Introductions II

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    Khajiit Nightblade

    dorcia412 said on October 22, 2016 :

    Hi. My name is Dorota and I’m new to ESO and MMO games.
    I’m playing in Elder Scrolls series since I got my hands on Morrowind, usually with a Dunmer charater.
    I’m looking forward to being here and learning a thing or two from more experienced players.

    I am here for Dunmer everywhere. When I was jailed and sent to the imperial prison, I have been killing from the shadows. My wife moved from Vvardenfell to Cyrodill to be with me. I am a loyal secant of the night mother, so call on me if you wish

    Slayer of Daedra, Dagoth Ur, Mehrues Dagon, and soon, conqueror of the world

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    Argonian Templar

    Hey, I’m Cheynestoker, a $&£t talking aussie bloke from queensland. i like to party and stuff.


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    Hello. I just started playing eso for the first time about a week ago. I play on Xbox One NA and my gamertag is Noble Daga. I’m on the eastern time zone and seeking a guild. Preferably one that is AD Pvp. I’m older and have children so age isn’t an issue however maturity level may be. I’m looking forward to meeting you all and hope to see you in Tamriel.

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    Hey Guys, I am from the UK. The username Teaka, was a random name given to my first toon in SWG back in 2004, and was the first name given to the first toon I created in SWTOR in 2011. I am new to ESO but not to Elder Scrolls having played Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim previously. My MMORPG experience is SWG and SWTOR and a bit of Warhammer online. Having just given up my sub to SWTOR after 5 years I thought ESO would be a great replacement! I am on XBOX One platform (game installing  as I write this), really looking forward to getting stuck into the game! If anyone has any hints or tips, or guilds looking to recruit, I would be grateful for any advice/invites! Hope to see you in Tamriel!

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    Nord Dragonknight

    Hi folks. I’m Joe, soon to be 50 y.o. casual player on N.A. PS4 in NY, USA. I played for a bit to get to level 40ish on my main in Ebonhart but all my friends went to a different faction and then Fallout 4 happened so I quit for a while. Now that I know about One Tamriel I’m getting interested again. PvE player, never been to Cyrodiil, I just enjoy popping around and doing things while chatting with good people.

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    Hello to all! My name is charles and I have been playing eso on and off for a while, absolutely love the game and play on the Xbox one.

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    Breton Sorcerer

    Hi all,

    I’m Aaron. My main is a largely self-sufficient DPS Magicka Sorc on Aldmeri (not that faction really matter anymore).

    I’ve been playing ESO since beta on PC, and made the switch to PS4 after the console releases came out. I’m now looking to find an RP Guild/Group to run with on PS4. I always think about my character’s backstory each time I make one. I’d be totally open to creating a new toon just for the purpose of RPing. If you run an RP Guild on PS4 and are open to new players, please let me know.

    Warm Regards!

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    Dunmer Dragonknight

    I play on PS4 NA have completed all trials and HM and part of the first team to clear vmol ps4 Na back in the day. I main a DK Nord tank and a dunmer magdk. Glad to be apart of this community started out this game looking at different builds first starting out on ESO but just recently made an account


    NA PS4

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    Redguard Templar

    Hey yall! I’m Ruben, and i’m from Reading, PA. Just a new kid to the forums but a veteran to the elder scrolls society. Played it since Elders scrolls 2! If you guys want to play, my gamertag is XTR3M3xRuben and I currently only have an xbox one for now. (Sorry ps4) But, hopefully we can all hang out and grow!

    The XTR3M3x 

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    New to MMOs but a long time elder scrolls fan. Gt is the same as my screen name, I’m on XB1, pretty much low level trying to get to 50 , still trying builds haven’t really settled on “one” just yet. Hopefully will meet some of you all in game.

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    Aldmeri Templar

    My gt is my username I’ve played mmos for a long time I started on wow. I’m 21 and right now my top character to play is my healer. I have 3 50’s a healer a tank and my dps my champ point is 188 and I can’t wait to meet everybody.

    Ps. You can just call me Austin or maul your choice :)

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    Hey . I’m airik. I’m new to Eso but not to the franchise. Ex WoW player . From Michigan I’m on a p4 NA server. Looking for new friends and people to game with Airik1983 on pan

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    Altmer Sorcerer

    I didn’t know this intro existed.  Been a member for a bit I suppose.


    Hello, im ams5626.  I play on Xbox 1 NA Server AD.  I play with 3 real life friends.  Currently at CP 288.. (I changed mains) So will have a Stamblade and Magsorc at that level.  I also previously played Magsorc in DC, but just don’t play there because we all rerolled to AD.

