Legendary Weapons?

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    Whether or not we get to see Daedric weapons in the game, there is still the possibility that incredibly powerful high-level weapons will be included in the game for players to retrieve.  Maybe those weapons will be “balanced”, maybe not, but they will be rare & probably only obtainable by players close to the Level Cap.  Of course, I’d definitely love it you could still mod them for your own preferences.

    Personally, I can’t wait to get my hands on a special “Daedric” Magic Staff, or whatever over material it could be…let’s say “Adamantium” or “Aetherium”.  I’d say if we can find weapons like those in TESO, they’d rival Daedric, & outmatch weapons of “Dragonbone” quality (though I doubt Dragonbone will be an available material in TESO).

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    It’d be funny if you could get the wabbajack lol.

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    I have come up with a new idea for Daedric items.

    What if Daedric items had no use in the game other then to be somehow reverse engineered, and in the process the player learns to craft a new unique item that is a fraction of what the Daedric item was in its potency so that these items are not OP. Also in that process the Daedric item is destroyed, and there is the chance that nothing would be learned from this process.

    The higher your level of crafting in the area that the Daedric item falls into the better chance you have to learn to craft a new item and the higher level the item is that you craft. So if you are maxed out in say weapon crafting and the item is a Daedric weapon you can go ahead and “reverse engineer it” (need to come up with a new name for this process that fits TES lore better) in an attempt to learn a new craftable item.

    Make it so that all Daedric shrine quests are a chain of quests that get you a daedric item at the end of it and also make these items so they are not account bound so that if the item is useless to you, you can then sell, trade, or give it to your guild bank. Also all Daedric shrine quests are repeatable so that there is a steady supply of these items in the games economy.

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    I think for PvP you should get special PvP item for every kill/castle take over mad use those on PvP items that’s the first tier then rated arenas or battle ground for the best possible gear out there and if you have the highest rating when the rated season ends you get a legendary weapon.

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    Nord Dragonknight

    i hope the weapon types dont have tiers that would suck to be forced to wear daedric when i want to wear steel.

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    As of now, we do not know if there will be legendary weapons and armor in TESO, and what that may mean.  To the Guild Wars 2 community, legendary means approximately $600 worth of gold (not necassarily bought by real money, but nonetheless, that’s the amount from money to gems to gold conversion for all mats involved), and 100-300 hours of grind.  If you were playing the game and not just rushing to get a legendary, it could take 400-600 hours if you hope to have a life outside the game.

    I do not know of any other game and their legendary or unique weapons, or armor, and the way those are achieved, other than maybe WoW with some of theirs and the random drop of them, and perhaps, as I recall, a limited number for each server.  What I hope for, is that legendary weapons and armor in TESO, if there are any, are reflective of the legendary status and heroism of your character, rather than the legendary pile of shit in the bucket next to your computer desk, or the legendary hole in your bank account.

    What I’m hoping for the way in which a legendary weapon or armor piece/set is acquired is:

    – certain achievements completed in multiple areas (villages recognizing your heroism, kneel before your crowned emperor, defeat 100 opponents on both

    enemy factions)

    – weapon abilities maxed

    – defended or conquered x number of keeps in rvr

    – main questline completed

    – various crafting materials used in creating the base weapon type, and imbuing magic into the weapon (though not as ridiculous as gw2)

    What do you all think?  Do you want legendary weapons and armors?  What would you like them to do or look like?  How would you like them to be acquired?


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    Honestly I would like to create my own armor that is just as good as the best armors in the game, but suited to my play style and with that more personal feel. Of course you’d have to work hard to be that good of a smith/enchanter.

    I think they said that loot from different facets of the game will be equally good.

    I’d like to see things realistically priced tho, legendary or not. The in game economy gets out of hand with every game I’ve played. So hopefully Zenimax can balance: Great legendary armor/weapons, crafting, and their impacts on the game economy.

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    I think the requirements you made would better suit epic weapons and armor. Legendary items should only really drop from a singular legendary enemy.

