Infallible Infinite Wizard (Magsorc Heavy Attack vMA Build) Homestead Ready

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    I was finally able to try this set out with 5 necro and 5 infallible aether. I actually do MUCH better with 5 necro, 3 willpower, and a heavy/medium infernal guardian. Guess maybe the extra magica? I dunno. Still haven’t gotten a sharpened vmA lightning staff, but am sure that will propel my power.

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    Did Undaunted Infiltrator get nerfed in the Homestead update? I saw it’s no longer in the mix. Or is it because you named the build after Infallible?

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    Altmer Dragonknight

    Unthought said on March 16, 2017 :

    Did Undaunted Infiltrator get nerfed in the Homestead update? I saw it’s no longer in the mix. Or is it because you named the build after Infallible?

    it didn’t get nerfed :) it was never part of my sorc build, only of the dk build… And I might be changing that soon too.

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    thanks for this build im finally able to farm maelstrom pretty easy,since i am a healer and never intended to actually gear/level up for a soloarena,but had the gear laying around and gave it a try.Without really knowing the mechanics i managed to even do my first run with a 5kk score ^^but i got some questions:


    Currently im wearing 5xnekro,3xaether,2xilambris and a charged lightning maelstrom staff.I also have a precise lightning maelstrom staff would that be better?

    Theres only Stage 7 Endboss where i keep dying(2-3x per run) because very often my pets kill one of the Casters and the second one is near the boss dying from Volatile Familiar AoE.Do you have a tip for me?(“Controlling” the Pets feels quite clunky to me)


    again thanks for the build,



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    Yesterday, my first time in vDSA.

    Final boss, just 1 pet and Mages Wrath.


    Thanx Masel !


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    wouldnt this build do more damage with moondancer sharpen lighting staff front bar and Vma lightning staff back bar, cast wall of storm from the back bar because the crushing wall enchant carry over to the front ? and you get the 4 pcs moondancer bonus on the front bar plus the benefit of the vma staff crushing wall enchant ?

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    Have you had better results with Kena or illabris for the 1 piece?

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    It seems they may drop cost reduction cp completely and drop regen cp to 15% from 25% with the next expansion. If that happens, this build is going to get REALLY popular.

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    thanks for the build. I was able to complete vMA finally.

    Quick question – which would be better:

    5x necro 5x elegance 1x monster

    5x necro 3x willpower 2x monster (ilambris, slimecraw, infernal guardian)

    I dont have access to trial sets yet.

    Edit: one more thing – do you use empowered ward? or hardened ward? in the video and skill picture it says hardened but in the description it says empowered.

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