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    ID: @trigger428

    Server: North America

    Faction: Ebonheart Pact

    Class: Templar DPS/Healer

    Content: PvE / Social / Fun

    Goal: Looking for guild to run dungeons/ instances with, buy and sell on guild store and socialise with on chat (ts, curse, gmail, skype).

    Personality: I am a casual player who is on most nights for a few hours.  I’m analytical and a great team player that can follow directions or give orders as needed or asked.  I work hard in team combat to bring my best game.  I never swear myself but have no problem with others using it.  I am very tolerant of other players and there mistakes in game play, it happens to the best of us, I am here to have fun.  I am tolerant of people who are trying to get better or get there act together.

    Played nearly every elder scrolls game there is and loving it.

    Miscellaneous: I’m in my late thirties, business owner (retail shop and online stores), my time zone is mountain time.   I can be available to play most evenings & weekends. I don’t mind filling out an application, but I’d prefer to stop by your channel first to make sure it is worth my time. Please send me a Private Message and I’ll hop on as soon as possible.  I have a friend @Drathping I play with most of the time and would like you to consider both of us.

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    Server: North America

    Faction: Daggerfall Covenant

    Class: Dragonknight

    Content: Large Trading guild

    Goal: Looking for a large trading guild

    Some Past Games:  WoW, STO, FF11/14, ESO (at launch)

    Please Note: I am looking for guild that is mostly interested in trading/crafting, has 150+ members and does not require other than economical input from me.

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    Character name- Duronikkul

    Server- North America

    Faction- I’m in the aldmeri dominion, though I have no qualms with working with other players.

    Class- Dragonknight

    Content- This is where its a bit complicated. I’m slowing moving into roleplaying, and my character is built and acts almost entirely around that (anyone somewhat versed in the dragon language likely would have guessed that already from her name). However I can never seem to stay with one game, so I’m afraid to dedicate myself to much to a guild only to leave it. So prefferably a casual roleplay guild would work best.

    What I can offer- So, I’ll be honest, I don’t have much to offer right now- it would be to complicated to explain here but due to issues I can’t redally work very hard. However that is quickly changing. Once I get past what I call a “work block”, I will likely be the best contributer to whatever guild I join you’ve ever seen. THe problem is it might be even a couple months before that happens… by which time I might have drifted away. I’m hoping this time I won’t.

    As I’m suggesting a roleplay guild, I should probably give a synopsis of my character huh?

    Well, I don’t have everything, its sort of a sketch right know. I essentially have the idea of my time in ESO being building the foundation for my lore throughout the rest of the ES games I play. I have an idea that my character’s khajiit family line is tightly knit with an aargonian family line, which is where most of my characters will be related to. THis character, as the name suggests, will have close ties to the dragon cults, as assumedly her entire family does. I’m thinking her family doesn’t have their argonian brethrens yet. Also of note will likely be that my character will constantly be seeking greater knowledge- sort of to try and counteract the influence of her time in coldharbor (the opposite of a knowledgeable place). Due to her time their however she will always have a somewhat unwilling attraction to the daedric- those of you who can read the meaning of her name will know the last part is “morale good”. I wanted that to be empathy but was unable to find a dragon words for it- sufficve to say in coldharbor she couldn’t help but empathise with the daedra there, thus her draw to them.

    Oh, its also possibly she’ll have an attraction to the dwemer at some point, though I’m unsure if that will happen in this character’s lifetime.

    Alright, I think that’s everything I have written out for the character.


    Hopefully I haven’t harmed my impression too much, but I prefer to give as much honest information as I can. Hope to see you soon!

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    Altmer Sorcerer

    TL;DR: seeking active Aldmeri guild that focus on end-game PvE (and casual PvP)

    Hey, thanks to everyone prowling this thread looking for fresh blood. I’m looking to get back into ESO, I hit lvl 50 in the first few months after preordering and am looking to get connected with a new active group, bigger is a bonus, mature is a requirement. I’m interested in help getting back up to speed on what is the best-in-slot kinda things and leveling a brand new toon to max, and starting whatever the end game content, challenges are currently. So if someone is willing to help me with a bit of a crash course in what’s changed in the last few years, and is interested in an active, player/trader/team-mate please find me.

    thanks, Chipy (@chipy in-game)



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    High Elf Wizard (Dominion)

    Hello. I just started playing the game yesterday and I’m having a blast so far. I’m looking for a trading guild to sell some Perfect Roe I have and future items as well. My in-game name is Odenwyr Ocato and I’m on the NA server.

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    Server: North America

    Faction: AD

    Class: Templar

    Content: PvP / Social  / PvE / RP

    Goal: I would like to join a guild strongly group oriented covering different aspects of the game. I like pvp, pve and as well rp. I am mainly a healer, templar currently cp 161. I have done a lot of pve content (instances mainly) but i did not cover very much the pvp aspect of the game and the high level pve. I am looking for a guild oriented AD to be able to cover the pvp aspects with my guild mates.

    Personality: i enjoy playing in group and covering the different aspect of the game as one adventure.

    Some Past Games: SWG, Eve Online

    Miscellaneous: I play usually the evening after work. EST time.

    You can contact me in game: @oceantwenty

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    Server: North America

    Faction: DC

    Role:Main Sorc Tank (Breton)/ Breton NB healer/ Breton Templar healer/dps

    CP: 655

    Content: Vet trials

    Goal:  Looking for a trails progression guild.  Id like to get into vmol and perhaps the new trial thats coming with morrowind.  Would prefer a laid back guild that doesnt take things TOO seriously and puts having fun first.

