fill jewelry slots with crafted sets as you know, so you’d be stuck with body/weapon slots. Until you get BSW, a divines set of Julianos would be your best bet. The 3 remaining slots for head, shoulders and weapons would be best filled by Torug’s Pact iirc, or a magicka restore set like Seducer/Magnus if you’re having sustain issues.

    Good luck!

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