Introductions II

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    There you go, introduce yourself!


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    Relax, I’m only being serious.

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    Howdy!  I’m originally from Texas, but I’ve lived in a lot of different places including Rhode Island & Cali when I was with the Navy, and Alaska as a missionary.  Now I serve as a pastor in NW Indiana.  I first got into MMORGs with WoW, but my favorite games have been ES games as far back as Morrowind.  Oblivion was good.  Skyrim was great.  However, I have always had a particular interest in High Rock.  It is likely that comes from my love of Scotland and the British Isles since the Bretons are so obviously based on the Celts.  I am excited to finally be able to explore and see High Rock along with all the other provinces.

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    God dag!
    I am absolutely thrilled about the potential for Elder Scrolls Online. A strong balance between The Elderscrolls series and massively multiplayer design. Looking around, this site and its members seem interested in bringing out as much information as can be found. I look forward to being a contributor to the community, but a fair warning: my love for Julianos is strong and my appreciation for Mara is lacking. I can only hope you understand!

    Tusen Tak!


    Pass På: Sannheten Bomber Over

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    Hey guys, my real name is Michiel, which is going to be a hell to pronounce for most people on this board, so you can keep using Hayashi :P. As for studies, I study Japanese (explains the Japanese username xD). Well I’m actually working a year atm, but picking up right where I left off at university next year. As for when I got into MMOs I think my very first MMO is a very well known one, Runescape. And I can call it a bad game all I want nowadays, it kept me entertained for so long. God, how I loved merchanting in that game. Combat was also fun, but always got bored pretty quickly with making money of combat in RS, and becoming rich was my goal. Well I was rich according to most, but not even near the same levels of those above me which I wanted to be xD.

    My actual love for MMORPGs the way they are now began in COH/V probably. It was the first MMO which I really got into when not really counting RS, which I liked for very different reasons. I was just amazed at that game, running around at super speed, jumping like a mad man, flying like a bird. That kind of combat was also very fun back then, something I never had before. Doubt I’d still enjoy it that much but I still regret not being able to try it again before it closed. I played it in it’s early years. A  friend of mine convinced me to play WoW with him when I was still playing COH/V and decided to do it. I had only tried it once before in vanilla and didn’t even play till like level 20. Anyway, that is where the WoW period of my life started, where I played for several years, on and off though after the first year or two. In between those WoW breaks, and now when I don’t have any MMO I’m playing, I tried many different ones, but never again did I find one that entertained me like WoW did in the beginning. Which is partially just because of the people I met there and the many memories we together, you just don’t seem to find it anymore. And now my hope is that TESO will that next big game where I get lost in and create great memories with new people I meet there (those I already know as well of course). Another hope is also, one which many people bear, that they will finally bring that big change along that takes MMORPGs away from the “WoW recipe”.  Oh, and great PvP, I really transformed into a PvPer when I started playing WoW, but for it being my major MMO it wasn’t all that great in the PvP department.

    That is a small description of how I got into MMOs, I have been into gaming for about as long as I can remember so not going to go into my history of that :P


    So yeah, excited to meet see you all in-game :P.

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    My name is not important, unless you personally will be interacting with me. However E1 is fine to refer to me. In short if hail from the land of Lincoln (Illinois) in the United States of America. This is my first MMO, I will admit that because Elder Scrolls decided to make a MMO that it is mainly the reason I’m trying it since I consider myself a fan of the Elder Scrolls series (although I was young when I first played Morrowind up until now). Also that I want to try something new, I’ve seen lots of MMO’s but I’ll be saving up for a new computer and hopefully have it before the release of the game. I’m still learning the MMO terms and understanding but I’ll catch on. Part of my favorite thing about Elder Scrolls is it’s unique and interesting Lore, though I’m not a Lore buff (not just yet but over these next few months before the game release I’ll plan on learning my Lore due to role-playing purposes. My current idea for my character will be a historian, so with that comes the part of actually knowing your stuff).

    Hopefully I’ll get a chance to be beside some of you in game and look forward to my first MMO experience. I might consider playing a a MMO that is already out to get me in the mood of MMO game-play though I’m not sure. The current PC I have is junk so I wouldn’t count on it. I’m a roleplayer and will be searching for a guild who has a interest in role-playing (more so those under the AD since that is where I’ll be under).

