Is my computer crap for ESO?

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    Currently I am running ESO on my Alienware laptop which has an i7-3740QM CPU @ 2.70GHz with 16 GB (RAM).  Normal gameplay/4-man content is fairly smooth; however, trials are normally laggy.  I’ve tried several different internet sources and it seems that I always get a seemingly large amount of lag during trials.  Is this a result of my computer being sub-par or is it possibly that I have terrible internet options?

    Also, is there maybe something I can modify in settings that would yield me smoother gameplay during trials?

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    I generally suggest not gaming on laptops because video cards are typically less robust than desktops.  The other specs on your machine are fine.

    considering i run eso on a custom desktop i built in 2009 running 8 gb ram, an amd phenom 2 (3.0 ghz) quad core and a gtx 460 video card and only have a little lag in pvp and trials speaks volumes.  You should be fine, but i would still look toward desktop rather than laptop gaming if possible… just has better video rendering capabilities.  Not to mention better cooling for the workload.

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    Hey QxDaddy, It really depends on what kind of lag you are experiencing. If your game is jittery and you aren’t getting very good overall FPS, you most likely don’t have the right specs. To fix this, I would advise turning down your graphics settings. If they are already at the lowest they can go, You might need to look at running the game in a lower DirectX mode – you can find good guides for this through Google.

    However, if the lag you are experiencing causes you to lag on the server (aka desynchronization and abilities taking a while to trigger) it is probably down to your internet. A good way to test for this is to type /latency into your chat box and you will be able to see your ping in the bottom left corner of your screen. If it is anything over 250, you’ve probably found your problem. You could try connecting your laptop directly to your router with an ethernet cable or trying some more internet sources.

    Hope this helps,

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    Thanks for the guidance.


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    Hey there, I too game on an Alienware laptop. Make sure you use your Nvidia GeForce graphics. Get Nvidia Experience and let it optimize the game. I normally have no lag, unless just in highly populated area. 7+ people fighting all at once normally, everyone in one spot doing nothing but running around usually doesn’t lag me at all. Just a small Fps drop.


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