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    If you are an un-guilded player who is looking for an active guild to join in anticipation of TESO, please use this thread to post a little bit about yourself, so interested guilds may contact you. There are no specific rules about what you should include, however, the more accurately you describe yourself as a gamer, the better chance a guild with similar interests has of finding you.

    → Guild Leaders: Do not advertise your guild in this thread. If you see individuals who are LFG that you are interested in recruiting, please contact them through private message. This thread is for un-guilded players. If you advertise here, not only will I delete the post from this thread, but I’ll find your main guild recruitment thread and delete that too.

    → Players: if you successfully find a guild, please edit your original post to indicate that you are no longer LFG. Otherwise you will likely continue receiving PMs.

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    Hi all – Im going to roll Tank and focus on VR and endgame zones. So im looking for a mature small pve focused guild that will still do pvp but  main focus is endgame.

    Im looking for a guild with older players due to the fact im old, have a wife and kid and like to be in a guild with ppl i can relate too also kids now dont know what good cartoon is (thunder cats)

    My gaming exp is 6 years of wow – MT for 40mans, MT for bc/wotlk and cat with server first kills. Played some Rift raids but moved to consouls when my baby was born ( easyer to turn on and play). Dont mind leading or building raids as long as its a guild run.

    As for faction I dont mind,i was thinking AD due to a low tank population, for my class i was thinking DK however this may change if/when we get a beta. Im active week days after 8 and free weekends to raid (because i have a housewife who watches the shopping channel i have no life…)

    My gamer tag is Shugglet


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    Hi. Im 20 YOA and I am looking for a guild under the Aldmeri Dominion faction. I plan to be some sort of mage and i am looking for a pvp based guild. I would love to join a guild that end up “capping” one of the map keeps. My play style is adjustable. I believe in the wolf pack style play, but i keep my wits in lone wolf circumstances and usually come out on top. I love rts and rpg games. Most of all i am looking for a fun guild that posses plenty of ambition in tes world!

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    I’m looking for a guild for the XboxOne. Faction doesn’t matter. I am looking to mostly PvP, but PvE the highest raids if needed. If the guild is heavily focused on PvE and excels in it I’ll drop PvP as the focus. I’m just looking to have fun in what I do with the guild, in the time I have. I will be running a tank, most likely a dk for both PvP and PvE. In PvP I’ll be Heavily focused on interrupts, survivability and CC, less on damage. I will lead a team on defense once I understand game mechanics.

    In PvP I excel in objective based “battlegrounds” such as capping flags. In WoW BC I would run/lead 40 man Premade Alterac Valley using Ventrilo leading my own guild and held the record for doing a premade AV in the shortest time and during Cata I was ranked 2900 in Battle Grounds as a Prot PvP Flag Carrier for 2.5 seasons using 3 different races.

    I held the highest rated Prot PVP Flag Carrier Guide during Cataclysm: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/2089113503?page=1

    I also uploaded my FC games onto youtube that corresponded with my FC Guide: https://www.youtube.com/user/Shoukon32/videos

    I also Hold a few top 25 times on Forza Motorsports 5 for Xbox One in X Class and make videos for Forza: See Above Youtube Channel

    I will have 4 other players coming with me from veterans to those new to MMOs. All ages 25+

    Easiest source of contact would be on Xbox One

    XBox One Gamertag: MLR IEat Civics

    Hope to game with you on ESO and other games before the launch!

    PS: I’m a Psychoanalytical Psychotherapist so I’ll give guildies analysis at a discounted rate.

    PSS: I make the best friggen Rice and Beans on this side of the computer screen.

    PSSS: Civics taste like Hamster Fried Race. I always get asked.


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    I’ve Found A Guild..

    Join my Guild Register @ www.Vindictivee.enjin.com 

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    Hey, I’m looking for a guild that plays for fun and a little competition too. My player race is going to be an imperial and I would like to be in an aldmeri dominion guild, but any alliance is fine with me. I am going to be a tank, blacksmith, and a trader. I don’t care if I would be playing pvp or pve. Hope to see yall out there! Contact me at jcosland@gmail.com

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    found a guild.

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    I am looking for an xbox one guild to play with.

    -I’m Australian
    -I have little MMO experience apart from a dark age of camelot guild I formed with my mates called Of Ale and Honour which consisted of much beer consumption and shenanigans.
    -I have played games all of my life (30+) and will until I die. I like all kinds of games but fantasy rpgs are definitely at the top of the list, esp Elder Scrolls.
    -I would enjoy PvP PvE crafting. I am looking for either ebonhart or daggerfall factions.
    -I will play often, mostly at night.
    -I am looking for a guild that likes to have fun and only serious when it counts.