    If any MMO buffs can offer me advice or would like to help out a MMO Virgin that would great.

    See you all in Tamriel!

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    Enigmatic-One said on November 13, 2013 :

    If any MMO buffs can offer me advice or would like to help out a MMO Virgin that would great.

    Honestly, try not to find out too much. Thing is TESO is going to be very different than MMOs out there atm, so aside from the standard MMO aspects it’s going to play more like an ES game (hopefully :P). So just jump in when it launches and enjoy a world like the ES games but with interaction with other adventurers.

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    Hello all! The names Fiyero, or Wil, if you so desire. I got a beta invite today so I thought I’d find a community along with it and prepare for the beta tests to come as well as the spring release of TESO.

    I enjoy long walks in the moonlight and Arnold Palmers.

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    @Fiyero Welcome to the Foundry! Arnold Palmers are delicious. Any idea what faction you’re going to declare for?

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    @Telvanni Thanks for the welcome! Because I am absolutely set on playing a wood elf first, I guess I’ll be declaring for the Aldmeri Dominion!

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    HI! My names Teddi but I prefer to go buy Lycoris or Lyco when I am online. I’m currently in college and working full time so my gaming time has dropped but nothing will not keep me from TES:O. I’ve played several MMO’s mainly F2P (Fiesta, Aika, Runescape) with one exception being Aion whenever I could afford it now it’s F2P which is great. I also love to play console games too which I have a long list of games to beat eventually. I love TES a lot and I’m glad that they’re making an MMO because I’ve always wanted to play with friends in the games because they’re so much fun. I have played Oblivion and Skyrim and plan on playing Daggerfall and Morrowind when I get the chance. I plan on playing in the Ebonheart Pact as a Nord but not sure of which class they all seem pretty cool.

    I can’t wait to play TES:O!

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    Hello everyone, My name is Cal and I’m likewise looking forward to TESO release and particularly this Beta Weekend.  I hope to see many of you there and throughout the months to come.



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    Redguard Nightblade

    Hey peeps,great site you have here and becoup information.
    Thanks for the work!
    I’m a MMO noob but have leveled a couple of guys to 50 in TES V before I got burnt on “gather this/craft that”.
    I got bored mashing all comers with my broadsword and moved on,Hawken then PS2.

    Here’s hoping I can utilize some of this info the next time I play a certain game at a certain date.


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    Hello, my name is Chris. I live on East Coast and I’ve been playing MMOs for some time. Generally people call me Reaper because of my XBL name. My first MMO was UO although I barely played it as I played the game on my Best Friend’s Brother’s account way back when. The first MMO I truly ever was enticed by was Runescape. I’ve fallen in and out of love with MMOs throughout the years going from Runescape to WoW, LOTRO, Champions Online, Aion, Tera, TSW, Rift, a couple of ones I can’t remember, and then SW:TOR where I led my Guild and had some really fun times ultimately until I quit.

    I love games and I am aspiring to be a Level Designer. I currently own my PC, a PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, Wii U, and my PS4.

    I love to play TES:O games and have since Morrowind. For this game I plan on playing an Orc Dragonknight or Templar and plan on leading my Guild in to another fun MMO.

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    Hi folks, I was looking for a TESO fansite to join and you fortunate/unfortunate folks won out over the rest of them.  I’ve already benefited from the amount of information in the FAQ on this site and wish I had had all of that knowledge prior to a certain Beta that shall not be named nor further mentioned this past weekend.

    Anyways, I go by Elder or Elder III pretty much everywhere on the Internet, being a bunch of TES lorehounds in here I’m sure you can guess where that name came from. :)  I’ve spent ~ 2000 hours between Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim  on the PC and at least that many hours again spent on modding all of those games.  I tried Daggerfall, but the graphics and outdated gameplay turned me off pretty quickly.  I have also spent more thousands of hours than I care to admit playing MMOs, primarily Guild Wars & Guild Wars 2 (still playing it too), with a fair amount of time in Anarchy Online and Regnum Online, and a bit of dabbling here and there with other MMOs.

