Introductions II

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    My name is Dax.  Hoping that I am joining a good guild looking to advance my NB Dark Elf and be a slayer of all.  Trying to master cooking, enchanting, alchemy.  Hope to see you all out there.  I am chewiebaca70 on xbox 1.



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    Hi everyone! Im Leng, I just got to eso and I am looking for a guild trade to join because I want to make some money to buy a house for my partner and most of all to join all the higher level player, so I dont look like a noob.  My gamertag is AsianPenguin21

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    Jobal kha’jay (Bright moons),

    I am @Sparttan117MC on the US PC servers and I am a Khajiit Nightblade. I didn’t really know what I was doing with my first character (Alqamamat Banda (Google Translate Arabic (forgot Ta’agra was a thing at the time) for Trash Panda)), but for my second character I plan on playing a Stamina TankBlade (Zalrishaji Jua’dar (Restoration of the Fox in Ta’agra with ‘dar honorific)). I place a high value on stealth and strategy to get a job done quickly and efficiently (using the least amount off soul gems).

    In game, I am definitely a kleptomaniac. I steal everything that isn’t nailed down, then everything that is nailed down, and then the nails.

    I often like to inject Ta’agra and Dovahzul into my sentences to make a hybrid language that is almost the Spanglish of the Elder Scrolls universe.

    I use the Gift of Hircine for both shock value and tanking, especially with PvP.

    I want to talk on here about different ways to improve builds that will work well for both PvP and PvE, although I will heavily lean towards NightBlade and Stealth builds.

    Kha’jay siirithse jer wodro (Moons light your path),

    Zalrishaji Jua’dar (@Sparttan117MC)

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    Hi ma name e Jeefff

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    Hello. I’m Speaks-Nord, as my ESO alias. I like the lore of TES and would like to actively follow the lore for a more immersive gameplay experience, kind of like roleplay, but not making up events in-game. It’s immersive gameplay, not roleplay. Roleplay is lame. Immersive gameplay improves the experience. They’re different in that way.

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