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    thankyou for the fantastic amount of responses. I now have a guild.

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    Looking for an Xbox One guiild. Looking to play in Daggerfall Covenant, planning to be a Redguard character most likely. I will probably be most interested in focusing on PvE, but open to occasional PvP. Play style is very flexible, can figure out what works best for group.

    About myself:

    I am a 22 year old female, probably looking to play with other adults mostly. I’ve been a fan of Elder Scrolls since Morrowind, so I’m hoping to get the most enjoyable experience out of the new game by teaming up with others who love the series and its past games as much as I do. I’m flexible and friendly and will be playing a little during the day and most likely every night. I don’t have much MMO experience, but learn quickly, and am very interested in crafting. In all honesty, I’m looking to explore everything the game has to offer!

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    Daggerfall Nightblade

    Looking for a SMALL NA EP guild that does small group PvP such as Ganking and taking resources (sometimes keeps) and for PvE group dungeons/Craglorn as well as someone to level with.

    *swapping to console from PC but will be re rolling with the guild I pick and using my current set up when the guildies are my level, find build in my signature*

    I’ve played TES games since morrowind release but have played every TES games and several MMO’s. Working on maxing out my character I will be swapping to console. Pm me if you are what I’m asking for. Really looking forward to joining.

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    Im looking for a guild in the Daggerfall Covenant. I have played the elder scrolls since Morrowind and have always worked best as being a Redguard. I plan on being a tank as well as a skilled smith. However im willing to allow my crafting skill to accomodate the guilds needs.

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    Breton Templar

    Hello. I’m looking for a Daggerfall Covenant guild on Xbox 1. I currently have the game for PC, I play a Templar Resto staff healer, with maxed alchemy and provisioning, and I’m at about 35 in enchanting. I will be starting fresh on console with another character, mainly for pvp, a bow Templar, I tried it on PC and it just didn’t feel right without a controller I’m a console gamer at heart. I’m fairly skilled at healing and have a fair ammount of experience with the game. I have a few characters I’ll be transferring over to console, most are low level mules with materials stored on them. My main, the healer, is a level 47-48ish. I stopped playing on PC  because I had a low quality PC that didn’t run the game well, and I felt I was kind of missing out on what the game really had to offer. I’m looking for a mature guild with you know…working adults. PvP and PvE, and focused on Max level crafting. My gamer tag is Weedfox, add me or send me a PM if you’re interested in a fairly experienced recruit, thanks.

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    I’m looking for a guild, preferably in ebonheart. I’m 24 years old.  I enjoy pve but my main focus will be pvp. I will probably play as either a sorceror or nightblade, but i won’t know for sure until the game releases. I am EST and will play mainly on nights and weekends.

    Edit: I forgot to put that I have a lot of mmo experience. Healer in EQ, tons and tons of Shadowbane siege and open world pvp, and WoW arena and BG. There are plenty more but those are the main ones.


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    Hey fella’s I’m looking for a RP focused guild for my current Daggerfall character: Sasheem. I Want to play with characters who enjoy completely emerging themselves into their character.

    Thanks ahead of time


    —edit— meant to post this in the PC thread. sorry.

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    Reposting at end of thread

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    Im a 29 yo old male looking for a hardcore  pvp guild any alliance. Im looking to make a dragon knight / sorc. Im a hardcore player and very firendly and helpfull. I have played WOW and everquest before. I’m looking forward to playing ESO and have been watching youtube vids on pvp constantly. Please email me if you have any question of me. Thank you for your time.

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    Hello my friendly role players it need help finding guilds with xbox ones and that are roleplaying and I’m a heavy roleplayer so I’m serious about it so if anyone can help me thank you!

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    Imperial Templar

    I’m awaiting release of xb1 version,  frantically leveling atm, lets play sometime! I’m putting in like 6hrs a night now and should be in good shape 4 xb1 launch.

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    Dunmer Nightblade

    Ebonheart .I’m your guy….thinking that I will be a nightblade. I’m probably mostly excited about the PVP gots to kick some aldermi ass. I’m 29.fairly experienced as far as the elder scrolls games are concerned(xbox versions) can put quit a bit of time into the game,so you will never know if I could be a go to guy until you give me a chance.

    Dark elf        U.S. Pacific TIME      Zoneeeee



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