Imperial joining the ebonheart pact – help with RP justification

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    this was my justification so far:

    My charecter is an imperial patriot Knight and divine worshiper that had many friends in skyrim, so when the empire became heretic and worshiped the deadra, he ran to windhelm and joined the EP to fight the heretics.

    lately I read more about the daggerfall covenent and how its vision is to restore the empire and it makes me think that I chose wrongly. but I’m already in a very high level and dont want to start a new charecter.

    anybody got a good justification for me?

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    Eh, the Pact is a pretty good fit too. The Covenant is more focused on the economics and other tangible aspects of the Empire rather than the religious stuff. Your character might find the lack of a religious focus of their vision of the Empire equally as distasteful.

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