    I tend to ramble a little when I get on a topic that I’m fond of, so let me stop there before I bore too many people to death.

    Oh yeah, I like all of the Races and Classes well enough to play them, so I will probably wind up playing at least 1 of each Race and Class if they give me enough Character Slots…..  My first/main Alliance will be dependent on what my wife and some friends of ours decide they want to do first.  I’m pretty easy going like that.

    For Cheese, For Mead, For Sweetrolls!!!



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    ”Every good cucumber should be properly dressed with salt and pepper and then promptly thrown out as good for nothing. ” – William Cromwell

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    Hi all!  I’m having serious issues of… let’s just say withdrawal.

    I’m really excited to be here and to meet all of you fellow TESO fans.

    For me it’s weird because two weeks ago this game wasn’t on my radar.  It didn’t seem like the game for me based on leaked footage of what I saw over a year ago.  I love the stuff I’m seeing now and their Quake presentation was fantastic.  Now I’m really excited for the game.

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    Orc Dragonknight

    KaleThronberg, that’s literally me right now.  I need TES:O.  Immediately.  I signed up for beta back when they first started taking applications, and I completely forgot about this game until the 19th, when I got my first beta invite.  I only got to play a few hours but holy crap it was fun.

    I’ve been playing the Elder Scrolls games since Morrowind, putting hundreds of hours into each of the releases since then.  I’m really happy with how much it feels like Skyrim, and how first-person actually works.  Due to server problems and zones not loading correctly during the beta, I only ever got to see Bleakrock Isle.  Every second I’m not specifically doing anything on my computer, I find myself wandering back to youtube, the official site, or anything else I can use to fiend on.  I’m really, really hungry for this game.

    I’ve been an MMO guy since the dawn of Runescape classic.  I’ve definitely spent most of my time on WoW once that got released, I’ve got 200+ days on all my characters combined, but I’ve played betas and/or a few months of basically every major MMO that’s been released since then.  I’ve never been so excited for an MMO as I am for this after playing it.  I’m not sure if that’s the Bethesda fanboy in me or this is something really special, but either way; I can’t wait for this game.



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    I’m Alether, but you will see me in game under the nameplate “Uglarog gra-Urgmar.” I’ve been active in several ESO communities for the past 7 months or so, but am just starting to explore TF. My main interest in ESO are RP and AvA.

    I can’t wait for ESO to come out and I hope to see you all there :)

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    My name is Lucas Malmquist Aka Lixxist. I’m a 15 year old Swedish guy who spends way to much time at the computer . I have played the elder scrolls series since Oblivion came out but i have played Morrowind alot too. I have around 150 hours of playtime on Skyrim and 50 on Oblivion. I’m also very interested in the Fallout series. Ingame I’m the tank and i try get the biggest and best armors and weapons to look as Terrifying as i can and that why I am a orc.


    It’s me!

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    It’s good to see people still enjoy fallout; not only does it have a great story, it also has great music! Hi, I’m Mojadei, and to hold to the truth, I most likely will not be playing ESO anywhere near the release date. I love TES and desire to keep up with development of ESO, but due to a lack of funds can’t afford any system to play it on. If I’m not to be exiled for saying that, I look forward to spending a fair amount of time delving into this site. I want to continue to love that forbidden fruit which for me is ESO. (I’m not really sure how this works so forgive me if I’m wrong).

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    Orc Dragonknight

    Hello everyone!

    My name is John and a strong community is exactly what you need to make an MMO like this thrive which is why i’v joined :). I’v come here hoping to learn about the game and meet the players in advance and hopefully make some friends and allies to join online. I’v played most other MMO’s at one point or another and have plenty of online gaming experience as i’v been gaming most of my life and spent many good years subscribed to other MMO’s.

    When we get going I’ll be playing a tanky Orsimer so if you’re in the Daggerfall Covenant and need someone to take the hits look me up! My in game name will (hopefully) be Kurzan! I’ll be playing on the PS4 as most of my friends will be playing on that console, it will make a change for me as I’m use to PC gaming but I’m sure I’ll soon adjust to the PlayStation controls haha.

    See you all around the Forum!

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