Looking for a crafter

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    Hello, I’m on PS4 US server. Im willing to pay gold towards the armor I’m requesting. I’m a Magicka Templar and am wondering if I can get the armor of julianos made and a nice staff to go along with it.

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    Argonian Dragonknight

    Please send me a message on PSN- La Tigara with the following information-

    Head -trait?
    Shoulders -trait?
    Chest (robe or jerkin) -trait?
    Legs -trait?
    Staff- -trait? -Lightening? Fire? Ice? or Healing?

    Or do you prefer 4 different pieces? With the staff you need only 4 body pieces to make 5x Julianos to get max benefit. You will need to add 5x of anything else for a new set of benefits. as for trait, I don’t have a healer so I don’t know what trait is best for you guys. And what kind of staff do you want? I can’t do glyphs yet so you’ll have to find somebody to get those from. And lastly what style do you want them in?

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