    What should happen is that legendary items should be extremely good, but with Smithing and Enchanting OR Epic requirements like the ones above, we should be able to attain and make almost as good equipment of variable appearances based on each race or alliance.

    It should be possible to end-game without legendary items, but having epicly achieved equipment should still feel great.

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    Breton Nightblade

    I enjoy competitive gaming, both PvE and PvP, and feel that “epic” gear should come from epic acheivements. Either clearing hardmode dungeons or attaining X rating in PvP elite gear should be exclusive to those that excell in the combat setting. That being said, I have no issues with the high end crafting gear being like a half tier below “epic”.

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    I agree with you Yevon, I like the idea of crafting being items being at least valid for raiding.  I do think that completing “Epic/Nightmare”  raid content should reward you with better gear(maybe not by much).  It creates that incentive to want to raid.

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    Sparhawk said on February 20, 2013 :

    I agree with you Yevon, I like the idea of crafting being items being at least valid for raiding. I do think that completing “Epic/Nightmare” raid content should reward you with better gear(maybe not by much). It creates that incentive to want to raid.

     Yes, I’m hoping that it’s similar to DAoC in the aspect that player created armor is comparable to raid armor.. Maybe just not as a unique look

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    The only legendary item I would like to see in an armor fit for an emperor. You gain it when becoming the emperor, you lose it when a different alliance crown an emperor. Not sure whether I want to see the possibility of a legendary item crafted with items found in raid dungeons. Legendary weapons tends to become OP, or just slightly better than your average epic.



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    Whatever it is, it should show skill not time/RL money. My biggest issue with GW2 (and why I am not playing it anymore) is that there is absolutely nothing, I mean NOTHING, in that game where you see it and think “That guy is awesome”. There is nothing you can achieve that isn’t PURELY a time/money sink and NOTHING else. A legendary (or anything equivalent) should be for DOING SOMETHING LEGENDARY. And no, farming some mobs for 400 hours for charged cores is not legendary, its boring.

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    I don’t think that there is going to be a pay-for-legendary model in the game. I believe that “Legendary” items will be specific named items that come from either extremely hard to complete questlines involving either a large time commitment or they will be gotten from high-tier raid content. I could see being granted emperor giving you access to a legendary tier of gear that you could keep after you lose the title. I could also believe that there will be craftable legendaries but they will require very rare/hard to get materials.

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    I would love to see legendary weapons/armors in the game but only obtainable through HEROIC-style raiding- either directly from a boss drop or via materials gathered from such raids.  An epic quest-line to go with it is a bonus.

    They should not be obtained via cash, grinding, low end raids, or pretty much anything that be done by anyone.  They’re legendary ffs, and should only be given to legendary players.  That’s the point.  Not every scrub with access to a wallet should be able to have one.  If ESO implements that kind of system, I probably won’t play it.

    I’m fine with them being OP, btw.  I think someone who spent time and earned a legendary weapon legitimately (read: hardcore raids or Emporer) should have something a little OP for one tier.  I really don’t have an issue with it.

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    Legendary don’t have to be given with specific quest or raids, I would love to see an item given by completing a series of task or ritual, but not with a quest to tell you what to do, but simply by exploring or reading books about legendary items. I think that can be awesome.

    I prefer to discover an item by using the /dance when the clock is at 1h am with a steak in my right hand in front of a statue, using only my knowledge borrowed from books and lore, than to take it from a dead corpse of some no-name boss.

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    Seeing as it’s almost impossible to make a Legendary mechanic without incorporating some sort of grind (looking for a boss drop, even in a “heroic” raid, is still grinding the boss for the drop and hoping for a dice roll), I wish they would take the grind to the item itself.  Make it personal.  If you really like the look/feel of a particular weapon, then you go through a question chain to have the weapon to have one of the Daedric princes perhaps (or one of the gods, whatever) bless the weapon.  From then on, as you use it, it hits tiers that provide features unique to the prince/god.  Perhaps it becomes spikier, or glows more, or both, or whatever.  They could potentially let you choose from a selection when the weapon hits a tier.