    I’m attorney by day, gamer by night after the wife and kid go to sleep.  Currently in-game looking to develop a guild I started with friends.  For my friends this is their first MMORPG, so there is a learning curve that is slowly getting beat.  If interested in playing with us, feel free to message me, Gamertag is: Scorntalon

    If interested in the guild, let me know.  Looking for friends/leaders to help in the process of expanding towards end game PVE/PVP and predominantly right now Trading.

    Really, this TamrielFoundry is such an asset to this game.  Its unique in many ways, I have played WoW and LoTR Online previously (mainly WoW to a great extent back to the release of The Burning Crusade).  I know I have never encountered such an amazing interplayer exchange of information.  I tell all people to check out builds and the info, its truly a mathematic/scientific approach to being a good ESO player.  Thanks to all who contribute.




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    Hello everyone,

    awesome to see so many people on here. Loved elder scrolls since daggerfall, wanted to browse the community to get good tips on dungeons in game. Ever need a healer message me!

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    Bosmer Templar

    Hey guys! My name is Evynne and I’m from the Chicagoland Area in Illinois. Brayec as a username became a staple for me in TES gaming community as it’s the Dunmer family name of my main characters in Morrowind (Sylara), Oblivion (Lyrana), and Skyrim (Aryon). At this moment, I don’t have a Brayec character in ESO as my main toon is Reldra Erelan, a Bosmer Templar of the Aldmeri Dominion (though I do have other variations of her in other factions depending on which friends I play with at the time). I first got into TES when my ex introduced me to Oblivion a few months before Skyrim came out and I honestly got hooked on the series. Lyrana Brayec started out as Lyssa Brayec and my first venture playing it was also the first time I decided to role play a character in a game based on how I was reacting to it and I’ve been doing that in games ever since.

    For the most part, I’m an artist in my day to day life. I like to write fanfics, original stories, (mostly bad) poetry, and I draw traditionally with graphite as well as digitally draw and paint with Paint Tool SAI. A lot of it is character design with some scenery and comics (almost all of my ventures in gaming, writing, and role playing end up as comics, because that’s the medium I most naturally express myself in. I also belong to a spiritual board with a group of friends that have like interests and studies. I study for fun (science, literature, history, regional folklore, etc.) and what I like most about it all is the passion I am able to express and see in others when I interact with them.

    I hope to see that passion when I get to know you guys! c:

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    Orc Nightblade

    Hello.  My name is Leo.  I am from and currently live in Northern Virginia.  I played Skyrim Special Edition for about six months.  I have been playing Elder Scrolls Online for less than a month.  I also have experience playing WoW.  I am a student at Full Sail University majoring in Computer Animation.  I play Elder Scrolls Online for about 2-6 hours each day.  Other than that, see you guys in the game.

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    Hey guys,

    Psn: Smokeytnebandit here, im hoping i could link up with your guild and learn some of the finer points of the game, ive clocked countless hours into oblivion, skyrim amd the dark souls games. Im currently only level 20 but am putting hours in every day. Ive studied a bit and have a good grasp on pvp and my current build. Id like to expand into the group dungeons and more skilled trading. But my main focus is pvp with my current character. Would love an invite on psn : smokeytnebandit i have a mic and am personable. Intelligent enough to pick up quickly.

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    I’m Slowpoke, I just got my account set up and I finally got my own Xbox so I could play Skyrim and Elder Scrolls online, and Fallout if there are any fallout fans! :) I’m currently playing my main character Astrae is a healer and I’m trying to roleplay with her a little bit! I’m looking to make some friends to go dungeon diving with and join a guild hopefully! Great to meet you all!

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    Hello, I’m a fellow from southern cali and have been interested in the lore and gameplay of the es games. I’ve play all the games from oblivion and up. I started MMO’s around 3 years ago and have enjoyed every MMO i’ve crossed path with.

    In-game im usually a redguard nightblade and if you need a DPS or healer, look my way. Sorry ebonheart pact and aldemeri, but my alliance resides in the covenant and the covenant only.

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    Dunmer Nightblade

    Hi there!

    Long time fan of Elder Scrolls now focussing entirely on ESO which I played in beta and returned to in 2015 with Tamriel Unlimited.

    Playing on PC, NA and a proud member of Remnants of Hope (RoH). My main is a MagBlade named Lilium Nightshade and regardless of nerfs or buffs, I stay faithful to it as it’s the most enjoyable class type IMO. Also have a MagSorc to initiate myself to Maelstrom Arena and a StamDK that is now mainly my crafter!

    See ya from Montreal, Canada!

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