    About me: Experienced in vSO, vAA and vHRC (hm vSO and vAA clears.  no vHRC clear yet) Central time zone.  Pretty free timewise

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    New player looking for guild (PC / NA)

    Exactly what the title says. I’m a new player on the PC version with a Nightblade High Elf looking for a guild for levelling and everything else once i reach level cap. Looking for something casual and social. I’m 29, work 9-5 with other priorities as well so I’m not looking for anything too “hardcore”.

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    Imperial Templar

    Server: North America

    Timezone: CST

    Age: 25

    Availability: Most weekdays between 6-10pm. Frequently on weekends

    Faction: Ebonheart Pact

    Race: Nord

    Class: Templer

    Role: Experience Healer/support

    Content: whatever

    Goal: Leveling up fast. Have high level Templer on xbox one but starting fresh on PC. It’s painful so far. I started playing since Beta.

    Some Past Games: SWTOR. Warframe. Destiny. Battlefield all of them.


    Can make new character if need be since the one I’ve started is still pretty fresh

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    • Server: NA
    • Faction: EP
    • role:Heal(main)
    • race:breton
    • class:templar


    im playing every night for 6hour and the weekend…

    im here for find a guild to run trial in vet and vdsa   My name account is :


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    Server: NA

    Faction: AD

    Role: DPS and back heals

    Race: I pretty much have one of each

    Class: Sorc, DK, and Templar

    What I’m looking for: Just looking for somebody to do dungeons, delves, dolmens, and maybe some pvp with. I’m finding myself playing solo a lot and it’s making me lonely. I’m just hoping to find somebody to run with and maybe chat to make the game a little more exciting for me. I do have another guild, but I still find myself running alone. I have TS3 and play mostly on the weekends or weekday evenings (after work). I live in Washington State, so my gameplay will be based on my 9-5 M-F job :-)




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    Imperial Templar

    Server: NA

    Faction: AD or EP

    Role:  Tank / DPS

    Race: Imperial

    Class: DK

    I am brand new to the game and am looking for an amazing place to call home.  People who have an active guild and would be willing to help someone like myself.  I am going to play tank and maybe some dps.  I have not decided on what faction quite yet…as I am just feeling my way through the intros, specs, classes.  If there are any questions please let me know.  I am almost always online.

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    Altmer Sorcerer

    What is the point of this thread when no one is actually invited to a guild?

    Players: if you successfully find a guild, please edit your original post to indicate that you are no longer LFG. Otherwise you will likely continue receiving PMs.

    I haven’t seen an edit for a very long time now.

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    Redguard Templar

    Because the serious gamers already moved on. New players are looking for established guilds. The only remaining serious guilds are ultra-conservative, and have not left yet. The game is not dead, but the newer players need to make new guilds. I left the game, because I simply don’t have the time to dedicate to running a guild, nor the patience to join a dedicated raiding / RP guild.

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    Breton Sorcerer



    Active since Beta, always looking for mature and friendly players to join our team!

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    Redguard Templar

    Server: North America

    Faction: Daggerfall Covenant

    Race: Redguard

    Class: DPS Templar

    Role: DPS. Might try tanking later on

    Goal: Right now looking for a easy going, casual trading guild

    IGN: Stephanie Lmao or ESO Account @zyahko




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    Orc Dragonknight

    Server: North America

    Time Slot: US CST but flexible

    Faction: Ebonheart Pact

    Race: Orc

    Class: Dragonknight

    Role: Tank, DPS

    Goal: PvE trials, crafting. I am in an amazing trading guild already. What I’m looking for is a main tank or offtank slot in a guild actively pursuing trials content, with the goal of working into veteran trials. Not just a quick hookup, I’m seeking a long term relationship with a good group of seasoned gamers. Old-timers preferred – I’m 51 and it would be great to be around people who get my (admittedly terrible) jokes.

    ESO account: @voidus.insidious

    Voidus Insidious, Tank-for-Hire

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    Breton Templar

    PC/NA Player Looking for Guild

    Played way back when there was a subscription and got vet 10 before quitting, came back less than a week ago and am looking for a PvX home guild to hang out and play with folks questing, pvp, dungeons, etc., basically all you can do in this game. I’m not super hardcore but I do enjoy optimizing and whatnot. I hope this still exists in this game, feel free to message me here!

    I only play one character, a cp 154 Breton Templar.

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    Always down to chat in-game. IGN: Ghnami

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    Breton Templar

    DC Breton Templar (healer) main Looking for guild(s).
    Played during the initial PC launch and a bit off and on since then. Primarily interested in group PVE, but I’m OK with PVP as well. I’ve got voice comms and a mic, Discord/Ventrillo/Mumble/Teamspeak/Skype the works. I also on occasion make silly youtube videos of myself and my friends miss-adventures.
    EDIT: You can PM me here, or in game @Voljub

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    ”Hold on, let me Yahoo that for you” ~ Said no one ever…

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    Dunmer Dragonknight

    hey guys, ive recently come back to playing this god forsaken game and i got kicked out of all my guilds?

    i can a tank , Multiple DPS , also a healer ( primarly i tank when i can ). my cp is 498 atm i look forward to talking to you guys .


    ps: my IGN is Fumushy

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