    Is it potentially grindy?  Well if you scale the amount of “Legendary XP” that the weapon gains based on mob/whatever, then yeah, potentially.  The idea though is that your character is making the weapon legendary by using it out in the field.  I’ve never subscribed to caring much about legendary items in MMOs, mostly because they cater to people with more time than me.  A scrub who has all day to play a video game most days is equivalent to a scrub with access to a wallet, in my opinion.  I also have a hard time imagining a raiding boss/scenario that would be challenging enough to reward a Legendary drop.

    As a PvPer who enjoys a competitive, even fight, any sort of stat advantage gained from time spent disappoints me.  I’m fine with the crowned Emperor being a little stronger just because it’s 1 person in the entire scene, but if multiple people can acquire Legendaries by spending more time in the game, I very much dislike the idea of losing to another player because I happen to have a job/responsibilities.

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    Being sorta a GW2 fanboy (just a little). I have to say I hate several things about how you get a legendary in GW2.

    1: You should not be able to sell and or buy on from the TP/AH. I don’t even understand this….

    2: There should be less RNG involved and more Do X, Y and Z. I like the idea of taking a precursor and turning it into a legendary weapon but farming lots of mats, some dungeons, and then RNG you arse off doesn’t scream legendary to me.

    Some of WOW’s legendary were also terrible. 1k plus souls…I dunno. Sadly I am not a game developer and off the top of my head have no better idea but some of the current ways to obtain them, aren’t working.

    Have them scale with content. What is the point of it being good for a few months until a new raiding tier comes out and the new epics are better than the legendary. It’s kind of like a temporary legendary then…

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    People need to ditch the “raid only” attitude.  Just saying.
    As I had said before, a cool implement of weapons/armor would be a set of job-specific type “legendary”. It would add some decent storyline lore to the game.
    As for obtaining said “legendary” gear, there has to be some sort of grind that will take up to a year to complete? Why? Its how you keep people playing and paying on a business stand point, and its how you keep the hardcore crowd and over-achievers motivated. No grind = no good MMO, IMO.
    With that said, we have a crowd of people who feel their entitled to the same thing everyone else with, with little no effort put into the game. Its the idea that this legendary gear will drop in a group raid more often than not and if the raid is done enough, everyone will have it (say over the course of 3 months.) While yes, harder content should put out good gear, but not the best.
    What I think is that said legendary weapons/armor, need to come from a mix of self accomplishment (PVP, quest) and of group accomplishment (raid/war efforts). It has to be a multi process system and not just a single tier type of thing (raid drop). If it doesnt feel like it was a legendary waste of time, it shouldnt be deemed a legendary item.
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    Breton Nightblade

    Imo “legendary” gear should only come from high end raids or top tier pvp accomplishments. I would prefer if it were linked to a lengthy and difficult quest chain for raids, and have a long “check list” of pvp accomplishments. Everyone would have access to it if they applied themselves and the items would keep the status symbol that makes them so sought after. Let’s face it, if everyone has the item it is not legendary regardless of what it is called.

    That being said, I think that crafting, questing, begining PvP, and early max-level dungeon content should be vaible but just not quite as good. Part of a successful modern MMO is the gear grind. To me “grind” is not a bad word in MMO’s, it is merely a reality. I do not have the same amount of time to spend grinding currency to purchase in game items that a lot of people do and despise games where you can “purchase” legendary items. I enjoy using my skill to complete top tier raid content/PvP acheivements and like having the “uber sword of epicness” to prove it. Does that make me narcissistic? Perhaps, but I’m ok with that.

    While on the topic I would also like to see different models for “legendary” weapons/armor to distinguish between pvp/pve accomplishments. I know there is no pvp or pve stat but having different models would make it easy for the community to distinguish from which area of the game you earned your legendary item.

    To summarize: make legendary items come from top raid/PvP accomplishments, make crafting, quest, etc items somewhat viable, and make the models different depending on if said item was earned in PvP or PvE.

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